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In my attempt to help people change what they listen to like a Pastor did for me, I run into an ongoing battle flipping through radio stations with my kids. I love all worship music and since I do not have a blue tooth in my car to put on Christian rap or rock (cuz they want something more upbeat when they get out of school) it is a constant battle. Is there anyway this station would ever do a “kids hour” I do not approve of the words that come with the other beats on all the other stations. My son likes bands like Skillet and my daughter likes bands like Toby Mac. I wish more people could know that Christian comes in all genres and is good but none of the stations play anything accept what I usually listen to in my worship time. Idk if any of this makes sense. I appreciate all you guys do! When evangelizing and trying to impart the importance of the words we listen to I get a lot of feedback that “Christian music is boring” but it isn’t. Much love and respect to you!
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