I pray for good luck and blessings at work.
1 prayers
Father, I come to You to thank you for the gift of my life. You are good to me.

You are a good, kind, forgiving and loving Father. Thank you for the roof over my head, food on the table,
money to spend, my hubby who works, my Sammie who loves me and protects me, my sister who is patient, caring and loving towards me. I thank you for my brothers and sisters who take care of me financially.

I thank you Father for my daily blessings. Thank you Father for allowing me to wake up each day. Your creation of this world is gorgeous. Thank you Father for the bees, colorful flowers, the majestic ocean, birds music, powerful rich scent of Nature, the beauty of the simplest things, green delicious avocados, sweet juicy watermelons, my family, my friends, the people in this world, those who are still kind humans, etc.

Thank you Father!

2 prayers
I’ve been having frequent headaches ever since I strained my neck yesterday. Please pray for me that is is nothing more than a normal neck strain and can heal in about a week. I’m hoping it’s nothing terrible.
4 prayers
My go to emotional spot is suicide. I continually get bad news and all I think about is ending it by killing me. The pain, lack of hope, lack of desire, and despair is ebbing my faith away. I tried to hold out hope for anything but again Gods people failed and so did I. Now all I think about is how to die. What will look like an accident or some unforeseen health issue. I really dont want to go on. I would rather not feel this way. I dont qualify for help. I dont have family outside of my kids who are getting angry and frustrated with me. I have decided to stop drinking water till I am sufficiently dehydrated and then go to a bar, take my meds and drink till I cant stand up. That's how I want it. Just over it. It's all I think about now. Or an overdose but I am trying not to be obvious. I want God to take me out of here. I dont care if there is anything after death I cant take this emotional pain
6 prayers
Please pray for my lost family members, that God will reveal Himself and the reality of eternity to them so loud and clear that it will cause them to choose Jesus and be born again; and that the enemy and any hindrances that could keep them away from the Truth would be held away from them.
This is my desperate prayer. Thank you.
3 prayers
Father, I put all my worries, illness, financial needs on Your Hands.

I hope for Your guidance and Love! You're a Good Father and I am a good daughter. I'll work on spreading Your word, I am at your service my Lord.

I ask you for help with mom, hubby, Sam, Luchis, Cacco, and John. And lastly, with or for me.

I am humble at your service, I'm grateful for all your blessing. Amen.
8 prayers
Need help praying for my brother. He has not been acting the same. I just want my brother to be back to normal.
6 prayers
I have been actively applying for jobs since my last one ended in July 2017. I have gone for a couple interviews only to be the candidate not chosen. Without income I cannot thrive in life. I don't really have a social life outside the general facebook page, and I have been feeling really frustrated on where my life is headed currently. I know that God has great plans for my life it's just that I don't feel like God even cares about my current situation. I hate struggling, while my peers around me are succeeding. I have this broken heart over never having dated and I am 33 years old. I feel hopeless actually. So I guess what I am asking is for prayer to get a job so that I can enjoy and thrive in life. And that God heals my broken heart.
10 prayers
Can you pray for Julio. He went to the hospital for heart problems and pnamonya for about a week, without health insurance. Can you pray that he can pay his bill and still come out on top.
6 prayers
Just started driving as a school bus driver, and I'm getting sick way to often. Can u pray that I'm as healthy as an ox, thanks.
7 prayers

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