My life is in tatters. I have followed Christ for 40 years, not perfectly, but well enough to not fear facing His judgement. He won't say I was the best, and my heart stings as I think of the mistakes I've made, but my faith is in HIS CHARACTER and not in myself. He said as far as the east is from the west he would place my transgressions from His awareness. By this my savior is able to speak with me. All that said, I am currently under threat both physically and spiritually in the places I am forced to live without a roof. More and more cities and states are passing laws that criminalize houselessness. Thing is, As Jesus is Lord, and in addition My personal Lord, I don't want to sleep outside. I have been trying for years to get the help I need to once again be a productive citizen, but the system is overrun and underfunded. Yes, there are a few lazy and/or dishonest homeless people, but I would also state that there are a handful of dishonest Hedge Fund managers. Please pray.
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Please pray about a family photo of some friends of mine that concerns me. The family has mother, eldest girl, middle son, boy and girl's stepdad, and new baby. *Mom was ill in pregnancy*. The pic has eldest beside stepdad, and she seems uncomfortable with his hug, he seems weirdly happy hugging her and holding baby, and mom and boy seem happy on the other side. Please pray. Thanks.
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Prayer requests for healing of my brother Aldrin and I' chronic stomach issues that God's hand may touch us mightily.
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Prayer for the Holy Spirit to restore my brother and I's health, cleansing every part of the body, rebuking the power of satan and delivering us from his bondage of continual sickness.
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I am needing prayers for my family and health. Prayers for my brothers and sister to have complete healing and freedom from pain, mental health issues and addictions.
Also, prayers for work/finances. I am on the fence of changing jobs. I am also praying for my financial coaching and ministry business and praying for clients. Looking to provide side income for extra needs right now. Plus, prayers for desires of my heart for Christian guy friendship that could lead toward marriage and also a child.
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Please plead Jesus' blood against attacks from those fallen creatures. From noises in the night like the house is full of unseen people, to huge salt spills that seem like the salt just cannot ever finish being cleaned up, to work being blocked, to strange illnesses, etc, please pray for God to stop it in Jesus' name. Thanks.
"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony....
And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone.."
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For everybody’s prayer request and my special prayer request to be answered starting now Jesus Christ’s Return in Jesus Christ’s Name Amen.
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Prayer God bless Miroslaw Zychla to be able to ease into retirement by dropping to 30/30 work schedule in jesus name
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Bless Sabrina Charette fishing trip let evryone tag out bless her to win the womans fishing tournament in Jesus name
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Today is my birthday and I have no family or father except God the Father Himself. Please pray that this year finally result in me finding a place to live and work to support myself with the end goal of eventually meeting a Christian woman and starting a family. Please also pray for my safety, as I have no place legal (or safe) to sleep, and I have been trying. Thing is, My enemies are real, but they are due to a system that doesn't fund its programs well enough. I paid taxes for years and want to again, but I can't if the system itself malfunctions to the point that I can't get the help that I am legally entitled to. Please pray that God enact Psalm 37 in my life (you don't have to read it if you don't have time). Thanks.
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