my grandpa has been gone 20 month and i need pary thank you for the thing at 104.1 the fish
Thank You Jesus for allowing me go to the concert last night "King and Country Concert." I prayed under my breath asking Jesus if I could get a cheaper tickets which I didn't purchase yet instead I went to the box office was waiting, then all of a sudden this thin woman nice lady said to me, I have free ticket? Do you want it? I said yes! Then I said I can pay you back for the ticket and she offered to say "No" I wasn't expecting good things happen to me. I said "God will Bless you for what you did for me" I sat down, then I talked to these wonderful Hispanic couples and they were awfully nice to me. Then I went to get CD's came back to my seat, these fattest couple sat right in front of me & block view, for some reason this fattest man knows who I was. So I was thinking he knows my phone, work that I do on education so I was thinking to myself, he must be the one whose telling the schools to have me work with fat people. So I moved away slowly up towards the front to listen to music.

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