I just read your prayer for my Mother and me. I am not sure how to send the thanks exactly to the person who prayed for us but I will place this message on the web site also.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. For my mother to lay her burdens down on her Heavenly Father is exactly what she needs. I try to be so positive and serene in my life and so many times I wish I could just push that into my Mother's heart and mind also.

Your prayer reminds me of John 14, "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled." To me this Bible verse means although the cares of this world seem so daunting, we who love and have faith in the Lord will be with him someday and have joy from everlasting to everlasting.

Thanks So Much,

HM Garnett.
Praise God for Your love endures forever. God is Alpha and Omega beginning and the end. He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. God is good all the time in my daily walk with Him. Thank You God for sending me an Archangel to be at my side where ever I go. Thank You God, You reveal to me of this faults man who was deceiving me on a dating online. You exposed his lies and he deceived me. He is in Iraq military and he was called me though my computer, but I noticed he had a very heavy accent, but his picture he sent me did not match is voice. He sounded like he was from Africa or Iraq or India. I felt spiritual demon in him when I talked to him. And he was not a true Christian. He was a muslim or Islam different religion. He claimed to be David O'Connor when in fact it wasn't. I question about his wife's death. I sense he was lying to me. I sense her death was intentional against him that's why he moved far away and reside in Africa. Everything he said did not make any sense to me.
I am bipolar, have depression, and lost my mother 2 years ago, I went down and gave up on myself, but then published my book and am trying to publish it, but my praise is this: That the Lord gets me up every day at the same time, I am on a schedule, and I have faith the book will sell so I can help out my family. :) Amen
My son has been wrestling with depression for some time. It’s gotten progressively worse. He agreed to treatment in an intense outpatient program. God is good. He put the right life coach in my life to show me how to communicate with a depressed person. God set up his environment to keep him safe and secure. I have no doubt God’s hand is on this.
Praise God for Amir Tsarfati on "Behold Israel." I've learned so much from the Word of God through him. He is an inspirational to me. I need a strong Christian hot for God Holy Bible knowledge and wisdom Christian Pastor like Amir Tsarfati. Everyone should listen to him. Thank You Jesus he is a Pastor who has the right bible verse in today's world we live in the end times. He is the only Pastor who I love listening too. I hope to marry a man like Amir who has study the Bible so well and loves God with all of his hearts and minds. Thank You God, You are using Righteous man to reach the world of the end times and reading the scripture to match the history for the end times. God thank You helping me grow more into the Word of God that Amir has taught me the verses and spiritually growing every day. I love listening to Amir. He is a Great man of Faith and everything You want us to be.
Jiang Rong, the wife of Early Rain Covenant Church Pastor Wang Yi, was released on bail after six months in jail. Jiang Rong and her husband were arrested on Dec. 9, 2018, during a raid on their unregistered church of approximately 800 members. More than 150 church members were arrested that week, and all but a few key leaders and elders were soon released. Jiang was held in a secretive detention center called “residential surveillance at a designated location.” According to China Aid Association, “inmates held in this manner are … often subjected to torture.” Jiang and another Christian affiliated with the church, Li Xiaofeng, were released on bail on June 12, 2019.

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