I praise god for everything that I have health , a job , food , roof all of my daily needs are met and I praise him and hold him high he is my savior and salvation. He has saved me from a life of pain and sorrow. I praise him all day long for my tribulations and success.
Thank you God for others who have helped me here when Jaycob Phillip maliciously tried to evict me in 72 hours. Thank you for the right cops/ CIA/ Senators and other government official who backed me up because he wanted my money which I was paid up from Dec 7th to the 22nd Dec. I won the battle and I defeated the enemy. Thank you God there is true people who are supportive in my circumstances. I am Asian and Christian and I am constantly being persecuted by the adversaries. God gives me Joy in my heart full of melodies and smile and quoting verses to push down the enemies. Thank you I can rebuke satan in the people hearts that are black and their minds are black. God is good all the time!!! He will protect me and I will have victory in every areas of my life. Now I have this over whelming peace once I leave this man's place I am set free and God will give me justice for every person who have done me wrong. Thank you God You are everything and I am never alone. I am powerful!
Thank you for making away when there seem to be no way. I got to cancel my doctor appointment to make it to court. The cops in Springfield/Eugene deliberately cut my cellphone off so I wouldn't cancel the doctors appointment on the same day as the court in Jan. The cops hear my conversations on my cell phone and reading my texting and invading my privacy which is illegal and down right satanic. I pray that I can have attorney whose willing to help me get Justice. God is my Victory and He is my vindicator and I trust in God not unto men. God is good and he will help me get what I deserve and that the case would be dismissed. I have never trusted them. I look up to my Heavenly Father God and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him.
I wish to Praise Jesus Our Lord for healing myself and for braking the chains of which every family member within this household!!! For a river of blessing surely flows here. And warning to those who entertain the seeds of doubt, for the evil beings will use this as away to regain a stronger foot hold upon you! Please walk in faith which is a gift from God! Thank You.
Thank you Jesus for hearing aid, glasses, and car. Thank You God You will give me a provision in new career, new husband, new permanent place live safe and beautiful. I am thankful in my heart God is working behind the scene and my debts will be paid-off, and this year is going to be my year of being closer to God and taking most of my time thinking about God and developing more and growing in His Word. Thank You God for Your Blessing, and Anointing Oil that I put on my head each day. God is good all the time. Its so nice to have worship songs in my mind and listening to the radio the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for everything You done for me. Praise God and give Him Glory. In Jesus Name.

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