We had an old '97 Corolla. The devil kept sending other vehicles into it to crash, & God's angel kept diverting them, Hallelujah. Then, after blocking another crash, multiple robbery attempts were superbly blocked. God is wonderful!
We got some pears (avocadoes) picked from the tree in our yard, using a stick to get them. I picked three, and then we got help with over a dozen more. The very first one that I picked hit me, but left me smiling:- I first specifically, silently🧠 prayed for nothing to fall on my head. The pear headed for my head (I *_didn't_* see it at that split second). I don't know when God's angel put my arm up, but the elbow was above my head, and the pear landed on my lower arm, just below my elbow, at the tough area, almost painlessly, right above my head.
(Mark 16:15-18, etc) For a few years certain devilworshippers have been trying tokill us, via gun, obeah, poisoning, starvation (stealing& destroying what is planted), etc, and God has repeatedly frozen guns, changed a gun into a toy gun, blocked obeah and poisoning, etc. Hallelujah 🙌

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