Praise The Lord for this website so all may come to ask for what they need.
I have been really struggling for almost 3 years. Fighting my way through the system for help and trying to fight my own battles, instead of giving it up to God the Father. Now I am really getting help and getting better, all those who have prayed with me and for me over these last couple years, I am thankful and I have received blessings and the peace that passes all understanding. God has set me in a position that I did not want yet it seemed that I was being forced in every way to accept it. Now that I have given in and given God the control. My life feels less out of control, I am on my way to being healthy mentally and physically. You people are the best and made all the difference. I am grateful for this platform and those doctors at the Adventist hospital that helped me. I will name them because if it wasnt for them I would certainly be dire or dead. Thank you to Dr. Benson and Dr. Sargent for everything. And if anyone needs their services I recommend them with my life
I want give thanks and prayers to God for blessing me with a job that could lead to being a permanent position in 6 months. Although it isn't the job or the pay that I want, God said he'll supply all our needs, not our wants, and I need a job right now. So, I'll take this job as a win. Thanks and blessings to all those who prayed for me!!!
Thank you to those that prayed for my husband. I found out today he decided to stay in treatment. I chose to have faith and am grateful I did because God has shown me grace.

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