Dear Lord of Host.
Thank You for a job and a place to live. Thank You so much for a Godly man Admir Tsarfatl "BeholdIsrael." I have learned so much from Admir and watching him on the End Times. Thank You Lord You put Godly people like him to spread the Gospel. I think like he does because I now know I am a True Christian who desires to live Righteous in the sight of God. Admir revealed the anti-Christ located in Rome Italy "Catholic" because Rome Catholic actually transferred the marvel seat of "satan" in Berlin Germany. Also Dr. Kim Choi in South Korea was in Saudi Arabia wanted to see the Mt Sinai where Moses saw God's face and the Ten Commandments and he hit the Rock and split-it and there was true evidence. Saudi Arabia allowed thee Only man from South Korea to enter into Mt Sinai nobody else could never enter into Mt. Sinai. They knew South Korea Pastor is a Christian and they trusted him because they (Saudi Arabia King) saw Jesus in Dr. Kim. I am so glad and thankful. PraiseGod
Ever since putting my prayers down my life has been a whole lot better. Thank you.
Good news, Julio is on the mend. His numoya cleared up and he's out of the hospital within a week. Thanks for all your prayers.

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