I was unfairly fired, and treated like a criminal. I was in shock, and sat outside under the gazebo with my bag all day, and sent online prayer requests on my phone-- about three dozen. I emailed three job applications after that, and got no response from the three, but by the next week I was in a better paying Job. The prayer requests went through, Hallelujah!
Thank you for praying for me ! I appreciate it! My boss gave me a promotion and a salary increase. God is God! Thank you for praying brothers and sisters!
I was working in a call centre. One colleague across the aisle got into the habit of using indecent language [after muting the phone] whenever a customer got her upset. I kept telling her to stop, and she would not. One day, she did it again, and a wave of anger came over me. I spun the swivel chair around towards her, to go land a fist in the nasty mouth. The chair spun easily, but *I could not get up*. God's angel held me in my chair for a while, until the anger was gone, and clearheadedness was there instead. I emailed her that the next email would be to the manager if the language continued, and it sopped, Hallelujah.

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