Thank you Lord guiding me and keeping me safe. Holy Spirit you gave me confirmation for me to live in a safe environment and better location. Thank you God for giving me a gift of discernment against other human being who believe in other forms of religion so helping me protected 24/7. Yes I love all human beings, but not other forms of religion. Thank you I had the opportunity to speak to a nice college student from work and I speak the Truth of Christianity belief from other forms of religion. Thank you I untwisted his mind and gave this person clear, truth, wisdom, knowledge for Truth of who Jesus Christ and God the Heavenly Father can change this person. I thank You for planting a seed in his heart and speaking the Truth of Christianity. I pray this person is willing to receive You in his heart.
Thank you, In Jesus Name. AMEN!!!
My Husband & I prayed for a caregiver and the Lord answered the prayer in His perfect timing. He answer's prayers, so as, there can be no question of His involvement. How we Praise Father, Son & Holy Spirit, to them , may all the Glory and Honor Be placed. In Jesus Holist Name Amen
I wrote a prayer request on here asking for a better job, and now I have a meaningful work that pays me more than i used to get paid. Thank you, Jesus!
Thank you Jesus you gave me favor to pay my electricity when I didn't have any money. Thank you God you are my Provider! Jesus is everything for me. Jesus is my advocate and God is my Judge he will help me win my case because he has a final say. He controls everything and he is always with me and will never forsake me. God is all powerful and all knowing. I thank God he is there for me no matter what the evil people do they are very temporary he will push down my enemies. Joshua 1:6-9, Jeremiah 29:11-14, Psalm 23:4-6, Psalms 119:11, Psalms 118:1, Matt.6:33, John 3:16, James 4:7 etc. For God hath not given me fear, but of Love and a Sound Mind. I love God because he first loved me. He is my Lord and Savior. Thank you Jesus you've kept me steady and strong (emotions) and gave me protections and safety. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below, praise Him all the heavenly flow, praise God the Son and Holy Ghost. Amen!
Please to all prayer warriors, Jesus does indeed hear us. my husband & I were going through a tough time so I suggested to him we pray for marriage renewal. Praise The Lord, our relationship has been made better than I have ever dreamed possible!!! So please know Jesus can take any relationship and improve it beyond all expectations! Praise the Lord for He even improved my daughters relationship to myself. Wow what a God we serve!!! So let us pray in all earnest fully believing and knowing He will answer such prayers. To God be the Power and Glory Amen.
Thank you Jesus for giving my name "Lisa" means "Consecrated to God. Thank you Jesus for giving my Korean name that my mother and father gave to me in S. Korea. My name means in Korea name "Bright and Beautiful". Both has a significant meaning that are the same connect together from two counties. Jesus says " I am light of this World". My significant name shows the image of God inside of my soul and heart and mind. Its that beautiful Jesus who orchestrated my distinguished name to stand against the adversaries of this world. Thank you Jesus you have a beautiful name and together we are One in Christ. Its a Awesome to know I have a significant name and God's power is in me forever. In Jesus Name Amen!
I got a full time job offer. Thank you for all the prayers.

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