I have to teach online. My laptop gave way in September, right after printing material for World Pathfinder Day, just before classes started. I had to struggle without it for months, and it finally got fixed -- but with no microphone or speaker functionality. I have been working with it with all kinds of "gymnastics" via a Bluetooth headset that would not behave in Google Meet, and via my telephone --joining class twice, once on the computer and once via the phone for sound, with moody internet that didn't want two devices at once. I prayed about it for a while. Now, God just told me to turn on Media Player and turn on the praises on it, despite reasonably expecting silence and a Media Player error message -- and the speakers and mike are fine, now, and the praises are continuing on the laptop, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!
I was driving on the main road in our rural area, and made a turn, up the hill onto the side road that leads to our home. The side road is narrow, and some construction was going on nearby. One of the trucks from the construction site was heading down the hill, towards us at the *curve*/ junction* of the *main road* at *breakneck speed,* filling the entire road, left and right. God enabled me to blow the horn loudly and reverse quickly at the same time, with no vehicles coming behind me, Hallelujah 🙌👐 🙌🏾. That was one of many times when Satan tried to kill me but God said, "NO.*
Thank you for your prayers! I woke up today and felt hope from my mental crisis!

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