Praying for my Mom’s emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and financial health. IJN.
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Please pray that I would be humble.
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I don’t normally reach out like this but I don’t know where else to turn. I need some prayer. We are a family of 4; my boyfriend our daughter, our dog and I . We were given a 3 day to vacate our home but due to good communication we got it extended till the end of November. However neither me or my boyfriend are working and have nothing in our savings . Back in March my boyfriend lost his job for 6 months we blew through our savings and what I was making as a barista. Well he finally got a job and it was good enough that I left Starbucks to nanny so I could be with our baby. Well he was just recently laid off and everything we were caught up on fell behind again. We are in the hole 1447.12 right now with little options we’ve gone to dshs for help and can get some but only about 500 and then our local church maybe able to give a 100. So we still need like 700ish to make it. Please all I ask for is PRAYER, for my boyfriend to get a job offer from the interviews and the money to make it.
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Please prayer warriors I need you! My sister my nephew and her boyfriend all need healing and to be set free from the darkness of the enemy that’s holding them down. Break the chains! It hurts me that my mom doesn’t see her two year old grandson much because they don’t ever answer or open their door. They’ve been in hiding so long. I havnt see my own sister in a year and she lives just up the street. It’s very heart breaking! Thank you! Please pray ! Need healing prayers, breaking the enemy’s chains once and for all!
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Please pray for my brother Dave. He had emergency brain surgery 2 weeks ago for a ruptured aneurysm. This will be a very long, difficult recovery and he already had some serious health issues. Please pray for his healing, for encouragement, and that he and his wife and daughter would draw close to Jesus.
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Please just pray that the right kind of help comes for me. I haven't given in, but I am about to give up. I know God is there and I know my problems seem small. He has always given me enough in his time. It's just that right now time has not been the friend I need. I know people say alot of things that sound nice and good and I am sure they are well intentioned. It's just not been enough. I am in a silent pain. One no one sees, one I try to not burden people with. Every one has trouble and I dont want to add to it. If its Gods will, I ask to have it taken from me. Or remove me from it. A soul can only survive for so long. It is hard to hang on.
My family is really going through alot. I dont want to be the reason they give up too.
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Prayers needed that God will open doors for a healthy housing place for my adult sister.
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I recently posted a prayer request for my 15 year old granddaughter who is going through such a confusing time mentally and emotionally and physically. She has never been into trouble with the law. She started cutting herself a couple yrs now. Counseling on going. She continues to have acne issues which makes her feel ugly (she truly is a better girl inside and out). She’s been confused a lot about her own sexuality. Up until this year her GPA was 3.8 BUT now that she’s a freshman this year her GPA has been maybe 2
She now “hates” school. No one sits by her at lunch. She has none of her old friends in any of her classes.
She used to love to ride horses but no interest anymore. She used to enjoy pencil drawing but doesn’t do that anymore. She used to love and enjoy coming to My house and spending the night and we would spend hours in my craft room just being creative and having fun. But last 2 years she prefers being in her own bedroom at home.
PLEASE join me in prayer.
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Pray earnestly brothers and sisters for the sake of America. Pray that God’s will would fall down from heaven upon our country. Pray that whatever is good and pleasing to God would be done unto this nation and it’s people. May God’s sovereignty and authority be put upon us, that He would intercede and intervene in Our country, government, leaders, systems, laws and policies. Pray that God would anoint and elect His choice for our leaders this midterm. Let His will be done, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.
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My family is in desperate need of a huge financial blessing to help us get out of this financial struggle we are in from just trying to meet our daily needs and from just trying to live day to day. But we are in a place where there isn't enough money to get the things we need to meet those a day to day needs.
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