I am scheduled for a biopsy next week for a suspicious lump in my breast. I need all the prayers I can get. Very nervous but trusting in God!
0 prayers
Please pray for my 87 year old mother who is unsaved. Thank you and God bless you!
1 prayers
My marriage is falling apart we can’t seem to stabilize it and I wish god can restore my marriage we need all the prayer we can receive, our son is seeing everything crumble . I only wish god can hear all of our prayers and restore what has been broken . I only wish that you pray for me in my hard time and that Christ can come into my home as I welcome him to take part in all that is happening .
2 prayers
Please pray for my boyfriend and I. We need protection and strength. Miracles and blessings. We are in an impossible situation and have faith that God will pull us through and that all will be alright. But were are stressed and sad and feel trapped in a situation we need help with .
Help only The Lord can give. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Be blessed.
3 prayers
Almost out of food. Broke. Haven't showered in a week. Food bank not open til next week. Need medicines, supplies, shower/laundry. Have been Christian almost 4 decades. Constantly hounded by local police/businesses because I am obviously poor in/near Wilsonville, OR (a very wealthy town). The person I am sharing a homeless camp with is threatening me, and has already cost me many friends. I am isolated in the wilderness among many enemies due largely to slander. Need protection, new safe place to sleep where I can bring cat. Need provision. URGENT!
5 prayers
Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name Above all Names.
I ask You Lord to provide me a right job so that I can make money to help my fiance from overseas to come back to Oregon. God You know every thing about me and my situation and I know You can make away when there seems to be no way. God I pray that I will have the funds to help my fiance to get his things safely here to my place. I ask You that You will push down my adversaries that are preventing me to get a job, and having my fiance to bring his things here at my place. There is no privacy on my computer, email, social media and phone and they are preventing me from not letting me be with a American soldier. Let nobody dictate my life anymore unless they have a pure heart and they are True Believer that will help me in every situation. Thank You Lord for giving me every victory in every areas of my life. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who will help me succeed against the enemies not to ruin my future. Thank You Jesus Name. Amen!
3 prayers
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your unending love. Please return our sadly missed wedding gift, beloved companion dog Bell back into our home safely. We know her removal was wrong and hope and pray that true justice will prevail. We thank You for your continued strength in all our recent adversities. You are our Living Hope.
3 prayers
Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name Above all Name.
I ask You God to protect me from this LGBT Robi who lives right next door to student housing. She is invading my privacy on phone, email, social Media. She is obsessed with me and she has ruined my reputation from jobs, and here in student housing. I quoted her a Holy Christian Bible she asked me if LGBT will go to heaven I said "NO!" I read her 1Corinthian chapter 5. She is atheist and LGBT. She isn't willing to change, but thank You God for me to tell her the Truth of the Word. She is obsessed with me and God has taught me to run-from-evil doers and to resist temptation in the Name of Jesus Christ my King. Thank You God You have a great plans for me to prosper, hope, and a future. I declare I am blessed, prosperous, redeemed, forgiven, talented, creative, confident, secure, disciplined, focused, prepared,qualifies, motivated, valuable, free, determined, equipped empowered anointed, accepted and approved by the Most Highest God.
2 prayers
Marriage/Love For Life
In the name of Jesus please pray for my new beginning believers in Christ Jesus, Important about me is I am a strong Christian woman for God is my everything, I am humble, I am family oriented and have been single for 8 years for I am in need of a Christian man who believe in no sex before marriage as I do, however can have children and looks forward to taking my children and family on as his own as well and leading our family under God for life, who can also, cook, clean, has a pure heart, only fears God as I do, has a good sense of humor, can teach , preach, read from the Bible enjoys going to church, enjoys sports, is in good health, educated, enjoys traveling is a good Christian Companion, Friend, Love, Partner, Passion like Christ love and Passion for the church successful victorious marriage between myself and the man in bio described for answered prayer beloved for life marriage to take place February 2020, March 2020, April 2020. Thanks/God Bless!
4 prayers
In the name of Jesus believers of Jesus Christ Please Pray for Healthy Pregnancy of Christian husbands only biological Christian children, our twin baby boys, tall, healthy, strong bodies, strong minds, almond shaped eyes blue or green in color, full lips, long eyelashes, dimple in face cheeks, full head of long curly or wavy hair like Christian wife’s youngest Christian son and Carmel brow skin and features like Christian wife, Christian Husband and Christian wife’s youngest Christian son manifested between now February 2020, March 2020,April 2020. Thank all you believers of Christ Jesus for all of your prayers in advance and May God Bless you all. Love to you all! All Glory be to Christ Jesus!
3 prayers

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