Please pray for a positive resolution to an investigation that is being done; forgiveness for harm and hurt that I may have caused others; and a return to my job.
1 prayers
Penelope is the 2.5 year old grand daughter of a friend. We attend the same church. Penelope's family was informed today, that the tumor removed from her spine is an aggressive form of cancer. Rhabdoid cancer. Mommy and daddy KNOW God is in control. Their faith is strong. Please pray for strength for the family and lift Penelope up high in prayer! We are all praying for a miraculous healing! There is also a go fund me page set up. Mommy and daddy are staying in a motor home at Dornbeckers children's hospital so they can be near. Their home is in Montana but as mama says, the first phase of the year long treatment will be keeping them here for at least the next 18 weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers! God bless you!
2 prayers
Our son has told us he’s questioning his faith. He has also recently tried marijuana and alcohol. He’s a junior in high school. He feels we are to sticked. We don’t want to make him pull away even more. We are not sure how to punish him for drinking and marijuana... if we do? His grades are good. He is at a new school this year. I think he’s just trying to fit in. But I don’t want to be blind if something else is going on.
6 prayers
We moved to Oregon recently and our teen daughter is not adjusting well, she has such a rebellious spirit right now and we really need God’s help. Please pray with us that she will let go of where we came from and start making new friends that are a good influence in her life. There is a boy back where we moved from that is not a positive influence in her life that she keeps hanging onto. We need God to intervene in a major way right now.
8 prayers
I bought a Jeep about 2 years ago now. and well they did not do any maintenance on it before selling it to me and they never fixed the problems that they said they fixed and come to find out I have been driving a vehicle that has need a new motor since the day I bought it. I still owe $4000 and its going to cost $4000 to replace the engine in it. Why me Jesus why me.
5 prayers
I need prayer for my wife and I. We are suffering from a broken marriage. We are having a hard time reconciling, even after numerous prayers and several months of trying. We need God to open our hearts to each other; shows us the right path to be on and provide us peace during our troubled journey. We need Gods grace upon our marriage; we need good counsel. We need people praying for our reconciliation please.
8 prayers
Need prayers for my Dad's health as he has been extremely sick. My roommate could use prayers for finances and her car situation. For me I am asking for prayers for a friendship with a christian guy. I am praying for Gods will for it to move to the next level of dating/courtship or for the door to close.
10 prayers
Please pray God provides my son Levi with a wonderful job that is a good fit for him and provides him at least 20 hours per week to pay for school and transportation costs.
10 prayers
I want say a big thanks to lord spiritual for restoring my broken relationship my boyfriend left me for another Girl, i needed him back desperately because i love him so much, as i was browsing through the internet i came across a woman's comment on how lord spiritual brought back his husband who left for 2 months. i contacted him and he told me what to do, now i am happy again with my lover you can contact him via.. ancientspelltemple12@gmail . com or lord.spiritual@yahoo . com
whatsapp him +2348100601362
3 prayers
Bring Danny DaHaven Home.
8 prayers

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