I have been unwell, &+the devil has been blocking my work. I fasted & prayed, & meanwhile I was fasting, work that was just impossible got done - I would be trying for hours, and be "lucky" if a half-hour's work got done, but while fasting, suddenly minutes got hours' work done. Work was just blocked, otherwise-- I still need to catch up. Please pray for the devil's defeat, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
1 prayers
Please pray for my elderly mother's health and safety. Thanks.
1 prayers
Please pray for Fauzan Meedin's (Muslim) salvation in Jesus christ. He is a nice person and his soul needs power and love of jesus christ to heal and face his fears. He is haunted with his broken past. His friends and family force him to take decisions against his will. God please protect him and make him matured and strong in christ jesus. Please let him come to know you jesus. Every door is being closed for me and I have no way to get in touch with him. Please jesus help him. Jesus help us.
1 prayers
Please pray for our school. It is under the devil's attack. Please plead Jesus' blood for every student, staff member, parent, and all stakeholders, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
0 prayers
Doctors still do not know what is causing my all over body pain. Please ask the Lord for healing. In the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You!
4 prayers
I just left an abusive relationship I was verbally hollered at then, He started to grabbing me, He left bruises on my 1 arm and the opposite hand, I also had finger print bruises on my forehead. I have been away for 3 months, We spoke a month ago he said " I wanted you to change your dumb a*** way of thinking, You are worthless no man wants you. I believe him, But I know if I would of stayed with him I wouldn't be alive much longer. I can't trust any guy I just can't I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER trust a man again. it won't happen.
7 prayers
I pray that the godly man I'm in love with, and I, will grow in our faith and have a Christ centered relationship and any obsticles that are in our way be removed
6 prayers
I met A.L. eight days ago. She has been on the streets for almost 4 years, addicted to pain killers as a result of surgery that when cut off, caused her to self medicate with Meth. She feels that no one loves her and I suspect that she never received proper grief therapy for the death of her father in 2002 - which left her with PTSD. She spoke of suicide in the three days I was with her as I drove her to Portland, about her desire to kill herself so she could see Jesus and her father, but she hasn't yet (but has scars) because she was raised to believe that those who commit suicide go to Hell. If you see A.L. in the St Johns neighborhood of NW Portland do as the Apostle Paul told the Ephesians to do at chapter 4, verse 32: "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." When I asked A.L. to tell me her full name she declined and said "David, there are many like me; pray for us all." Truer words have never been spoken.
6 prayers
Please pray for my overdue work to get done today, now. I have been unwell, and only a miracle will help -- but God works miracles. Thanks for praying.
6 prayers
Please pray for x ministry in x country to stop letting people see only one presenter, who will bring crowds down with him if he falls. Pray for the people to see Jesus, not one single "star," so if any "bright star" falls, they can stand, still. Please plead Jesus' blood on behalf of His church. Thanks.
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