I am believing that God will completely heal me. I have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Recently my job ended (currently looking) and so did my health insurance. I was on 3 different meds for diabetes and the one I'm out of cost over $400 per month (haven't taken any since I ran out early June). Isaiah 53:5 says that by His stripes (speaking of Jesus) we are healed and in I Peter 2:24 it says (again speaking of Jesus) "by whose stripes you were healed." I'm resting on God's word and His faithfulness, but as yet I haven't seen the healing in my body.
1 prayers
Please pray for our son in law's salvation, for our daughter to come back to God if she is a believer, and for our 7 year old grandchild who has been going to church with us and is a believer. Please pray for God's deliverance for them from the lies they have been believing for years, now. Both were raised in Christian churches, and were going to church until about 4 years ago, then suddenly stopped. Please pray for protection, comfort and strength for our grandchild, and that the grandchild won't think any of this is because of them. We know God can make good come from this regardless, and He will be glorified. We're praying for deliverance and reconciliation for their marriage. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for us in dealing with the situation. Thank you.
3 prayers
Hi...I need prayer for tingling and numbness in my shoulder, arms, fingers to go away. I even lost sensation in one of my finger tips. I thank you so much!
4 prayers
I'm in a situation were I have to take polygraphs I follow jesus and I always end up failing even when it all seems OK though I feel honest about it and I'm doing everything needed to comply I ask you to pray for my situation and freedom thank you
5 prayers
Praying for God's mercy and healing for my nephew who suffers from Bipolar. He was admitted last evening as his Manic stage had worsened. He is a beautiful man of God. He just recently visited us and was so excited to be heading up the Young Adult summer program at his church. God had given him a real calling and he felt wanted and proud. Please pray for his healing and strength for his parents. Thank you.
4 prayers
My husband has been without a job for the last year. I have been working long hours and many days to be able to provide for our family just to get by. I know we are being molded in the furnace at this time and so I thank the lord because he knows what is going on and he won't make us wait even one minute longer than we need to. Every day I try and keep the faith and thank the lord that my husband will find the most perfect job to be able to support our family again.
9 prayers
Please pray for me & my husband. We have been married for 4 years and have 2 children together. Our marriage is a daily struggle with arguments and fights over things on a daily basis. I feel as if this marriage was not blessed. My husband does not want to seek God or go to church. My heart breaks having my kids seeing this and not setting a good example, but I know my God can work miracles! I want to Love like I loved him before and be an example. Oh God please come into our life and bless our broken marriage family and home. Let us repent, receive forgiveness and salvation. & most of all I want to put the Lord first, please pray for us.
6 prayers
I am in desperate need of prayer, my husband and I are in the middle of a foreclosure with our home sale date as June 27th of 2017. It appears the only way we can save our home is to pay the $40,000 delinquent or to be approved for a home modification which I have applied for. I believe strongly in the power of Prayer I have faith in miracles please pray with me that Wells Fargo will approve this home modification. Thank you for your love and prayer.
13 prayers
I'm a special ed teacher and I have a principal who is not seeing the needs of my kids. I'm feeling betrayed and so sad. My principal promises my students something and she went back on her word. I'm so sad. I keep crying out to the lord. Please help. Please help pray that this gets resolved.
14 prayers
Please, please pray for my family two daugther suffering a lot for marital problems, i need direction and aswer from God to take this hard decision, my health is not good, no car no job,financialy bad status, I don't want to see my daughters suffer more, guidance from, God how to resolve this .what he want for this family we need him. Thank you.
14 prayers

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