I am struggling to control my eating habits, skipping meals, food quantity and eating wrong things. would like to go back to eating healthily, please pray for me.
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Prayer to get more articles for my research, for participants to agree to be part of the study.
0 prayers
Please pray that D and Mike reunite in Boston, resolving the issues that have created stress and tension, and continue the deep friendship & love that exists. The separation has been suffocating. Am in deep need right now, worse than ever. Thank you in our time of need, God bless you all!
3 prayers
I was told to do something ASAP, I didn’t do it and after 2 weeks I felt like I was told (not actually told) that it’s too late and I’ve changed America. I’m now denying this is true.. if it is true then I should have ended things earlier but I did not want to die.
3 prayers
Blessings and praise be to The Great I Am. For everybodys' private, personal and public, and every category and context, to be answered in reality on perfect timing and swiftly for the better of The Whole Body of Christ always in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.
5 prayers
I ordered some books and I'm praying that they arrive on time. Sometimes Amazon says they made a delivery and the package never arrives. Please pray that the books arrive. Thank you!
4 prayers
Sister Precious Mablo whom is a precious child of God is seeking employment to support her child and herself, she is a Sabbath keeping and God fearing woman of Christ and so she needs a job that will allow her to keep the Sabbath day holy as God intended. Please pray God blesses her with an awesome job that will not require for her to work during the Sabbath. God bless you all.
12 prayers
In God's Remnant there are Secret Terrorists with whiter- looking fake wool than real wool. They take pleasure in deception, in biting sheep with sharp fangs, and in growling to scare sheep before and after biting. Please pray for wolf conversion into sheep, or their removal, and for cancellation of their destructive work in God's church. Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces.
2 prayers
Requesting prayers for my family members who consulting witchdoctors though they call themselves Christians that the LORD may remove the scales from their eyes and repent. I ask for protection for my family and I as we are being spiritual attacked. Prayer for a hedge of protection and the blood of Jesus on us, Amen.
3 prayers
It is my final year this semester and I am struggling to focus on my studies. Prayer for the desire and strength to complete my school work on time and to work hard and pass my exams. I ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, clarity of mind and sharp mind. Please pray
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