My husband is having emergency surgery tomorrow at 2pm to remove cancer. If you could just pray that the cancer hasn't spread and that he comes out healthy and whole. Thank you
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Please pray for my family. My job is on the line and I’m not sure how long we would be able to make our finances last if I am not working. I just want to be able to make sure my children don’t go without if I end up losing my job.
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Please pray for my clientele to increase at the salon. And, that my financial situation will improve. Thank you so much!
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Just pray for my family that someone will believe in us and see that I'm not the person I was in my past that people do change. I rented from 2 other landlords always paid on time. Great renters those landlords have nothing for us to rent or they would. I lost money from apps fees just to say denied. We're in a shelter and everyday I try to find us a home also work and take care of my children. I need all the prayers I'm holding on my cross crying to my Lord my God to show me who to go to to give us a nice home away from any unsafe situations. I live life a honest recovering addict work hard! The old me is the old me I'm a mother today follow a normal Christan life I just want a home please pray for us Jennifer Doyle-Sanchez thank you Godbless
3 prayers
I'm weak and trying hard not to give up, I have a 5 & 4 year old we're homeless because I couldn't handle living in the worst apartments I ever experienced we had to keep my children safe so we finally had enough when some choas around your unit. I attend church try to be the best mother I can be but my past hunts me I use to be a gangmember ex con but since 11-18-10 my life change never looked back I'm totally different. I make 2300 a month my husband makes almost the same and some we have all the money to move into a place but no one will rent to me because of my past I'm giving my all to God bringing my faith back trying to believe that God is making me struggle to learn something and never ever put myself in this spot again. We use to have a nice house in Lafayette Oregon but moved to the city for husband to attend college and now nothing but struggles my children and us don't deserve this someone needs to believe in people changing and accept us as renters. We just need prayers
3 prayers
My best friend is a 17 year old pek-a-pom dog named Tippy. He has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Right now we are making him as happy as we can but know the time will come to say goodbye. Please pray his passing will be easy and that I will know when its time. Please pray I will see him again. Thank you
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This year has been the hardest for me and my husband. I have never devoted so much time to prayer and reading the word. I now have been trying to give all my problems i am trying to fix on my own to the lord. But it is so hard when you hear your spouse is tired with his every day life. He says he has no sense of direction. I blame myself sometimes knowing maybe im doing something wrong. I know he's being tempted and stired in the wrong direction. Everyone in his life are none believers. I know its not easy being a christian in this life when so many things are tempting us. I want to drop everything and disappear. I know its not me thinking this because i love my husband so much and our small children. I am tired. Please pray for my Husband . He left to be alone for sometime to figure his self out. Let god do his work in him and in me to stay strong and have faith that all this is in his hands. And most importantly to have no fear because he got his!
8 prayers
Pray for me because I will be standing on my own at the Hearing this Monday to face the early judge and work attorney and I want the Holy Spirit (my helper) will put the right words in mouth to speak the truth. ALJ will be understanding and hopefully give me favor through the power of God. I will receive right justices and will win to pay medical bills, time off pay, and then some to pay assets off and will not be homeless twice. Holy Spirit and God promise me he will take care of me in ever areas of my life until the end of time. God will give Justice against the adversaries. In Jesus Name Amen!!Verse: All things come together for them that love God. I truly believe that when I live in the Law of Ten Commandments God will be my victory. He is all I have when I don' t have anyone. God knows my heart and my desire is to please him in anyway and to stay pure and to be more like Christ-like.
In Jesus Name! AMEN! God Bless! Lisa Parker
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Please pray for me today as I wait for a call back for a second interview for a new job. About a month ago, I received a phone call for a new job opportunity and I rarely take these new job phone calls, but for some reason I felt I needed to take this phone call. It took a month to get the first interview, but during that time my current job has become very toxic and not the working conditions anyone should be under. I feel like God was looking out for me by providing me this new job opportunity knowing it was not the environment that I need to be in. I ask for your prayers today that I do get that call back for a second interview and I end up in the end with the job. It's a great job and an environment that will take me away from the current toxic environment that is effecting my family and my health. God Bless your prayers and God Bless our Heavenly Father.
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Please pray for...
*A sweet, 19 yo girl named Raimu to be saved. She is atheist.
*My son, Reagan, to come back to God.
*Ben to find work. Has family and urgent need for work.
*My brother David- spiritually, emotionally and mentally
*For me to QUICKLY get GOOD preschool clients and God to stop those trying to sabotage it.
*My cosmetic line that I am using as a witnessing venture.
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