Thank you Lord You reign over my life. You will push down my adversaries and haters of other forms of reLEIGON ( means many demons). Thank you God I worship You where ever I am. Thank you for my True Christian friends who takes me in. God loves me he would never let people determines my future. I hope someone will take me into their home to stay temporaily until I find a low-income housing which I am approved. Please give me right people to help me and they can contact me at ismileon2000@gmail. I know God is my Provider and he would never keep me homeless. I am a Child of the Most Highest God. I love him, He is everything to me and for me. I love God with all my heart and with all my soul and all my heart. I put him upabove every human being. Please reveal what your plans are for me Lord. I give you Glory, Honor, Praise, and forever more. Jesus thank you for dying on the cross for me and forgiving my sins and cleansing from all unrighteousness. In Jesus Christ Name. Lisa Parker
1 prayers
Dear God
Thank You are all knowing, Your ways are higher and better than any human beings. I thank you, You are protecting me and keeping me safe. Greater is He that's in me than He is in the World. God You will supply all of my needs according to Your will. I thank you God, I am strong, beautiful, creative, full of Integrity, qualified, favor, forgiveness, grace, peaceful, faithfulness, joy, and much more because I am a Child of the Most Highest God. Thank you God I am going through the adversities and I'm not staying where I am. God is all knowing. God will never fail me, or abandon and God is with me and he is for me never against me. I pray I will have a apartment by end of this week July 22, 2018 that You will allow Apartment Manager allow me to live there right away. I ask You God that I can stay at a temporarily housing in a one bedroom apartment. Anyone can reach me at ismileon2000@gmail. Thank you Jesus Name. AMEN!
1 prayers
Dear Heavenly Father my Savior and my Lord.
God, You know my situation and I need to find a apartment or a home with one bedroom to rent for temparily until I find a low-income apartment. I ask Jesus to connect me with the right person. I am willing to take the chance to put my email address right now for someone who can help me so that I am not homeless twice. God, You promised I would not be homeless twice and I trust You and You will provide for a place. I have to be out of my apartment on July 22, 2018. So I am putting my email address for someone who can be a Good Samartian, here is my email address: ismileon2000@gm. Please put the subject: Welcome to your new place. I'm doing everything all by FAITH and TRUSTING You to provide me a place to live. I hope someone who cares and has compassion will help me in time of need. Thank you Jesus Your my Provider and You can do anything for me. I ask You Jesus in all these things and I give you Glory Honor and Power In Jesus Name
2 prayers
Please remember my wife and I in prayer. After nine years of marriage and a few affairs my wife has returned home, she is still with her current boyfriend but I see God working on her heart. I don't know what to do other than trust that God will restore our marriage through mutual repentance and He will bring this marriage back from the grave and breath life into it once again. Also pray for our two boys and that their hearts not grow cold and angry. Thank you.
7 prayers
Thank you so much for your prayers. On July 8th I asked for prayer for my precious mom who turned 80 years young. She woke up with one eye that was blurry & she couldn't see out of it. While in the emergency room the doctors were concerned that she could have had a mini stroke in her eye as this runs in our family. They ran so many tests and the final outcome was she had particles from a cotton wood tree in her eye, they were able to remove them and her sight is fine. It's definatally a lesson to remember to always trust/hear God's voice and don't believe the enemies lies as he is always trying to deceive us regarding our health and so many other things in our life. Remeber Fear is a liar, Fear HE is a liar (the enemy is a liar!.)
We are all children of God - He is our maker, healer. All we need to do is ask him for His help, accept, receive & believe as He is willing. God is so good. 💕💕
Thank you so much for your prayers. 💖 I will be praying for all of you too.
2 prayers
Hello, I am asking for prayer support for my 15 year old daughter. Her dad wasn't involved in her life and it has caught up with her in her vulnerable adolescence and has had a painful impact on her self esteem (already, developmentally, on shaky ground). She is now beginning to attract a group of friends who are a strong and increasingly negative influence and her integrity seems to be fading. I would appreciate your prayers for her to grow quickly and steadily in her own sense of self. May she trust in my guidance even though the pull by her peers is, of course, tremendously strong. May she feel and receive the strength of my love and, whether conscious or not, of GOD's love for her. May she find her self-respect once again. May she grow a new, caring, responsible, respectable, fun-loving group of friends who shower her with healthy, playful attention. She has explained to me that even though she knows that some of their choices are not good, she craves their attention.<3
8 prayers
My cancer came back with a vengeance - I have terminal metastatic Leiomyosarcoma - very large tumor where my uterus used to be, two other large tumors in my abdomen and one on a kidney. The first line of treatment did not work - my two largest tumors grew about 2cm all around. I have the opportunity to join a clinical trial in the next few weeks.

Please pray for my husband as when I go to be with Jesus he will be left with 5 small children. We have 3.5-year-old twins and 17-month-old triplets - all girls. I have faith in God that they will all be OK but I know this will be a hard road for my husband to go through alone. I am at peace with myself leaving - just super sad about all the things I will miss and how my girls won't have me around anymore...

Update 7/13/18 - I was not able to join the clinical trial but I do have another chemo to try out starting around next week. I am hopeful that I can get some tumor shrinkage this time...
10 prayers
Please pray for Tammy & her daughter. There is a court appt to decide some major things going on in their lives right now and prayers for them would be amazing. For their health, their well being and their future. It's got to be God that moves this mountain. I believe He wants to and He will. Will you believe with me for their good?

6 prayers
Please pray for God’s help for my daughter Taryn. She is in her early 20’s, more than 150lbs overweight (she weighs over 300lbs), depressed, has no friends to hang out with, and works very little hours at a minimum wage job for the last year hoping for advancement especially with the high turnover rate. She has a great personality and her co-workers say they love her. I believe her job opportunities are linked to her weight and I am very worried for her health wise. Please pray God sends help for her weight loss in the form of companionship, friends that will support her and advancement in her current job or she acquires a position out of the many applications she has submitted to other companies. Thank you
10 prayers
My mom woke up this morning and has blurry vision in her one eye, we are concerned that she may have had a mini stroke in her eye. We love her so much and this is so hard.
Could you please pray for complete restoration over her eye & that the enemy has no power to worry her or us in a negative way. We only receive and believe the truth that Jesus's blood covers her as He has completely healed her.
We boldly proclaim this in Jesus name she is healed from the top of her head to the bottom of the soles of her feet. Praise Your Holy name God. Amen.
Thank you so much for your prayers. 💖
6 prayers

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