Please pray for me and my wife, we are sick.
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Hello. I am asking for prayer for my father. He has other issues that are keeping him from waking after a lung collapsed and covid plus kidney failure. My mother can't eat or sleep. She got covid too as well as 8 of my siblings. All were caring for my father before his admission to the hospital.

My father is the stereotypical man of the house. Now my mom's trying to figure out his passwords! Bills are going unpaid due to this. For my mom, this is a big challenge.

Anyway, dad is not responding. End of life talks are starting. And the topper is, I am in California and they are in Washington. And I'm scared. I can't get up there to help.
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My marriage is falling apart. My husband has come really far with his anger and PTSD from abuse as a child, but the verbal abuse when he gets angry is so hard. I’m constantly being threatened with divorce. I love my husband dearly and when he’s not having one of his, ‘episodes’ we get on fantastic. We serve each other without question but then he gets super angry about something so benign and it turns ugly. I realized today that during these times, he does to me exactly what he complained about his abusive stepdad doing to him. I have no one to turn to. We belong to a church, but they’re not very supportive. I am beginning to feel like there is no hope and one day his threats of leaving won’t just be a threat. Please pray for us.
I have been crying all day and he just ignores me
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We don’t know each other but as believers we are brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m reaching out today to ask would you Please be in prayer for my marriage. We have been separated for over two years . I have caused a lot of damage to our marriage and pain to my wife I made a lot of changes over the last year and I’m asking for healing for my wife from past behaviors of mine and for restoration of the marriage. I would trade my life for hers if it would heal her. Also if you could pass this along to the elders and pastors and any prayer chain. I truly believe in the power of prayer. Please feel free to contact me if you like. Thank you

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Please pray that my son will be acquitted of all charges against him. His name is Jonathan. I his mom made a grevious mistake when calling 911 . The mistake was written out in 10 pages by me with pictures as evidence. There is a NO contact order in place as well, done by the court. Am praying and pleased to always trust in the Lord, that only His sovereign will be accomplished. In 68 years of life the Lord has given me,
nothing has ever been so painful.
He is my only son. Thank you for your prayers.
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Please ask God's blessing for my new online business. Thank you.
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Please pray for this place that I think is cursed or bewitched. Thank you
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My boyfriend believes in God but doesn't fully embrace the biblical teachings. He has deep inner hurts from his childhood and I think he has some mental health issues that need attention.
Please pray for a deepening of his faith and a desire to be obedient to God's words. Please pray for me as I need to be more obedient and make decisions regarding this relationship.
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I pray he is finding the Lord in this time apart. I hope he is truly loving himself and putting God first each and every day. I pray he finds a better job and placed with the right environment and pay. I pray for motivation and strength during the break up and most of all, trust. Trust that God knows what he's doing and if we are meant to be, he will reveal that. I pray for purpose for his life in Jesus name. Amen.
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Please pray for my sister. She is has lost Jesus. She doesn't think he exists and is convinced that he never walked the earth and Christians pray to no one and believes in the sun, i think. I pray that she can see the light and follow God again. I pray she can witness that we are to lean on the Lord and NOT our own understanding. I pray and hope she can feel, hear, and see that the Lord is her only savior. I pray God removes the things that are blinding her from the truth. I pray she is safe and protected during this phase in her life. God, I pray the enemies lies be removed from her heart, thoughts, and mind and realize the true Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. Amen.
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