Please pray for our family! So Lord can guide us trough the life, and give us wisdom and strength.! Amen!
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Please pray that I will always be able to care for my elderly mother and nursing home ministry.
1 prayers
We are still waiting for an offer on the house. have one potential with half down and the rest in payments. Have another that hasn't offered anything and wants an inspection, which i am fine with, but since we don't have any extra money we wouldn't be doing any repairs, so i assume they would offer us considerable less than we are willing, and to top that potential (?) off, i don't like them, have another who wants us to call if our potentials fall through. why? why should i? so i guess we have 3 potentials, with only one i am interested in. Now a new development, hubby worked retail and received a retirement in a lump sum, he got a call that he may have more retirement coming. Hmm maybe enough to do repairs on the house? Or enough to fix the brakes on the truck? Or just enough for food in the house? thank you all for your prayers.
2 prayers
My brother passed away on Sept 1st and we are all missing him terribly. My mother is so angry with God for taking him away from her and she says that she will never forgive Him. I am so worried about my mother who has always been the rock of our family, she says that she will never be the same. I don't know how to help her, so I just listen even though I do not agree with what she is saying. She buried her dear friend of 60+ years exactly 1 month after my brother and she came home this even angrier at God. I pray to God everyday for my mother's healing. I am so afraid that she will never regain her faith. Jesus please help us!
3 prayers
My home in Rockport, TX was hit by Hurricane Harvey. A friend is demo the master bedroom to remove mold. Praying for my hurricane insurance to pay me soon and enough to rehab my home. God Bless
6 prayers
Please pray for my colleague who lost her mother yesterday. Pray for her strength. IJN
5 prayers
Please pray that my brain tumors shrink and go away! Please pray my husband loves me again like he used to.
8 prayers
Dear Pray-ers, Chris's wife, Patty, is at urgent care and they don't know what's wrong with her. Please pray for Patty, and Chris, as he is very concerned. Thank You!!
8 prayers
Son brings us meat, daughter took me shopping, and our other son brings us a meal every now and then. We need to fix the brakes on our truck. God will provide this too. When we sell the house, we can move our trailer to a sister in laws until we buy property to put it on. I am so ready to move, please God. I am trying to be patient. Please pray with me that the door will be open for us. Please also pray for my sons salvation and renewal in my daughter. Thank you and God bless you.
5 prayers
My husband and I were blessed by the Lord in buying a home 27 years ago. When we bought it, my husband said for our retirement. Now we are retired and our social security is only enough to pay our bills, nothing for food or gas to go anywhere. So we sit waiting for death so to speak. But mind you, after I had bi-pass surgery 3 years ago, my health is very good and we are 65 and 66, so don't expect to be going home to be with the Lord anytime soon. That being said, we thought we would sell our home because if we could sell it, with God's blessing, we could buy a piece of land and put our 23 foot trailer on it closer to fishing. We put it up for sale 3 months ago. The value has been going up on it, however, as we don't have extra money for food, we can't do any repairs to the house either. We have recently received a pre offer but the waiting for the official offer is hard, especially when we get food boxes, but they don't have staple that we need. The Lord has been blessing us
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