Dear Heavenly Father my Lord and Savior
Thank You, You are orchestrating everything in my life of victory, increase, abundance, prosperity, faith and hope. Thank you for the book of Habakkuk 1:3, Psalm 34:1, Psalm37: 3-6. I ask You to give me favor new place to live, moving will go smoothly, I can minister to those who are lost and confused and been deceived by other forms of religion. I ask You that You would use me as a instrument and speak the Truth of Your words and the Truth will set me Free and they will have the desire to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.
My "Closing Argument is coming soon. Holy Spirit my Helper please give me the words to say to ALJ and to stand the Truth and the Truth will set-me free. And ALJ will grant me financial reward against the adversaries and haters that injured my body. Yes, I do forgive them, but I ask You to grant me Justice and Vindication and insurance is to pay damages since I already paid each pay check to the Employer. AMEN.
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I am so broken and hurt, I don't know how or what to pray for, my life is spinning out of control, I am low on funds and my mom has memory issues and no one in the family wants to help me
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please be in agreement with me for my friend, for him to pass his AP Psych Class, and high school. I ask that he will feel tangible peace. In Jesus name, Amen.
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Dear Heavenly Father my Lord and Savior
Thank you for granting me SSD, that is my Victory and Favor. Lord I ask you to grant me financial reward from worker compensation against the adversaries and haters. Yes, forgiveness is important, but my flesh and blood is suffering which I don't know if I can work anymore.
I know all things work together for them that love You. I will always seek you first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto me (favor, justice, mercy, joy, peace, protection, safety, increase, abundance, prosperity). When I delight unto You, You will give me desires of my Heart. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who guides me and lead me into the path of wisdom and knowledge to keep me from evil and temptation.
Jesus Christ and God the Heavenly Father is above me and in front of me. Satan, demon, devil, adversity and haters are behind me and back of me and below my feet. Thank you Jesus you hear my voice and answered my prayers. In Jesus Name Amen!
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Not sure how or what to do with this prayer request anymore and with the desire of my heart of a family. I recently turned 40 and I thought I would be married by now and have a baby. I get my hopes up and and try and hold faith, put myself out there but doors just keep shutting with christian guys. I am at the point now that I truly afraid to hope and have faith in this area because I am afraid of disappointment. I am praying for contentment, joy and peace in my heart right now.
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I have an prayer request for a place to live by the end of the month for myself and 6 year old daughter preferably in the Beaverton or surrounding area. where I work on a small farm and have lived for the passed 2 years has a need for the living space in their home for other family members to take care of their aging father. Although with the help of others to pray and search for a suitable place for us to live has not produced any fruit for our labor. I still believe God can do a miracle in just the few days left till we need to move by the end of the month for a right situation for us. knowing God has always been their for us.
Thank you for your help and prayers!!
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Please pray God blesses our family with His love and forgiveness so we can heal. Thank you and God bless you! Praying for your requests:-).
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God has answered your prayers and my son Levi S. has gotten an amazing barista job that he absolutely loves. He will not be able to keep it unless he passes his Manifesto and flow test on all that he has learned on Monday 5/21. Please pray for focus, concentration and a 100 percent recall of the manifesto (handbook) and what he has learned so that he can get 100% on his test. Please also pray forms amazing friendships and strong bonds with his coworkers and supervisors (especially Tosha whom is the only one that gives him a hard time) and that they love him as much as I do. Thank you
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I’m having bad anxiety because my due date is near May 30th to be exact. I’m just needing prayer for peace and comfort and that the labor and delivery go well, and our son is healthy. Also prayer that there are no complications or health issues with me before or after. Thank you!
Also prayer for my two other children, that I have the patience to be a good mom when the 3rd child arrives. I’ve been a bit irritated and not so loving. I just want to be a good mom and very loving to them and that they know they are loved. My oldest son has been going through a hard time since his dad hasn’t been in his life because he didn’t make the best choices. So just prayer we can start having a better foundation and making Yahweh the center of our lives and come to know him better! I haven’t made the best decisions these last few years and need to get back on track and turning my focus wholeheartedly on our savior. I’m just stuck on where to turn, what church to go to and finding time for our savior.
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I had a heart attack last year and am still working through the aftershocks. My son was with me when it happened, he is now 12. My parents are the ones who did cpr until the police showed up and took over. I am trying not to go into shut down mode and hide from everyone and everything. According to the doctor, my heart function is going back down to where I'll have a possibility of another heart attack.
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