Pray for my daughter and her children that God will intervene into the children's lives and they will learn to live and seek God in their daily lives and that God fills their hearts and spirits full of the holy spirit and love, Amen.
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For my private prayer requests to all be very successful in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.
5 prayers
Please pray that I will have a new remote job asap that is better in terms of pay and position than all my past jobs in Jesus mighty name amen.
4 prayers
Directions on how to proceed. Dear God please intervene on my behalf. 😭😭😭😭
10 prayers
I would like to request that my work will pick up. I pray that my clients find work to send my way. I know 100% that God is wonderful and prayers work. I appreciate your time to pray for me.
6 prayers
I am 13 years old, and I need encouragement in writing my book, "I Found faith in Jesus". Thanks!
14 prayers
I would like our new leaders in government to hear God's voice over the noise of the world, that they will do what is best for this country.
32 prayers
Please pray for our marriage
13 prayers
Please can you pray a curse off the land
11 prayers
My best friend, Jon, desperately needs prayers and advise and help to get his 8yr old daughter back from bringing taken to Mexico by her mom without his written permission and against court order. They disappeared last night and Jon wants his little girl back! So please prayer someone can help beyond my help and a few others! Blessed be, everyone!
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