Please pray that Savannah’s eyes are opened to what little Landen is suffering at his daddy’s house due to her denial. We need protection and the enemy to release this family.
0 prayers
Please pray for healing of stomache pain nausea I have had this for a few weeks I'm so scared and worried it could be cancer please pray it's not pray for healing
0 prayers
Please pray for me and my family!
1 prayers
I read and listen to the word of God everyday, but it seems my heart is petrified and I don’t get the message. Please pray for all of us that need to make peace with the Holy Spirit so we can hear God. Please also pray for me to heal from a 3 week bad cold. Thank you. God bless you all.
5 prayers
I have been having Health issuse my heart does not work the way God intened it tooand skips beats. Also have Leg and backpains. Also i want a job that i would enjoy
1 prayers
For my friend Sue Wanger to be healed from a blocked bile duct,pancreatitis and the cancer test will be negative! Thank you
1 prayers
Please pray for weight loss for my daughter Taryn and myself Raelynn
Please pray for a job opportunity for Olivia “Jo” Agard (and also the opportunity to learn to drive).
Please pray for healing for my mother Sharon from her hand/knee issues and my father Frank Cory as he recovers from diverticulitis.
Please also pray God provides an answer to Stacey and my Raelynn financial needs they need to come into a large sum of money.
3 prayers
Please pray for my mother. She needs healing and a mind set on forgiveness instead of bitterness . Also help her to see things clearly from God’s perspective. Also please pray for me to be obedient and have faith. I pray for joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. God’s favor for myself and family. Thank you, Michelle
2 prayers
Greg needs employment, a working car, maintain his apartment. I believe Greg needs to let GOD move in his life... letting God guide his thoughts and actions. Thank You for your prayer...
6 prayers
A close friend of mine has a 13-year-old daughter who is struggling with gender dysphoria, and we are concerned for her well-being. My prayer is that she will not harm herself, that she finds, understands, and truly believes how special she is to everyone in her life, and more importantly, in the eyes of God.
Everyone in their family needs some peace, especially little girl who is struggling with her identity, Please pray for her heart to be healed and for her safety. Thank you.
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