I am struggling with Long Covid. I am a very active mom, wife, grandma and volunteer. I can do very little. It's really inhibited my daily living. Please pray for a full recovery and/or answers. I am asking the Lord what he wants to teach me in this. I am definitely already much more sympathetic towards others with health issues.
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Please pray for God's special help with:
1. A task to help ministry that has been blocked for weeks.
2. CRRGRMDW and mates to be saved or removed, urgently.
4. Healing for STAT.
5. Vehicle issues worked out;
In Jesus' name. Thanks for praying.
"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us;.. we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him."
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Please pray for my final exams next week. I am worried, because if I don't keep my GPA, my financial aid is impacted. Please also pray for next semester. My commute is going to be longer and my classes will be harder. I'm dreading the change and need strength. Lord, please help me to thrive and find strength in the Joy of the Lord. Thank you for your prayer!
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Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy of souls to deliver Ray and his family from the control of fallen angels. "And they overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb."
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Please pray for our family but especially for our 33 year old daughter Chelsea who lives far away & is 7 months pregnant with her 1st child. She is having mental health issues from all the stress & unforeseen events her & her husband have endured over the last 9 years of their marriage. We are extremely worried about her & her husband & unborn baby. Thank you for your prayers ❤️
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The children have it hammered into their heads that they have rights-- but no responsibilities. Anyone requiring them to do anything they don't feel like is infringing on their rights. Anyone enforcing consequences is supposedly in trouble-- and parents will defend them against consequences (until police and law courts are the ones enforcing consequences). Pray for the children, parents, teachers, society. This planet is almost over.
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Please help me pray for my daughter, Brae who is in a relationship with this guy named Caleb, to be separated from him quickly, and immediately, because he is verbally abusive towards her at times, manipulating, has a bit of a temper and using her. She doesn’t see him as being that way, but he talks down to her, is ruining her self-esteem. They are not engaged or married; he is just a boyfriend. Please remove him from my daughter’s heart and life before this goes any further.
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Hello all. My prayer request is for financial help and wisdom to succeed and prosper. I am broke and live with elderly mom. My filipino gf lives with her brother and his wife. The wife just had a new baby that had to be in ICU and now the bill is very big (around 3,250 or so USD). They had to pay 600 USD equivalent and then the bill would be 1/2 and they can pay the rest in installments. they had no way to pay and the baby couldn't go home until some payment made. I used my credit card to pay the 600 USD but no way to really pay it myself unless I sell something expensive such as my cherished high school graduation present Takamine guitar which has sentimental value given by my parents. But it is only a "thing" so if I can't find another way, I may sell it. Pray for wisdom and provision. Thank you and God Bless and answer each heart crying out to Him.
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My back still needs healing. An MRI showed 2 bulging disks in different locations and one is torn. There is also a vertebra that has a "pothole" so the disk sags into it. It affects my nerve structure including my digestion process. Neighbors still acting vengeful with garage band after I sent them a letter kindly asking to keep it down and so they play louder then before. That is the cause of my injury as I was moving heavy fence panels to help block the sound. Blessed be the name of the Lord and for His purposes in these trials. Pray satans plans would fail and God will prevail and be glorified in Jesus name. Thank you, Brad
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Sister Safe
I was invigilating an end-of- term exam yesterday afternoon at our high school. A boy not in the class (age 16?17? -- face alone familiar) came in, and refused to leave. He had an object on him that should be confiscated, and I held it. He proceeded to brandish a pen like it was a knife. He finally left, but hovered outside, looking threatening, before vanishing. Busyness and distraction with exams and work (plus our school's neglect of ID cards and my phone's low battery) prevented my making an immediate report. I need to do it in the early morning. Please pray for him not to come near me or the school with any rubbish, but to be blocked if he intends any evil action, in Jesus' name. Thanks. "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them."
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