Would love some prayers to help lift a health burden , and help with what directions to go in life. Thank you kindly
6 prayers
Please pray for Olivia “Jo” she desperately needs a job (and to learn to drive).
Please pray for healing for my mother Sharon from her knee issues.
Please also pray God provides an answer to my husband and my financial needs.
8 prayers
I need God to help my husband with some legal issues. I need God to comfort me through it all. I'm just overwhelmed but I know God is able....
9 prayers
Today has been mentally painful. I am really having a difficult time keeping things in perspective. All the rage in me is wanting to be released. I used to think that my experiences did not affect me, they made me who I was. I was not ashamed of that person till recently and now I am utterly ashamed. I need to be lifted up in prayer. Thank you
7 prayers
Thanks you God for helping me pass my test today. And thanks for all your prayers. I'm getting my license early next week. But can you pray that God gives me wisdom when dealing with the children, quickly learn my route, name of the children, and to be accident free. Thank you for praying for me, and thank you God.
5 prayers
Can you pray for my friend Sarah Schaefer. I just talked to her, and she's couldn't tell me what it was about. She just told me she's having some trouble backsliding. Thanks for all your prayers.
5 prayers
My daughter Samantha is 4 months old and has the stomach flu, with vomiting and diarrhea. Please pray that God heals her soon.
6 prayers
May God bless you all who read this post.

My oldest brother is involved in a toxic relationship. We know what it's like having someone we know and love be used and taken advantage of. He doesn't listen to anyone who may try and help him. May he see the hurt that his significant other is giving him.

My youngest brother, adopted brother has just turned 18. He hasn't found God yet and he recently got with his girlfriend about a month ago. He just got a job and is attending college classes to attain his GED. He thinks he got his girlfriend pregnant. His dad, his real dad never really treated him with any kind of respect. He's been abused quite a bit so my family took him in. I'm worried that he's not going to know what to do.

My niece, who was born in 2005; my family hasn't seen or heard anything about her since 2007. She was adopted out in a closed adoption to one of the birth mom's relatives. I just hope and pray that she finds us one day even if she's one her own.
Thanks again
5 prayers
I want to thank those who pray for us. I am trying to keep my hope in GOD my priority. I want to be productive and contribute. I am trying to overcome my weakness and not let emotions dictate my actions. I continue to work on my recovery and I need prayer that I dont relapse to another mental breakdown. I have no family or close friends, I am doing this alone with my therapist. I pray that will be enough to lift me up out of this darkness. I am terrified of failing I am terrified of living I am terrified of dying but most of all I am terrified of letting my kids down. I am their only role model. They are just young adults struggling to make their own way and I dont want to be a burden to them. I am jumping out in faith. May God bless everyone around me so I can achieve my goals and in turn be able to help others. May God be with us all and let me see his handy work in all things and be thankful and grateful Amen.
5 prayers
Dear Heavenly Father
As You know I was treated unfair because of Eugene Mission from the womens shelter staff are not Christians. They are catholics and non-christian. I cannot donate money to Eugene Mission. It would be wrong for me to give a false Christian Eugene Mission. I would rather give money and donate to Israel the Holy City. I feel that God wants me to give donation money to Israel for them to prosper and that is where Your Son Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. I will take my tithe and give it to Israel and that I can be blessed with increase, prosperity, and abundance. Thank you God I trust you with all of my heart not to human beings. Now I don't a place to live so therefore I have to go to different state. Oregon has cursed my future and I truly believe God wants me in a different state and cities. I am excited and know that God is allowing me to move anywhere and everywhere. I trust in God and he will make away when there seem to be noway. In Jesus Name. Lisa Parker.
4 prayers

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