Please pray for me as today I am struggling with depression. I am struggling with the realization that the relationships I have with my Mom and twin sister will always be toxic and never be what I want. I also have recently been unfriended by who I thought was one of my best friends with no explanation. On the outside looking in my life looks very blessed but I am so lost and lonely for true friendships and it doesn’t appear this will ever happen. Please pray that I find strength to deal with this and and that I could feel gods support and know that he is with me.
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Please pray that I would be humble. Thank you
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I have been bless by the Lord with the most amazing painting business. Lately, things have been slow and need all your prayers that my pieces sell soon, for my kids I! Pray the Lord!
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Could you please pray for healing over my friend Kari.
She has (as the doctors call it) incurable blood cancer. I know God is healing her disease. He can do all and we Thank You Father that You are willing, able & you are transforming Kari's life as You are laying Your healing hands on her right now. I boldly proclaim this in Your precious name Jesus. Amen.
I also pray over every person with prayer requests on this site and Thank You Father You are answering/healing all as
You are so faithful and good.
With God ALL things are possible. :) We Praise Your Holy Name. 💛
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She has four little boys (a set of twins) under 9 and is close to losing her home, can't find a job. Worried sick. Husband works, but doesn't make enough. Please pray for a solution. God can take care of this.

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I am needing faith, patience and hope for desires of my heart for a family. Been discouraged with some christian dating and christian guys not going anywhere. I am also praying for 2 co-workers who is struggling with eye sight and going legally blind. Praying for miracles of God's healing and vision restored.
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Please pray against my apathy, lukewarmness, and lack of empathy. Thank you
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these people are wonderful, they love the Lord, they actively seek Him in all things, they respond to Him, and give Him all the credit.
They are focused on meeting peoples needs, not primarily on the prices.
they need $6,600 by the 15th to stay in their current location, and keep doing what God has directed them to do.
They want His will, not theirs, but it’d sure be nice if they were aligned here. May God's Will be done. Thank You for your praying.
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Please join me in prayer for my almost 15 year old granddaughter who has been depressed and having lots of anxiety breakdowns. She’s been in counseling for months now but I really don’t see she’s getting any better
She’s and her family attended a suicide prevention class last week at school. And this week they are going to an anxiety class. She’s struggling keeping up with her grades. Please God guide her in a healthy direction. She’s really a good teenager who has never been in any trouble. She lacks self confidence. God please bring healthy positive Christian friends into her life right now.
In Jesus Name Amen!
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I've recently come out of a cult religion and become born again two years ago. I have joined a Christian church, a Bible study group, and I volunteer through my church. But, I must admit that lately I have been feeling disconnected and lonely because family members are still in this religion and don't relate to me the same way, some don't related to me at all. Please pray for extra strength for me to keep standing as a witness for Jesus in my home and in the world! God bless!
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