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I just need prayers for v BUFFY'S à2x ZX! I'm a single mom with 3 beautiful children!,t my daughter Cyera is doing wonderful however my son Kellen is struggling SO BAD! He was born with a heart condition that sealed his pulmonary valve shut with scar tissue causing him to need a catheter procedure when he was born the first one poked a hole in his heart the second one took but he had to have open heart surgery to fix the chamber; during that procedure he got a blood clot in the blood vessel in his brain that caused c UWanother open heart surgery in the next year, and was recently diagnosed with autism and potentially ADHD. And he witnessed a four hour domestic assault/incident on be by his father the day after Mother's Day 2015 that has traumatized him and left him more lost than any Soul I've ever seen! I just would ask for prayers for peace... There's so much Chaos!
God bless and thank you infinitely!
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