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My trial is coming up and I will be facing the ALJ and Sather Brothely and Hollaway.
Pray that God will give me words to say to the ALJ so she/he will open their hearts of compassion and that I will receive the right justice that I deserve.
I've always believe God has a final say. It doesn't matter what the medical reports says. I might have to get my shoulder and arm surgery and I am not comfortable with other religions and occults (Catholics, Mormons, Buddist, Hindu, Islams, Musliums, occults ) which they believe in doctrines. Pray for me that God will give me wise counsel and he will let me know by the Holy Spirit to guide me and direction me in his decision for me. Pray for Christian doctors and Christian Government to support me in my finances, career, disabilities, minority (South Korea). God sees and knows who are my adversaries and haters and he will protect me until the end of the world.
In Jesus name!
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