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Pray for me my trial is Tuesday next week and that God, Holy Spirit (my helper) and Jesus Christ will give me the words to say. I have to make a stand on my own to represent myself to ALJ. The good news when I Win and I don't have to pay for attorney fees (hallelujah!). The Holy Spirit said "Lisa, I will be with you and I will never forsake you or leave you all alone). Be of good courage and do not fear for the Lord your God is with you where ever you go and whatever I say. Cast all my cares upon you (God) for he cares for me. Pray for me that God will protect me against the adversaries and haters from other religions and occults. I trust in God because God taught me to not trust in people. Its says "Let God me true and let every man be a liar". All things come together for them that love God. I thank God he has protected me against (cops, CIA, other religion, occults.)
I have the Angel in Heaven, God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit (my helper) backing up for me. Amen!!
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