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Prayer for a scholarship. I am in graduate school, and funding is unsure. I got some funding from my supervisor (2 years) but it will not be enough, plus she has limited funding. I am desperate, living on church donated food. I apply every single year for scholarships. We pay a lot of money in Canada for graduate school tuition. If we work off campus, we lose funding. I never got a tuition waiver.

I was going to end a friendship, but I changed my mind. I am still unsure, as it seems one sided, but I want to hear his standpoint first. I give way more to the friendship than I should. I feel like I wasted 2 years. I understand everyone is busy, and I am busy too, but I make the time. He is extroverted, I am not. But I am social. I want a christian male friendship. He managed to find the time while finishing up the thesis for stuff, rarely. In most of my friendship pursuits, I was always the option. Never a priority. I want to meet people who I can have a meaningful relations
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