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A Smart person of God said this:

-"You lie there, and the decision is do you stand up and start fighting for those things you want, hope and desire? Or do you continue to lie there and stare at all the things you want, hope and desire?

There is no one else that can do anything for you. The only thing that is capable of destroying the cause, process and effects of depression is God’s hope and his word of hope. The solution is to get God’s hope back inside of you. His hope will give you the clarity to once again see all the possibilities for your future. Hope also gives you the motivation to take action and the encouragement to stay on the road to faith and joy."-

Let's us pray for you, me and all of us here who come to beg God for Hope, Motivation, Faith, Joy, Compassion, Power, Patience, Possibilities, Strength, Abundance, Fortune, to emerge victorious out of the darkness we are in...

The Light, the flame, the answer MUST start inside our Hearts and then on to fulfill us.
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