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Praise God for Amir Tsarfati on "Behold Israel." I've learned so much from the Word of God through him. He is an inspirational to me. I need a strong Christian hot for God Holy Bible knowledge and wisdom Christian Pastor like Amir Tsarfati. Everyone should listen to him. Thank You Jesus he is a Pastor who has the right bible verse in today's world we live in the end times. He is the only Pastor who I love listening too. I hope to marry a man like Amir who has study the Bible so well and loves God with all of his hearts and minds. Thank You God, You are using Righteous man to reach the world of the end times and reading the scripture to match the history for the end times. God thank You helping me grow more into the Word of God that Amir has taught me the verses and spiritually growing every day. I love listening to Amir. He is a Great man of Faith and everything You want us to be.

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