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Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name above all Names
God I ask You to let all schools from k-12 and all colleges to allow Christianity in schools and not other religions control the schools. There is so much suicide in high schools all because they have no hope in Jesus Christ and many of them are not Christians "True Believer" Principles and school districts must bring in Christianity in schools like Pastors should all visit the schools and have a outside bible studies after school closer to schools grounds. Ever since Obama closed Christianity in schools and let religion (means-many demonic spirits) control the schools there has been higher "suicide" in all schools teenagers from 7th grade to 12th grades. I ask You all American Judges, Supreme Courts, Senators and Government Christians will fight to get the schools to allow Christian Pastors and teacher to spread the Word of God into all school where students will have "HOPE" in Jesus Christ and become a "True Believer In Jesus Name"
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