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Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Christ Name above all Names
Thank You for President Trump who is fighting for Christians to worship freely and bringing Holy Bible to public schools. We as Christians should stand for Jesus Christ out in public. Protect Israel and USA and bring Christianity back into Washington D.C. and not other religious occult's control USA or USA will be like "Babylon in USA" which I saw on Youtube. Block all occult's muslim, islam, catholics, mormons, hindu, buddist, athesist, jehovah witness, and others from the schools and Washington DC. USA must have CHRISTIANITY to be strong Nations for God Almighty otherwise we don't want satanic spirits control people. Protect Christian "Believers" give them all safety and protections wherever they go. Watch over President Trump and he would help Christians to stay strong and steady for our Nations. God gave United States to support other Nations, we stand with Israel Holy Land Biblical History Christianity Jesus Christ, Amen!
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