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Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name above all Names
God, I am asking You to protect the minds of all children all ages in all schools. As You already know catholic pope who is satanic deceiver, liar and thief will brainwash children. I found out there is a huge gathering at the vatican in Roman at catholic church and pope father of satan want all children to be there in May 2020 conferences. catholic churches in Rome will deceive younger children to join the occult movement and make younger girls students to become nuns catholic pope and mother superior who is the head of witches occult will abuse physically, mentally, morally, she will torture them, whip them until there bodies are bloody and hang them on the cross down in the dungeon vatican catholic church. Pope father of satan will tell all parent to sell everything their possession to be extremely poor and dehumanize them. I ask every parents around the world to protect all kids from catholic occult rituals down in the dungeons
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