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Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name Above all Names.
I ask You God Almighty to protect children from all over the world against catholic churches in vatican which will happen in May 2020. pope father of satanic occult will deceive all children of the world and he will brainwash them to tell them to take the "mark of the beast." Please expose the evil truth about catholics so the children will know the "Truth and the Truth will set them Free." will run from evil doers of the satan occult leader pope catholic churches all over. They will deceive young girls tell them many lies to make them become a nun and the witch devil woman will abuse girls physically, emotionally and mentally, those girls will be nothing and will be worthless without no "Hope." catholic is already dehumanizing and going with the terrorist and accepting whatever happens to humans. They are the IRON FEET in Daniel 7:7 & 8. Anti-Christ one World Leader. We as Christian must save them so they will come to Jesus Christ.
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