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Salvation for the entire family. God would trouble them all until they surrender to Jesus. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for a deeper walk with Jesus. Brenda would read her Bible. Bret would stop drugs, smoking, drinking, and running from Jesus; God have mercy on him. Allan is in jail--God would speak to him so he would surrender to Jesus. Chris would return to Jesus. There is a strip club down the road from my job; God would intervene in that place and shut it down. Marcos would surrender to Jesus. God would bless all my co-workers and bosses. God would help me deal with the co-workers that try and mind my business-I don't gossip. God would give me humor and love to deflect their nonsense. Deeper walk with Jesus for the following: Alicia, Dalai, Alex, Keith, Einar, Rosie, Carline, Vance, David, Ann, Martin, Dan, Van, Steve, Al, Judy, Bill, Roger, Teresa, all prayer partners--known and unknown, Tony, Ray, Judy, Nadia, Arnie, Anthony, Nicky, Ticky, Zalika, Zakia,
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