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Hello it's my 1st time in here. I heard this through the radio. I would also stay anonymous. I would like to ask prayer for my marriage and my little family. We been married for 2 years and I feel like our marriage been under attack spiritually. My wife is not a full believer yet. She goes to church here and there. But she is not baptized nor has the holy spirit eventhough she accepted Jesus a long time ago. I guess she just been coasting it ever since but hasn't fully committed her life to Jesus. I believe that's one of the main reasons why we always in some type of argument or not in the same page. She tries to do things according to her own human mind or way, instead of going to Christ for guidance. Just pray for us please. We have 2 little kids. Is like she always tries to quit on me when things get hard. It's really discouraging and sad at times. Please have us in your prayers. God bless.
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