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Please pray for guidance and wisdom for my 21 year old son Levi S. He has lost his way. He is a good, naive, fun loving kid with ADD. He was on the robotics team in high school and graduated from the computer program at a specialized school. He started college but took a quarter off which turned into a year. His longtime girlfriend and him broke up a couple of months ago and he had decided to return to college in fall. Recently he met (as a customer through work) and now is dating a really defiant, extensively pierced, tattooed, 22yr old girl, that smokes, vapes, wears the tool around her neck,does drugs, and stabs hearts etc into him as temporary tattoos (he says she sanitizes the knife), she also wants to be called Josh. Per her urging he is set to move out on his own into a low income housing unit in downtown in two weeks. He no longer wants to go to college. He works a week at minimum wage job. Please pray that God watches over him and opens his eyes with wisdom.
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