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Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus Christ Name Above All Names.
God Thank You for allowing all the Christian churches to open-up on May 31, 2020 so church members have freedom to worship One True God Only. Your word says You would push down our adversaries & defeat our haters! I know for a fact Bill Gates to Hell & Demon-crates, religious cults are prevent Christian churches to open-up. Your Word says "Curse those who Curses ME (God Almighty). The Word Christian means "Personal relationship with Jesus Christ, God the Father, God the Holy Spirit. Religion means "Man made religious cults" which means catholics, mormon, hindu, buddhist, islam, muslim etc. Thank You Lord I knew the Truth & the Truth will set me Free from man made religious cults. Thank You for President Trump & Vice President & the Justice system who are Christians believe in the First Amendment Rights & Constitutional Right (1776) for all to Believe, Worship & spread the Word of GOS-PILL for every tongue, tribe & Nations!
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