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I am struggling with dealing with all this depravity in society. I am sad that people are fighting and begging for being allowed by the government, to do drugs, to have abortions, have sex outside of marriage, to perpetuate immorality in therapy, to support immoral behavior in our institutions, to teach our children from birth that all this gender dysphoria is great and we have no identity in Christ. They teach the Bible is hate speech and that our foundation in faith is no better then domestic terrorism and most of our own so called Christian fellow believers have also bought into it. Every day it's hard enough to get out of bed to face anything. To be barraged with hate even in my circle, I want to give up and lay in bed till I die. This is not just words. It's how I feel, fighting depression and anxiety and nihilism all my life has killed the spirit in me. Now this attack on my foundation and my path to overcome these exact things, which made me sick is discouraging.
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