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Jesus is Lord! Sorry about the long request but as Christ is my Lord and Savior it is urgent!

I made a mistake that lead me to court due to my mental illness. I stand before a judge today with a chance to get into what is called "Behavioral Health Court" which just makes me enroll in health services and check in twice a month for a year and the misdemeanor charge will be dropped. Thing is I'm homeless and have been trying to get into these services for years, but haven't been able to because the system is so underfunded. With this court on my side I might actually get the help I've been needing! If I'd had these services I may not have been in trouble at all. Also, please pray I stay out of more trouble while on the streets. Most everything I do from sleeping to using the restroom is illegal somehow at sometime during the day simply because I lack stable housing. If I had housing and a job (and was mentally well) I wouldn't be breaking the law.
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