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Please please pray hard for my Family...Everything is falling to pieces...I am in need of serous prayer....I love my life...We just need divine intervention..My marriage was strong...And all of a suudden everything I love ...Seems to hate me...Because I stand up for what is right.My daughter is competing for a state championship and I pray for strength and favor for her..She is dedicated....She has faith in Christ....I am a jelious person....When it comes to my wife....I see people saying things out of the way..And she sees no problem with it.....she is price and joy..God restored our marriage last year...But the Problem came back...And trust was broken...Again ....I am lost..Hurt and don't know where to turn...I know God is the answer....We have been church hurt...Friends hurt..And pretty much left to do on our own...And I can't do this on my own...Please pray for us please...I can't anymore...I am without words...
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Please pray for June and James their payments have gone up on their car, and they are in financial worry. Please pray that the Lord will make a way for them. Thank you
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This is a big prayer request. I have interviewed for a new job. They will let me know this week. Pray for a positive response and that I continue to trust in the Lord.
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Please i ask prayer for my daughter she will be having her baby tomorrow jan. 25 by c-section please pray that everything goes good and her and the baby come out of everything doing well please
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Please I need prayer for me, my husband Philip Glikpo who is in Ghana, West Africa to forgive each other. We have been separated for eight years now.. He filed for divorce but I did not respond to it. Philip went to court and the court approved on his behalf and gave him what he wanted.. Philip told me we are no more together. We have two daughters together. I tried my best to stop him from divorcing me but he did not listen. Now I do not know what to tell him no more. Please pray for us.. Thank you.
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God knows our financial needs and I am asking Him to send the help and solutions we need to meet our financial obligations. Lord, please help me to know where to go and what to do. I am grateful for all you have provided for my family thus far and know you have plans for me. Please help me not to worry, but trust you are working things out.
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Please pray for my cousin (44yrs old) who collapsed at the finish line of a marathon that he completed. He has been in a coma for over a week. Today's MRI shows brain damage due to swelling and his functioning will be unknown until he wakes up. He is a husband and father to two young children. Your prayers for him and his family are greatly appreciated.
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I have been working in the same job postion going on 4 months .I like the the atmosphere and the people I work with,it's just I'm not going anywhere with it .I'm not really thriving so I just pray for a diffent job position father God you can make anything happen I put all my trust in you to lead me to the path you want me to go,but in the meantime I will just stay patient and do what I have to do to survive thank you for dieing on the cross for my sins you are the savior of my soul and my savior I love you with all my heart mind body and soul Amen
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I am dealing with a corrupt court system when it comes to custody. My ex has and was mentally abusive and threaten to kill me when we were married. The judge sees to think he is a better parent even when he has done what he did to me plus being in a rehab for alcohol abuse. It is about getting back at me and it has never been about the boys. Please pray the judge realizes this when I go back to court. Thankyou

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Healing, recovery, and restoration for my marriage. Please, I was wrong, but have repented. My beautiful wife is so hurt she wants a divorce. I do not want to lose my wife and family.
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