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Restore my marrige in the name of JESUS. God will do what I cannot do. Give me strength to overcome. Lord you know my heart and where I am I want to be strong for my Kids. The Faith you have given me I activate. For what God has joined together no man or thing will not separate in the name of JESUS. Go forth now ministering angels and do what we command them to do restore guide my wife back to her husband with the kids. In the name of JESUS. For he is able to do what I cannot do. God this is your battle not mine. For all things work together for the to those who love him and are call to his purpose. Break this curse for what you want to do in and thee me. A curse to night will be broken. Lord don't let me look like where I came from. You always look over your daughters as well as son. For God I am searching for the missing link. I seek your face God. Forgive me lord for even thinking she's looking for a man as I have forgiven her. Thank you prayer worriers
4 prayers
Dear lord,

Thank you almighty father for everything.
Please correct me and show me how to do the righteousness. If there's someone that I've done wrong to them and may you touch every single hearts to forgive me.
Please help me to get hire for the job I got interviewed with yesterday.
Please bless me with my families and friends to love, happiness and care for each other's. Amen
3 prayers
Local missionary (Zack Wilson) was detained in Guatemala during a missionary trip. He hasn't been given his medication while there. He is now very ill and needs medical attention. Please pray for him to heal and to be released to come back home to his family. There is a gofundme page set up that has his story and update about his condition. There is also a petition set up to get him medical care. The family is at a loss as to what else can be done for him. They have contacted everyone they know to contact. Any suggestions, help, and prayers would be an encouragement to this family. Thank you.
6 prayers
Please pray for my father Miguel marriage and for my son college in the name of Jesus Christ amen
4 prayers
Please pray for healing of the pain in my throat and shoulder blade. Amen!
7 prayers
Praying for safety and protection for our family, our home, and our neighborhood. Amen!
7 prayers
please pray for me to have the strength and wisdom to lead an obedient life. I keep learning more about God and then I fall back into my horrible life style. I need help to walk righteous in the Lord and turn completely from my habits.
7 prayers
Thanks be to God for her safety, she is needing rest and a calm living environment. Please pray for her to return to God to find her purpose in life.
7 prayers
I ask that you pray that I no longer worry, stress, think, overthink, and have thoughts on things that i dont need to. Basically i ask that you just help me place things in gods hands and keep them there. I ask that you pray that I am able to enjoy the rest of my summer break before senoir year of high school and i ask that when the time is right i am able to genuinely able to look forward and enjoy the school year starting. God has been beyond great to me and well i ask that you just keep me in your prayers and lord that you just give me peace of mind. Lord Heavenly Father thank you so much for everything. Please bless those who pray for me and bless them with what they need. And bless those who are in need. Thank you so much. Amen!
6 prayers
Please pray that he makes Good choices and doesn't do anything he will regret and that the evil one will not win his soul to keep going down the wrong path.
7 prayers

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