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Hello. My sister recently broke her foot. I know her pain is part of it but she says she feels a sort of cramping on her foot. Please, if you can, have her in your prayers!
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I was sexually violated about 2 and a half years ago, and ever since then, I started struggling with things that I never thought I would ever suffer from including unwanted homosexual tendencies, causing me to be extremely sensitive to any kind of touch including my family members or anyone that would come near me. The Lord has been faithful to deliver me at one of my most darkest times, however, there are still very deep strongholds left that are still remaining preventing me to live a full life and it is a very painful process to say the least. I ask that you would please join me in praying for my deliverance and healing. I thank you so much.....
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Please pray for me i am very upset and scared. I ordered some food online for a lady in my complex from a food place in my town here and now the are getting the police involved and are gonna investigate. I do not have a good income and am on disability and would not afford to pay these back, God help me. I also am scared that something bad will happen to me please pray God intervenes real quick and that i don't get in trouble, God help me. I don't need a record and i certainly don't need to go to hell. God be with me badly. I need You Jesus amen. Please pray for me now and for a miracle to happen so something doesn't happen to me. I need help big time. I need prayer big time to. Help me to please stop this and help me for God to help me and help me that i can get some professional help to. I need Jesus badly. God bless you all.
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Please pray for my church. Attendance seems to be slipping. :-( please pray for my pastors. I'm sure this is hard on them. Please pray for the children in my Sunday school class. I really want to be more involved and develop new programs for them. That is my passion. For 10 years I was blessed to work in full time ministry and I missed it so much it hurts my heart daily. I lost that job due to an attack by Satan. I grieve that like I grieved when my parents died. But this has lasted years. Jesus, please provide the miracle I need that will give that opportunity again.
3 prayers
Please pray that my thyroid scans will be negative for cancer and growth in Jesus Name. Thank You.
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Dear lord I pray you will restore my life like you did for your servant Job. Forgive me for the depression I've had. I love you lord and I trust you to meet all my needs. Father you know the many needs I have right now. In Jesus name I pray with all my heart that you will indeed restore my life right now and provide the financial miracle I need right now. I know you still perform miracles today as you always have. I've seen it and experienced them! Father I really need one now. Lift me out of this depression and fill me with your strength peace and love. Jesus give me the strength and energy to get through this week. Father take control of my life. Forgive me for being so overwhelmed right now. I need you lord. More than ever before. In Jesus name please provide the restoration of my life that I desperately need right now. Amen
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Please pray my car holds out and that I will be able to find a dependable car for around a thousand dollars. Please pray for the financial miracle I need right now.
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Prayers for a friend that had to have emergency surgery this afternoon.
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Started new depression meds and new job at same time. I'm still not all the way better. Lord please bring healing so I don't fail at job. So much seems on the line. In Jesus name...
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My apartment complex is a low income and senior complex and in the last 24 to 48 hours we have had a lot of action going on in this complex. One lady as of last night got her car stolen and it was gone as of this morning. And another lady who lives here has a lot of mental and psychological issues she was arrested yesterday due to assaulting one of the neighbor's grandson with a deadly and sharp weapon, this woman happens to be on probation and in her mid to late 60's. She really needs some help. God only knows if she was the one whom fled in this car that was stolen i don't know. But please pray for my complex and all the riff raff that goes on here. We live on a very busy street with a lot of action and there are some bad things that go on this street and the police are always on our street. However please pray for the safety of my apartment complex as well as the citizens that live in it to. God help us all amen. Thank you prayer partners for your prayers. May God bless you all.
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