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I ask for prayer to restore my family. Please soften my mother's heart that she may want to be restored back as a
family. I love and miss her so much.
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Please send your powerful prayers for my Aunt Antonia. She is in the hospital from suffering a massive stroke. Please Lord if it is Your Will heal her body and mind so that she may live a long life here on earth with her loved ones. In the name of Jesus. Amen
2 prayers
Please help me in prayer for my job maybe apply for a better paying job and that I may be able to get My car fixed and pay all my bill as I have 3 kids high car payment n house .. single mom and their Dad is in the streets on drugs .. no help .. and I am trying to go back to school ... help in me spending more time in prayer and reading spending time with our Lord Jesus Christ our God .. and not fall back into drugs. Or drinking and for me to start going back to church n fellowship please help in Prayer and may God continue to bless all you his saints thank you .. God is good all the time .. n all the time god is good ..
3 prayers
This is the second week I've been out of work and I'm very worried I won't be able to pay my rent or bills so please pray that I find a job very soon. Thank you all!!!
4 prayers
My daughter Brianna broke up with a good man David that was so good for her, she has been on and off again with him She started talking to a boy named Turner that's into drugs and over all not a good person. Please let her realize this and get back with David.
4 prayers
I pray for relationship restoration between Darel and I. Darel has left and has been gone for 3 years and has not made attempts to contact me, I pray daily for Darel that he will come back and or contact me. My heart is heavy and I constantly worry that he is doing okay, I ask that god will bring us back together and I also pray that Darel knows in his heart he missed and loved very much. In Jesus name Amen.
5 prayers
On Aug 30,2012 my partner of 20 yrs took his life. Truly, words cannot describe the excruciating pain I felt. My heart literally hurt so much I thought I was going to die. I buried myself in my apt wanting to die. I spent almost 2 years wondering how I could have done things differently. I blamed myself for not being supportive enough, even though his Dr had said how blessed he was to have such a loving and supportive partner. I spent months asking God why?, I thought I was being punished. I have since gone to grief counselling and better understand PTSD and depression. During this period of darkness was a lifeline. Like a drowning man I clung to your station morning, noon and night. I shed rivers of tears and felt so supported listening to your various radio hosts everyday, esp Julia. Today, I have learned to live with the loss; rather than losing hope. So "thank you" for getting me through and reminding me constantly that God is always with me
8 prayers
Tomorrow’s Inauguration weather forecast for Washington DC is 90% Rain with a high temperature of 47 degrees. What is impossible with man is possible for GOD! We need to pray for GOD to rebuke this weather forecast and give President Trump and Vice President Pence a beautiful day for their Inauguration! Please pray for the Inauguration area in Washing D.C. to have GOD’s Blessing on the weather! Please share this Prayer Request with all your Prayer Warriors!
5 prayers
Hi, this is Michelle. I need some prayers for myself. In November, I was diagnosed with cancer. A week later I was evicted from my apartment not because I didn't pay, everything was paid on time, but because of my dogs and them wanting to sell the complex. I had to move by 12/31/16. Which we did. I pulled out everything I had to pay for this. Last night mt broke down for the last time , I no longer have a car. I work a full time job, take care of my friend who is on dialysis and another friend who lives with me because she can no longer live alone. Plus I have a family to take care of. My daughter is in college and my son is mentally challenge, which he cannot find a job. I am so overwhelmed. Please pray for a peace that will help me deal with all of this.
10 prayers
I would like to request prayer for a coworker's son, he just got diagnosed with Cancer in the spine. My coworker is a believer and requested for us to pray for the health of her son. While I know the power of prayer, thought submitting a prayer request via this mean would help come together in unity pleading for this young man. I do not have full details all I know is that as a mother of two boys this is something dear to my heart. I pray for her to have strength and god's love/hand to see her through this time in her life. Thank you and in Jesus's name I pray for them both.
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