I pray that God will take care of and help my almost 89 year old father, Elrin, in a local nursing home since April of 2017, and who has some dementia, to eat more so he would gain some weight back to continue going through therapy to help him walk again. That God will continue taking care of mom at 83 while at home. To take care of my 59 year old sister going through some kind of rare dementia and will be going through more esophagus surgery again. And to take care and heal Mr. Ray Girouard, almost 94, my best friend and "grandfather." He resides at a local nursing home, but is currently at Our Lady of Lourde's Hospital in Lafayette with a touch of pneumonia since yesterday, July 22nd, 2017. I'm still fortunate to still have my parents at my age of 62, my sister, though not well, and my best buddy and "grandpa," Mr. Ray, in my life. I ask for all of your prayers and I thank you, in Jesus' name. Amen. God bless you and all of us. Amen. Sincerley, Rod Fuselier. July 23, 2017
7 prayers
Please pray for my husband HB who has dementia, and that I will have the strength to take care of him.
15 prayers
Please pray for my Aunt who has just been diagnosed with cancer in her breast, bones and lungs. Pray for wisdom for the doctor's who will be making treatment decisions and for the family as they deal with the difficult news they have received. Pray that they will be a strong support for R as she deals with the diagnosis and that she will have a supernatural peace during this season and will draw closer to the Lord. Praise God that we serve a Mighty God who hears our prayers and who is THE Great Physician. Amen!
14 prayers
I Would like prayed for healing of my broken heart to be led in the right direction to better myself for my kids and I For All The Negativity And Distractions To Be Removed Out Of My Life I Just Want To Be Happy And Live My Life I'm Still Young I'm also in need of a financial breakthrough
13 prayers
Katie is undergoing exploratory surgery to diagnose the source of bleeding in her GI Tract. Please lift up Katie, the surgeon, and her parents, Richard & Daphne Gaspard.
10 prayers
Thank you so much Jesus for your continue blessing. You have blessed me in so many great ways. I know for a fact that you are real and I have experienced it so many countless times. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I pray to do God's Will, "Thy Will be done" You see my struggles at work. I pray for the annoying girl at work as well as all the others. Please help me to find a 100 plus thousand job to glorify you and provide for my family and give to others. Father God I come to do your will. I love you so much! Amen!
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