Pray for Healing for my friend Nasr from prostate cancer , in Jesus mighty name
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Prayers are requested for LA who is suffering from a serious and possible fatal disease, without God's healing mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Pray for her family as they seek God's guidance and medical solutions to this deadly disease.
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Only God cares he don't put guidelines on who he helps people are so wrapped up in the world they rarely practice giving when people are in need even when they give all they have my family and I lost everything in August flood including two vehicles we reached out to every organization known to humankind and they all say the same thing like robots sorry we don't help or your not in reach uh I thought Jesus helped everyone without guidelines this world is full of selfish hypocrites your supposed to give without worry so who really is listening to the word no one except poor desperate people who everyone turns away it's a big travesty if you ask me the audacity of people to completely go against God's word but have no problem asking for donations my pastor at first babtist drives a jaguar and adopted a kid from China but sent my family homeless out the door may God have mercy on all my family needed help after working hard to stay above water we are facing eviction and no one will help I
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Pray for our ministry in Cairo , Egypt , pray that the ministry meeting today be blessed from the Holy Spirit , Pray for growth in ministry and God release powers and give us fruits , in Jesus mighty name , our Ministry Meetings are every Wednesday and every Monday ,
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Pray for Healing for my friend Nasr from prostate cancer , in Jesus mighty name
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Love of God overflow us all.
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Please keep in prayer my family. My kid's mom, that has left us many times, now is seeking mental counciling, reading a devotional book I got her, starting to separate from evil friends, went to church and cried through half the service, and is trying to make things write with us. I have five children. One boy and two girls really hate their mom now. My grown girls, especially one, drink and live the ways of the world. Please pray for their salvation and for the Lord to be in the midst of this situation. The Lord laid us a path to get back together. Many will not understand. I am so thankful to see the kid's mom making great strides. Please pray she stays strong. There will be many evil obstacles. Satan is really working on her. She has 'friends' that don't want us together. They are worldly. This is confusing and depressing her. This is a critical moment. She is really having a battle in her heart as I write. It is truly a battle of principalities.
Thank you.

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We found out 8 days ago that Kathryn has cancer and after many tests and biopsies doctors are still not sure where it originated. She found a lymph node under her arm and immediately began having it tested. Hopefully she will be traveling to MD Anderson today or sometime this week. Test found other nodes and one especially in her neck. Some are saying breast cancer and possible neck cancer. Kathryn is a strong healthy 43 yr old mother of 4. She is very conscientious of her health and has always exercised daily. We have been praying fervently for God to remove the cancer because we know he doesn't want anyone to be stricken with Cancer.. Please help us pray. Children are devastated as you would expect. Allyson- Senior, Meredyth-Sophmore, Walker-7th and Hillary-4th grade. Thank you so much!
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Prayer warriors, I need prayers for mercy and grace. Please pray that the hearts of the people I am dealing with tomorrow will have compassion and understanding and the concept of another chance. My Mom needs me, my Dad needs me, my family needs me and they need me around. Please pray for me.
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