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Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that I will be strong in faith during this trial so others see Christ and turn to Him, especially my daughter Kim who has alcohol addiction to return to God. Thank y’all God Bless my spiritual family Hope tv since I’m disabled74yr/widow
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Please pray for the witchcraft of samge, gret, grak, and their fellow Satan worshippers, to be broken. Please please Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for iglsadwjetcpls. Thanks.
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Please pray for my sister Wanda who is in ICU and is not responding for three days after hip operation. Please pray that she will wake up quickly.
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There's a family issue with my daughter NS & her husband FS against her oldest daughter JJ. I'm asking for God's wisdom in this situation & that it will be allowed for Him to work it out! Also there's been some hurtful things said & done between JJ & her two brothers CJ & TJ! I ask that GOD will intervene & calm this family crisis down! I pray that the parents would be convicted that hollering & cursing at the daughter JJ is wrong & stop it immediately & apologize! In jesus' name I ask! Amen Thanks!
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I ask that you help me pray for my mother in law who is diabetic. She recently underwent an eye surgery as she had stopped seeing. We praise God it was successful. I now pray that may she have her blood sugar normalized so that she can eat and enjoy her meals so that she regains her body. Currently she is subjected to a diet that is so plain with little or no variety which makes it difficult for her to eat. Hence her body is frail.
I also commit my mum who has gastric ulcers and kidney problems that she may be healed. I also pray for her peace of mind and debt management.
I pray for my brother who is being helped to recover from an addiction of drugs.
I pray for my other brother who is in university as a first year student and learning to adjust to the tasking demands of school. That may he manage and be friends with those that will build him and not lead him to bad vices.
Praying for my sisters in secondary school sitting for national examinations this year.
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I pray for God to guide my sister to the right naturopathic doctor and for funding to cover the expenses. I also pray for improvement in her health. Thank You, Lord.
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I would like to thank you all for your prayers. I praise God for being with thus far. I had been experiencing excruciating back pain and pain just below my lower left breast. The doctor said that it was normal given my condition. And since I could not take medicine I had to endure the pain. I remembered I could still pray about it and God has indeed helped me. The pain is no more. I am expected to put to bed in 8 weeks time and pray for a safe delivery and continued good health. I thank God for being so merciful and gracious. God bless you all and may God meet you at your points of need.
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Requesting continued prayer for healing for my mother, Mary. Tomorrow we get the results of additional testing. Praying there is no cancer and that her health is restored.
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Please pray for my niece Megan. She has a Colloid Cyst in her brain for the last 3 years but now it's stated growing causing her severe headaches. The Cyst is now blocking the ventricle which is causing brain fluid not draining. Due to the blockage she now has a condition called
Hydrocephalus which can be fatal if not treated. Please pray for healing or that they get the right doctors and surgeons to bring her back to normal health. Thank you and God bless you.
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Please pray yor me in my office. I am constantly being bullied by my co-workers. God will help me, I know. Thank you for your prayers.
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