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I ask you to pray for me. I need a job desperately as so many bills and debts are piling up. Thanks in Jesus name, Amen.
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I wish to thank you all for my Dad, Romulo. He will be discharged soon from hip surgery. But of course, comes the financial side of it. Because of our financial situation, we could hardly pay the bill. Please pray that we could find the money for about 9000 Australian Dollars expenses. Thanks. In the name of Jesus, Amen..
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Please keep praying for me today I feel better but I still feel anxious and down. I know this is a direct attack form Satan since I am going back to school to finish my Bachelor and he is jealous and mad about but I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus Amen
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difficulty concentrating; brain fog; allergies, pinched nerve, fatigue, hypersensitivity to chemicals etc. : pray for optimal brain function, sleep, pain relief, peace with environment, safe food and provision to meet special needs; pray for wisdom in caring for myself; pray for opportunities to be a blessing; for victory over besetting sins and and optimal prayer and devotional time
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Praying my daughter starts feeling better. She’s had a lot of congestion and a bad cough; praying this passes soon.
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M. Bolt has been ill for some time and his family worries that he is some times giving up. Pray that he keeps holding on to God's unchanging hand and remembers the power of pray. Thank you.
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Lois and I met at work over 20 years ago and have remained friends. She fell a few weeks back - was hospitalized to check on the cause . After tests were done the doctors did not find anything but this was her second fall. She has other doctor appointments now to try to find out what happened and what needs to be done so it won't happen again - Please pray for the doctors to find the answer and what she needs to do, she get stronger and not to become discouraged. Thank you
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Verbal abuse and communication problems. Bizzare behavior from husband due to stress but others issues such as drinking, smoking and viewing porn. I called authorities because he threatened to stab himself and then accuse me of the act. He was taken to hospital for evaluation. He is very far from the Lord and has left the church. I'm working on joining a safety hotline and may have to get an order of protection. I had to get one over a year ago. Divorce may have to be another option. I've been married for 32 years with the same issues. Things can be fine for a short while and then he goes off the deep end over nothing. Really need much prayer for God's direction. Thanks.
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Please pray for God to give me direction and discernment in this relationship.
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Please pray for me. I have a case involving money laundering. I have been praying to God for his mercies and forgiveness, but at times I feel God is not interested in me. I feel He has turned his face away from me because I have been living a rebellious life. I have realised how wicked I have lived in His sight, when people around me thought I was so godly. I feel ashamed & embarrassed about it. Please intercede with God for me. I have sinned against the most High God. I don't know how to ask Him, I need His tender mercies, compassion, to pardon me, to give me a last chance in life so I can mend my ways through the power of His Holy Spirit.
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