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Please pray at this time for a double portion of the Holy Spirit to be poured out on AR and his son at this time. Pray the transforming power of the Holy Spirit will visit them today because the devil is battling for them. Please pray for our families and brothers and sisters across the world faced with many challenges. Thank you.
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Please prayer warriors pray for my family. Many unspoken requests. Need God’s powerful intervention to break satanic strongholds.
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I need Gods presence and the Holy Spirit at my workplace. Prayer for conversions to God.
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Asking for prayer for the bereaved families that God will restore joy and peace in their lives. Amen
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I ask for a hedge of protection around all my family and myself and friends. Prayer for sick church members and family members. Prayer that curses are broken and sabotagers plans fail.
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Dear Heavenly Father God creator I can't sleep. Memories come to me, anger, humiliation. I need something, a way out. If you don't help what am I supposed to do? I'm taking drugs, this and that. My enemies are laughing. I thought you would do something, but you've done just the opposite. I ask you for good things but you've given me Joseph in that dream was excited but that was the good part God who am I to compare myself to Joseph? God you said like Sigmund Freud said that the reason for your depression etc might be the people you allow in your life. Yes. God I need a better God help me you know the crazy things God help how long all hours all days are consumed soon very soon you hedge my way on every side with thorn I need l
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I need a miracle regarding God's guidance in the work I should do, it looked like God was opening a door but now I am not sure what is going on. I need clarity in what I should do soon. Thank you.
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Please pray that the Lord will perform spiritual heart surgery, my husband has a hard heart when it comes to my children from my first marriage . He needs to find his compassion and patience. Lord my heart is heavy I need to know you hear my cries for help, have mercy on our situation and may you get the glory for it all, in Jesus name amen.
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I am studying an M.A. in theology at Newbold College in the UK and doing a part-time internship at Newbold Church - also please pray for my finances and accommodation, thank you, Philip.
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I just want to ask you, Help me to ask YESHUA , that HE has compassion of my existence and marcy on my soul.
Thank you!
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