I am thankful that we prayed for my daughter, Tess to finda job and God has blessed her doubled. Thank God with me!
I just want to give glory and honour to God for his faithfulness towards my little family for taking care of us 24 /7. Dispute the situation He is always faithful.
Hi. Good evening. Sometime ago I asked for prayers for my health and to God be the glory; great things he has done. He restored my health to normal. Praise the Lord!
I am giving all thanks to My Heavenly Father for allowing me to pass my ordination exam and to become an ordained minister! God is good all of the time; and all of the time, God is good! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, for helping me travel this ministerial journey! Please help me to draw more people to you daily and use me as Your vessel!!!
l would like to thank God for my mom's healing she was discharged today, thank you for prayers, may you keep covering her so that her well being is completely restored and that her BP be stable.
Oh God I thank and praise you for never leaving nor forsaking my family and I. Thank-you for making a way for us when there is no way. Thank-you for healing, delivering, providing for, helping, guiding and giving us your perfect protection and peace. There is no One like you Oh God. I thank You for God, for Wisdom, For Jesus, For Holy Spirit/Ghost and for all your Angel Spirits. In Jesus Name. Hallelujah!
Thxs for your prayers: Electricity came back on last night by the time she got back in from her appointment around 9:30 pm ..... Praise the Lord!!!!
Thxs for all of your 🙏🏾ers: All went well/All is good for our 2009 Blue Honda Accord that was serviced this Friday morning .... Front end brakes done in a timely manner and the mechanic and technician were professional and did their job well ..... We were in and out with in just about (2) hours.... Praise God .... There were no other car issues .... AMEN!!!!!
I thank God one of my claims has been processed, please keep praying that the other pending one for march be processed too.
I had been at my job for 35 yrs when i lost it. I called Let's Pray! to ask for prayer and my job was restored within 2 months. I was REALLY scared but i just kept seeking Gods favor and He had mercy on me. Prayer request. I've joined the AFCOE 13 week online class but the day before i was to start i got an email stating my state taxes were delinquent and the IRS was starting forecloser on my house. When i clicked on the email i got a virus and ive missed 4 days of my online schooling. Id like to catch up and get my computer fixed

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