Thank you for praying on my behalf. God is good.
I am happy to report that some prayers were answered.
I received all the emails to say that my request was being prayed for. I would like to say heartfelt thank you and Praise be to God, my 8 month old nephew has recovered from the diarrhea and vomiting.
I give thanks to God Almighty. My sister's evaluation went well. Thanks to the Lord and the praises are for His Name!
I just want to give the Lord all the praise and all the honor in the name of Jesus. I have been going thru many things lately, illness, financial difficulties, broken relationships in my family you name it but I just want all of Gods people to know that Nothing is too big for the Lord that he can not solve it in your life if you trust him. I trust the Lord with all of my heart and I lean not unto my own understanding and in all my ways I acknowledge him and he has proved himself to be faithful in his promises to his people of which I am one. I just want to say Lord I thank you for being God and for being there for us all. We could not make it without you. I thank the Lord for being true to his word. I encourage my sisters and brothers to read and study the word because the word is God. Hold on to his word, believe the word and trust the word and whatever you are going thru the Lord will see you Thru. In Jesus name I Give the Lord all the Praise and all the Honor. Amen
I know a young man by the name J. He hurt his shoulder when he fell from a chair and injured the nerves in his arm. This a used him to lose movement in his hand and fingers. I submitted a prayer request for him. It is just more than three weeks later and he is starting to move his fingers. The movement is minimal but he is making good progress. This young man had suicidal ideation as he could not handle having no movement in his hand while he also has a mental illness. But our God is faithful. He is working everything out for this young man's good. As he showed me the movement in his hand today; I just shouted "Praise the Lord!". He is looking so much happier. Thank you for your prayer support and most of all a special thank you to the Lord our Healer.
Thank you so much Lord. It's miracle your intervention on my twin sister's job evaluation. Lord, The Praises Are for You, my God Almighty!
Thank you so much Lord. It went well. God touched everything so miraculously. The praises are for our Gold Almighty. Amen !
Dear God I thank and praise You for being a God of Restoration. I thank and praise You, Lord for daily providing for my family and I. I thank and praise You for making a way for us even when there appears to be no way. I thank and praise You for Your patience and tender mercies. I thank and praise God for Jesus, Holy Spirit Presence, Leadership And Assistance. I thank and praise God for daily protecting and preserving my family and I. Please continue to Lead And Help us Oh God! Hallelujah!
I’m happy to be a member of my local fire department since oct 15 2017
Hello Everyone,
This week I left a file with some very important documents at a place. When I returned to the place to look for it. The room was empty. I was so worried. A man approached me and offered to assist me. I told him that I was looking for a ... Before I could even say the word 'file', he said it and pointed to where I could find it. I was so thankful to God that He made me aware before it was too late that I had left the file, and He caused whoever found it to put it up. He is really awesome. Before I call, He will answer ...

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