I just want to stop my day and praise God for going ahead of me and making everything just right for me. I want to thank God for my job that He just blessed me with. Thank you for blessing me with my beautiful son that You have given me.
The Lord has blessed me with a cell phone today. Now I can finally get into contact with potential employer's and stay in contact with friends and family. Not only that, the Lord has also provided me with transportation - I'm getting a 31 day free bus pass free of charge today! Praise the Lord. :)
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise God for where he has brought me in my life from where I could have been. He has done so many great things for me and I just want to thank Him. Jesus thank you for dying on the Cross to save me: an undeserving sinner. I will keep the faith as long as I live. Thank you God for Your Grace and Mercy.
Praise the Lord for being with us and loving us no matter what and for all of you brother and sisters here on this page!
Thanks So Much For Praying! My Health Is Greatly Improving! I'm Not Sure What's Going On With The Job Yet I Trust That God Will Be TRUE To All Who Seek His Way First (Matthew 6:25-34; John 14:4-7)!
Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus our blessed Redeemer
I praise the Lord because I found today this page; let's pray!
I thank you online community for your prayers.despite what is going on in my life God has given me strength to endure and peace of mind
I thank and praise God for Merciful healing my family and I, restoring income to our family, protecting, healing, guiding and delivering us. I thank and praise God for never leaving us nor receiving us. I thank and praise God for blessing us going out and coming in. I thank and praise God for rebuking the devourers and ensuring that we have a safe place in His Full Holy Spirit Presence. I thank and praise God for our King Jesus and Wisdom. Lord I Bless & Praise Your Holy Name. Hallelujah! God Is All Good And Ever Worthy! In Jesus Name!
after a whole year of unemployment, God gave my father a job and i would like to praise him for all the wonderful lessons i have learnt throughout this difficult but valuable year, i would lie to praise and thank God for his mercy towards us and i pray that as my father is getting ready for his new job; God may provide all the nessesary materials required and keep him in good health and positive mindset IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY. AMEN!

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