I would like to thank God immensely for answering this prayer almost immediately!Thank you God! Thank you my brothers and sisters for praying for me. I will give 10% of the proceeds back to God as I promised in my prayer. Please pray for me so that I keep this promise, AMEN!
after posting my request on Monday, God has shown me he has heard our prayers and this has stirred action on the money which am owed along with others. I just received news that processing of payments has started. Help me thank God that he has encouraged me that he is working on my situation. and also keep pleading that my claims be amongst those that will be processed early , if possible days from now, cause the situation will be very bad if nothing gets into my account
I thank God for what he has done for me by allowing me to still work even though I don’t aleayd feel good but I still pray for healing.
Yesterday I asked for prayers for my friend, La Vaughn, who was celebrating her birthday. Thank you to all those who took the time to pray. She shared with me that she had a wonderful day. Thanks for praying. I also thank God for helping me to complete a major task at work in record time. He is truly great.
Early March 1.5yr old Hailey received 50% burns of her body due to an unfortunate accident. Her daddy was also badly burnt. Thank you for praying.
They have both recovered incredibly well. Thank you for praying.
We asked for prayer for Celeste to be successful in her application for a position as she is a divorcee with 3 children and maintenance received from their father is irregular and insufficient. We are extremely grateful to God for answering our prayers- she starts on 2 May. Thank you for praying
I had made a 78 on a nursing exam last week, I was so sad. I looked and the grade had been changed to an 84!!! God is fantastic, almighty and loving! Thank you Jesus!!
I thank and praise God for healing my family and I, providing medication at the needed time, protecting for us during such trying times. And giving us His Perfect Peace! God Is So Good! Bless His Holy Name! Hallelujah!
I had requested prayers for a friend who is a single mother and had been unemployed for around a year. She started a new job this month and so far, it has been a good experience. God is great and I want to thank Him for coming through for my friend. Thanks also to those who took the time to pray for her. Continue to trust in Him, even when it seems as if He does not hear your cries.
Prayer request was made on behalf of my Supervisor Sharon who had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. God came through and answered prayer. She is now back home with her family and recuperating. Praise God. Thank you for your support in prayer.

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