Thank you ABBA Father in advance for rebuking the devour for my family's name sake concerning the children in our neighborhood whom are trouble makers.
I thank God for helping me get someone to buy my house. I need a new house now and my finances is not looking good. Please pray for me to qualify for a new mortgage bond to be able to buy a new house. Thank you for your prayers. It has taken me more than a year to sell my house and I believe that God's timing is always best. I really need you to pray with me and for me.
Thanks for everything Father! I give praise to You, I worship Your Name. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen
Work Tasks
Thank You, Lord for the progress you have been helping me to make with my work tasks. I know You are helping me!
Thank you
Thank you Lord for helping me to feel better on Sabbath. I was able to sit in church until it was finished without any problems. God is good
Thank You that M and I each made it home safely. Thank You, Lord.
Thank You
Thank You, Lord for how everything turned out this weekend. Thank You for Your protection; thank You for the relaxation; thank You for travelling mercies; thank You for the support of family; and thank You for my goodies.
Thank You, Lord for Your intervention and guidance regarding some weekend plans that I have. Thank You, Lord.
I enjoyed myself overall at the cooking class at the local Recreation Center tonight!
Praise- I have the money for my storage unit, plus for Jan. and Feb. Thank you so much for praying.

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