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I would like to give God thanks for the family and friends He has blessed me with. They really made my birthday month special. I jokingly said that I was going to celebrate all month and God has indeed made it a month-long celebration!!! I am also praising Him in advance for my husband and family that He is also going to bless me with in the not so distant future. Thank you Lord for the reminders of your goodness and mercy.
Last year and earlier in this year, I made several prayer requests for myself and family members. Praise the name of the Lord!!! I want to testify of His blessings, goodness and mercy. He is a prayer answering God. Hallelujah! May we continue to trust in Him and praise His name. Thank you prayer team for helping us pray.
I ask for prayer a week and half ago, I want to thank God for all that he has done, he came through for me, even though I didn't pass my test but I know that God is able and I will study harder and take it again.
I want to give God thanks for waking me up each moment, for guidance and protection, for blessing me each day.
I asked fellow brothers and sisters to pray for me after i attended an interview; i passed the first round and i attended the 2nd interview yesterday. i am happy it went well; i have not yet received any feedback for thus far i thank the Almighty for answering my prayers. may the good Lord answer all your hopes, wants and needs.
I asked for prayers and it was about someone who is an sda person i have dated for 4 years. I thought by now, we would have been married because it is God's will for His children not to sin. It seemed he just want to be in a relationship but marriage is no where on his mind. After asking for prayers and people praying for me on here, I have seen improvement in his behavior, he talks about marriage more and working for God together. I feel like God is answering the prayer step by step. I know one day, He will do it all and I will share my testimony with all. Thank you and may God have mercy on all of us.
Tanck for your prayers. I asked prayers for my daughter since about 2 weeks because she had a problem with alcool and today she said to me that she doesn't want drink alcool for a long time until her big problem with eczama will be ok. Also, she want eat better for this health problem. So God had answered more than I have ask and I tanck you for all yours prayers.
I Thank You all so very much, for your much needed prayers of support, healing, and a host of other things that beset me & my love one's.
the prayers are being answered. and I thank god for giving me the "where withal to reach out to let's pray"
Thank;s again & god bless.
Thank you for your prayers! I passed my driving test!
A friend mailed us $35 for a wedding anniversary gift. Chris and Michelle stopped by to visit. Chris took $20 out of his pocket to bless us. Chris said God told him to give it. Our neighbors Marlys and Aaron stopped by and asked if they could have supper with us. Their house is for sale and while it is being shown they have to be gone. I was unsure what to make! We didn't have much. I made steamed rice with butter, a green salad, crepes (from pancake mix) with a "filling" of cream cheese, powdered sugar and jam; this was "dessert". I found chicken strips in the freezer and heated those. Also found french fries on the freezer and fried those in veg. oil in a skillet. The fries were amazing! Our supper, though modest, was delicious. Thank you Lord! And thank you prayer warriors, for praying. Please ask God for His Continued Favor over us, and blessings from the Heavenlies Account.

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