Earlier this week some water spilt on my desk at work while I was working on some important documents on my laptop. Water got into the area where the battery is located, and I was worried that it would get damaged. I immediately saved the files on a jumpdrive, shut down the computer, removed the battery and dried the wet areas. My work computer (desktop) was malfunctioning, so I could not even use it as a back-up. ... Backtracking ... About four months ago a co-worker shared that some water got into her computer bag, but she did not realise until the following day. The computer repairman informed her that if she had removed the battery, then maybe she could have saved her data. I thank God for her sharing that experience with me so that I could use that advice and actually save my computer. (I am also sharing it with you). I also confirmed with two computer experts that I did the right thing. It is three days later and my computer is still working well. God is truly great!!!
Thank you all for praying for me to pass my nursing exams!!!!! God is sooooo good to me!!!!! My God is almighty, thank you good Lord!
Praise to the Lord, and thank you so much to pray with me. I have received the quote for electricity for my house today, and God answered my pray to make it not expensive. God is Good, Marvellous, and I give Him a Glory.
Thank you for your prayers I have reduced my meds to half pills now. God has protected me.
Thank God for providing dinner for me i was so hungry and God came through just in time .
Praise be to God.
Greetings prayer partners in the name of Jesus
On the 4th I asked for prayer to pay my mortgage on the 5th
Thank the Lord he answered . God is a way maker
Just believe
Thank you so much for your prayers as I am continually praying for you all
Yesterday morning I requested prayers for a washing machine that was malfunctioning. After filling it with soap and water, then adding the clothes, it did not respond when I turned the knob to the desired wash cycle. I tried the other wash cycles, and there was no change. I tried several times throughout the day. I dreaded having to waste all that soap and water, plus it was a lot of clothes to wash by hand in one go. In the evening, I prayed again and told God that I knew that others were praying for me, so I expected the machine to work. I turned it on again, but nothing happened. However, I decided not to turn it off as I believed that God was going to work a miracle. I went about doing other things. Less than an hour later, I heard the machine making the familiar noise, and it washed my clothes. I thank God for working this miracle and for me your prayers. Continue to trust in Him. He may not answer when you think He will, but He comes through in time.
Thank God for helping me in my exam this morning .God helped me to remember all I needed to answer each and every question . Thank You God
Hallelujah! Our God Is Awesome! Amazing! Glorious! There Is No One Like Our God! I Thank and Praise God for healing my family and I Thank and Praise God for providing for us even when we are bed ritten, filling us with His Holy Spirit, washing and purging us with Jesus Blood, ensuring that we are safe and secure, rebuking anti christ from our lives, blessing our ministries, protecting us from evil and never leaving us nor forsaking us! Praise God! He Is Awesome! He Is Great! He Is King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords! Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank-You Jesus!
Praise to The Lord God allowed me study the right topics and the same questions I read came back and Praise The Lord . Praise The Lord .

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