I asked for prayer a few days ago because I had lost my appetite due to stress, and my food tasted like metal. Glory to God, my appetite and my taste buds are back. Thank you prayer community for your prayers!
God blessed my my extended family to attend church this Sabbath. Keep praying that they will keep coming. Also God answered prayers for me to get my package on time and other guns last week.
The enemy has been attacking our family and our ministry tools, including computer, phones and car. Friday morning, after being late for work Thursday due to car breakdown, I was driving to work. It was raining, and as usual, I was singing. As I got to a part in the song about Jehovah as Great Protector*, the car skidded on the wet road, heading into oncoming vehicles, at a curve, on the opposite side. I steered back to my side, but the power steering is out, and the car skidded some more, and started climbing the bank at the side, and almost turned over. It is as okay as normal, and though I was shaken up, am uninjured, Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah! (*My mother was praying about the wet road and skidding at just about that time, I learned later.)

I praise God for all He has done. I am asking for prayer that a God make a way for my sick relatives to attend church this weekend . That it will not rain so they can come. Also prayers for my children to be okay and healthy. Also I want to wean off meds but I ne d reassurance from God that this safe for me to do with no bad side effects. I also pray that I can gain about some healthy weight back .,pray for my husband that he be kept in his right mind and go to church.
I praise Hod for answering prayers and for youall praying for me.
Good day,

Stian's mother reports that he's out of ICU and still on very strong antibiotics. He is much better. Still waiting for a miracle.
The family thanks everybody for their prayers.
I thank and praise God for healing my mother from the flu, for blessing, protecting, guiding, forgiving and delivering our family and for providing for us, healing us and giving us His Perfect Peace. In Jesus Name. Hallelujah!
I thank and praise God for always providing for and protecting my family and I and keeping our Mother active in His will and our family. I give God all Glory, Honor & Praise. In Jesus Name! Hallelujah!
The Lord sent 2 Christian friends in my life, one from childhood, when I needed a lift, after extreme warfare attack on my life! Thank you, Lord!
Some of ny family who quit coming to church are now beginning to come back to church.. amen I praise God for life and my family.

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