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Thanks everyone for all your prayers regarding the issues with my getting into the apartment. Well, I got my keys today, I am so grateful to you my brothers and sisters, Mostly to God, A wonderful way to begin the preparation day and head into our Holy Sabbath Thanks again God Bless
I am still giving all praises to my Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow! He is continuously answering my prayers! Lord, I cannot thank You enough! I love you, I love you, I love you! Amen!

Whoever reading this I want to assure you that prayers works. my wife and I have been waiting for nearly 12 months waiting for an application without no much positive news after all ways to get the decision made. Holy Spirit came upon me to fast and pray for the application, for us to receive goods news. I started fast on Friday 07/07, come Tuesday 11/07 we received a post that decision have been made though it wasn't positive but we where given exceptional messaure to make a fresh application. I'm more than happy, God heard my cry and the prayers of those that prayed for my wife and I after I requested for prayers, was heard.
My testimony today is that we submitted the new application 14/07 before going to the postoffice. I went on my knees and ask God to show himself to me that application will be received and my wife and I will receive goods news. By 8/08 we received good news application granted. We serve a living God.
This is my testimony, urs is on the way. Amen
Giving all praises to my Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow! He answered my prayers about a financial breakthrough prayer and a prayer that kept me from dying in the hospital! Lord, I cannot thank You enough! I love you, I love you, I love you! Amen!
I requested prayer for my son Quentin who had a problem at work of which the outcome was uncertain in spite of him being an excellent employee, faithful and hardworking. We honour and praise God that the outcome has been favourable. Thankyou for praying with us. God bless you!
I requested prayer for my son Justin's business which seemed to hit a slump for a few months. He has a new "adopted" family of five and desperately needs a regular income to provide for them. We thank you for praying with us as God has come through for him, he is really busy again and we are trusting that God will also answer his prayers that those companies which still owe him monies will settle. Thank you again. God bless. All Glory to God!
on july 29th I asked for prayer for my wife michele gordon who had to go to the cancer center in Orlando, GOD blessed , she came out with no cancer and is healing at home after a 2 hour surgery thanks for all the prayers.
Please, pray for me as I started my first day on job the tomorrow. I be working the pediatric department.

Thank you
I try and search for the right words to pray and depend on God for all of my grief to have my son be well again from depression, maybe i use the words (I hope) instead of it will be done. may you all pray for him for a special healing and take all negativity thoughts and spirits out of him, dear God I also pray daily for this and I know that he (God) loves all and he gave his son to prove it amen!
Last night I asked for prayer because I had accidentally picked up the wrong computer when I went through the security line at the airport. I left my computer and picked up someone else's. I filed a report online with the department lost and found this morning, and within an hour they called me to say that they had my computer. Praise God

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