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Thank God for you all my brothers and sisters who have been praying on our behalf. I continue to see the tremendous answers to prayers firsthand. God knows oyr every need. Please continue to pray for my friend AR that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on his heart to transform it and accept Jesus as his personal Savior. Please pray for his dad who is currently undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Please pray for my brother who had an interview tomorrow and pray that God will direct me and help me in applying for a new job. God bless you all.
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Please pray for the institution that I am working for
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Family and Friends
May the Lord forgive, cleanse, direct, strengthen, and protect my siblings and their families, my future husband and in-laws, my friends and their families, and myself. May we surrender all and be true and living testimonies in all that we say and do. Thank You, Lord.
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Seigneur, toi seul est ma force. Je ne permettrai pas à Satan de faire de moi un chrétien fatigué, mais je resterai fort dans mon intimité avec toi. Amen
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Please pray for God's intervention and intercession concerning a situation at work. Thank you.
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We were able to get our mother in the preferred rehab/nursing home temporarily. Please keep us in prayer that we are able to complete all of requirements for long term care and the state will accept our mother’s application for financial assistance/aid.
Blessings, Lyn
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I am disabled
Please pray for me.
I am NOT talking about media or political people or my health care workers.
I want God to give me spiritual discernment wisdom knowledge understanding insight, to help me sue stop expose fight harass control the nosey sly, destructive dangerous offensive illusive vicious persons, who are harassing abusing mocking destroying deceiving manipulating, grooming lying groping mistreating me in Sheffield following me around Sheffield.
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I am disabled
Please pray for me. I am not talking about the media people I Engage or don’t engage with. I don’t want to get into trouble. I want God to help me bless the media political people I engage or don’t engage with. I want God to help me sue stop expose resist the people who are stealing my food in my flat. And the persons, who are following me around Sheffield harassing abusing mistreating pointing fingers at me.
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I am studying a theology PhD from a UK university, that I plan to complete within 3 years and please pray for its successful completion and for my finances and accommodation during the studies.
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The devil has attacked again. There was a misunderstanding between me, a friend and my husband regarding something that was planned but not carefully and due to miscommunication it caused a conflict between all of us. I already have enough issues and I'm trying to take care of my mental health and now tbis happens. Please pray for peace and God's guidance.. Thanks 🙏🏼
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