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chronic illness for 30 yrs. getting worse: Pray for healing, renewal of strength, wisdom, clear mind and blessing; help me be optimal while I'm still here and a gentle, merciful end when the time comes; May God be glorified in and around me;
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Please pray for my grandson Kaiden who was born last Tuesday with a tongue tie that affecting his breast feeding. He is suppose to have a laser procedure done today at 10:30 am to correct this and also as he grows up that he will grow up to be healthy and his speech will be normal.
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Please pray for God to give me peace in every situation and better health.
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Please pray for little Tad, that God's mighty hand would be with him and that he might calm down.
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Many times I leave early for work, and delays get me late. Sometimes I have left later than I should, and prayer gets me there on time. Please pray for me to be DAILY at work 20-30 minutes before the starting time, with blocks and obstructions and delays all removed, rebuking all forces of evil in Jesus' name. Thanks.
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Please pray for healing of the brain. In Jesus name, Amen.
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Giving thanks. Please pray for the continued protection of a mother and daughter from those who would seek to prey on them in their physically-, emotionally-, psychologically-, and spiritually- weakened state.
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I ask for prayer that God allow me to wean off the high dosage of meds I’m on safely with my body adjusting safely. Also I pray that God bless me to work this week with no health issues. I pray for a hedge of protection around my fami,y and myself as we journey through. I pray for my sick relatives that God will heal them. I ask for knowledge and wisdom to do my job so my kids will progress better than they did last year.
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Please pray God will help me to grow in Christ forever. Thank you
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Prayer re real sharp Nerve Pain on my left arm.
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