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Please pray for me I want God to stop expose control harass the locals men women and young people, from my city joy riding around my house, trying to get me into trouble. I want God to help me and my family my people know what is going on, and what is happening around me and other people and each other. I want God to insulate me and help me be decent and not get into trouble. I want God to control stop expose fight harass the low life men women and young people harassing abusing mocking destroying deceiving, manipulating grooming lying groping me. I am not talking about innocent people who told me they will leave me alone. Nobody is a fool I don’t want to get into trouble again with them. The devil is tempting me. I want God to stop the devil from harassing exposing exploiting abusing me. I want God to inform educate, protect bless save me and His people.
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Thank You, Lord for how You are going to help me with today's tasks. Thank You!!!
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Family and Friends
May the Lord forgive, cleanse, direct, strengthen, and protect my siblings and their families, my husband and in-laws, my friends and their families, and myself. May we surrender all and be true and living testimonies in all that we say and do. Thank You, Lord.
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For the kinds of married female friends that still have a great outlook on life.
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Please pray my results for todays call back mammogram Appt confirms I do not have any cancer illness or issues & God Blesses me w/ Good Health.
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Please pray for my daughter. She is feeling weak and dizzy. Please help her to feel better.
Give her discernment on what to do. Keep her safe.
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I am trying to finish an M.A. in theology at Newbold College (UK) shortly - also please pray for my finances and accommodation, thank you, Philip.
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I want God to help me “sue,” expose, control get rid of the men women and young people, who are with their babies, who are trying to get me into trouble. I want God to forgive my secretive or public sins. I want God to help me overcome all my weaknesses and get rid of all the voices, especially the females voices. I want to help me overcome the world through Jesus Christ. I want God to get rid of the familiar spirits harassing mocking manipulating exploiting abusing me.
I want God to get rid of expose control the audible scientifically spiritually advanced voices. I want to help me not lower my guard mentally physically spiritually emotionally psychologically intellectually scientifically. I want God to help me resist seduction. I want God to give me spiritual power intelligence insight to resist sin temptation exploitation abuse and live a productive successful life.
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I've worked for 18 years. I've attempted getting a promotion yet ever time some one else get promoted. I'm discouraged and disappointed. It makes me wonder maybe working for this company isn't glorifying God. Please pray the Lord will guide through the holy spirit the steps I need to take. I am just lost and confused.
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Please pray for me I want God to cleanses me himself from sensual lust and the side effects of sensual pleasure, I want God to prepare me like a vessel for honor, mentally physically spiritually psychologically emotionally intellectually scientifically, sanctified and useful for the God my Master, prepared for every good work. I want God to help me flee youthful lusts but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. I want to be educated how to avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife.
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