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Please pray for my colleague, Jae Theobald...E-Mail from Jae to team:
Dear Net Sec family, Just wanted to drop a quick note to explain my absence from the office. I was recently diagnosed with a 90% blockage in one of my arteries feeding blood to my heart. It was found during a routine checkup with my primary care physician when I complained of some minor chest pain. I did some additional tests and topped it all off with an angiogram yesterday which revealed the blockage. Unfortunately, it is in an area where the artery branches into two smaller arteries that feed the rear and side of the heart. It is too close to the branch, so they decided not to do angioplasty (balloon) or a stent. Tomorrow (10/11) I will head down to St. Luke’s hospital and at 7:30 will get a bypass surgery to fix the blocked artery. I will likely be out of the office for a few weeks. The good news is that I am relatively young and it being only a single bypass, there shouldn’t be any complications & I should heal.
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