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Please pray for me. For over 2 decades I have been diagnosed with a mental illness. My mother died in 2003 from Lupus she was a nurse. My mother found a nutritional therapy that ‘’cured’’ my condition along with my research. My research was stolen. My first nurse found a Society in Canada who were treating mental illnesses with drugs and nutritional therapy, many people have been cured by Dr Hoffer a Canadian Psychiatrist with Niacin and drug medication. I do not get the help I need in this country. Some people has been abusing me for several years, it is very nasty. I have taken myself off medication for 8 weeks and I never felt better. I cannot eat wheat, bread, milk, and diary or Red Meats because it makes me feel sick. My medication restricts my breathing, increases my weight and increases my appetite and gives me a fever; my medication also makes me lose my hair. I hear so called ‘’voices,’’ and banging noise; the shockwaves go up my arse. This happens every day.
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