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Steve was falsely accused of sexual assault. She changes her story every time she tells it - even under oath. She is a hometown girl - married, one child and 25yrs. old. She & husband spent last yr. in bankruptcy court. Need money. Steve lost his job, went to jail, no money for bail had to put on credit card through bail company. His reputation is smeared, no one will hire, except helping remodel homes. Living on credit cards & now having trouble meeting payments - not to mention lawyer fees! Innocent until proven guilty does not exist. She is suing the former employer for millions and the trial hasn't started. Please, where is God in all of this? Where are His promises? Steve is being railroaded- judge wouldn't allow Steve's lawyer to finish his questions, just said he was sending to the grand jury who indicted him! The legal system is a joke & God has yet to come through with all His promises. Want this over & Steve found not guilty & how does he recover financially! Prove God!
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