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Please continue to pray for my relationship with my daughter. Please pray for her to forgive and want me in her life and her families life. Miss them . Please pray for unity in my family!
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I've hit rock bottom in life. Things have been going downhill for a long time. There's nothing working in my favor. There's isn't an area that I can look at and be happy. Be it health, wealth, well-being, career, relationships, or anything else. Nothing is working.

I think this is an apt description of my situation..

Kindly pray for a complete turnaround.
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Father, I lift myself and my family up to you and Father, I pray for your unconditional love ,mercy, grace and protection to rain down upon me and my family. Please let your angels surround and protect each of us and help us to improve and do better in our own lives without bringing each other down. Please tear down the lies and strategies of the enemy who has attacked my family and myself and repair the damage that he caused and our own bad choices have caused through our good choices and your unconditional favor and blessings. In Jesus name. Amen.
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Father, my hormones are out of balance and I have no one to turn to but you. I am struggling with mood swings from the medicine used to treat my endometriosis and its ruining my life. I tried to talk to my health care providers and they will not listen. I am fighting depression and anxiety. I am over whelmed because I have loved ones that are making bad decisions and then expect myself and my mother to fix it for them. Father, we are both tired and its time for them to stand on their own and make their own decisions. I am plagued with negative thoughts and am struggling in regard to my own self-esteem and want to be content and happy with myself and with my life. Father, please help the others to stand on their own. In Jesus name. Amen.
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A while back a friend of mine died of a hit and run! They still have not found the guy who did it. From this day it still hurts to know that my friend is gone. I miss him so much! Please pray that they find that guy who did this. I know it might be impossible! But with God all thingns are possible! Thank You!
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Dear Jesus. Thank you for the blessings this weekend. Jesus I need you. My back is really messed up. Please ease this pain give me the strength and energy to get through this week. My heart hurts so badly right now all I can do to cry. You know the other burdens that need your help. Please help me lord. I need you
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Lord I want to thank you for your blessings and mercy and grace. Thank you all that you do. I have laid an object at your feet and I know you are working. Nothing is impossible with you! Praise your name! I'm asking believing and receiving!!
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Please pray for The LORD to protect me from the devil, my enemies, and anyone else that wishes and tries to work evil against me. Please pray their schemes against me are exposed, confounded, and come to nought and that The LORD helps, directs, provides, shields, delivers and blesses me. Thank you and God bless you. #Psalm64
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I've never dated and I'm extremely shy. I was blindsided not too long ago by a guy where it seemed like things were going well and it turns out they weren't. I've been hurt in the past and don't know if I'm scaring guys away because of walls I may have up. Prayer for guidance as well as peace for my hurting heart would be wonderful.
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I am in the midst of just starting a new relationship with a special girl. Even though we talk freely about many things, I can sense something is not right as if she's guarding herself with invisible walls she's built around her. I'm at a loss as I don't know how to talk about it or even approach that topic. I have no clue how to chip away at that wall and what I need to do on my end other than pray with a fervent heart. Any guidance and advice would be appreciated.
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