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A co-worker has asked for us to pray for her cousin, Simone Kramer, who has recurring breast cancer.
My co-worker knows we are a praying church.
We will pray for healing in the name of Jesus. Amen.
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Prayers for my family as we continue to deal with life since my husband walk out 7 months ago. Lord help me and my children
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My husband recently took a job 1200 miles away. Please pray I receive a job offer in the new city soon, so I can move to be with him. Living apart is tearing me up inside. God bless
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Dear Lord, please help my family with our financial struggles. Please help us to stay strong and overcome our financial battles and please bring more money into our lives so we can live again. I pray in your son's name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
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I haven't been back to my home church in over 2 months and not sure that's where God wants me. I had found out recently when i saw someone from that church that people have asked about me however i don't know if that's where God wants me anymore or if that's not. Please pray that God answers some prayers. I also have a close friend from that church whom he and i are very close and he means so much to me and we've had a past together and we have so much in common like my family says. I know God's will is for God to show me and make things happen however i just would like God top please answer some prayers and show me what's really going to happen. God bless you prayer warriors you are loved abundantly amen.
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My sister just gave birth to twins and her son Asher has bleeding on his brain. Please pray for healing for this sweet boy. Please also pray for comfort for his parents. Thank you for your prayers, they mean very, very much to all of us.
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3 prayers
Prayer warriors!
My friend's brother is in the icu at JPS. Was in a motorcycle accident at 1am last night.
First 24 hours are critical for his brain injury- no helmet.
Hit from behind at a stop light. Driver never stopped.
His name is Jason. 13 year old daughter.
Her aunt- my friend- is like a mom to her.
Please pray for a mighty miracle from our Big God that he will have mercy and spare Jason's life and spare any brain injury.
Thank you!
4 prayers
We are homeless and need prayer for god to supply the direction to an apartment and the finances needed. I work and go to college Angelique leaves in a place with no electricity and we are separated and god to direct us together.
5 prayers
Angelique and I have been dating for 7 months now and I would like prayer for us to be ready for marriage and that we will be prosperous in all areas of our life together and I can be that man that directs her to god daily.
Thank you
Larry and Angelique
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