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I am in the midst of just starting a new relationship with a special girl. Even though we talk freely about many things, I can sense something is not right as if she's guarding herself with invisible walls she's built around her. I'm at a loss as I don't know how to talk about it or even approach that topic. I have no clue how to chip away at that wall and what I need to do on my end other than pray with a fervent heart. Any guidance and advice would be appreciated.
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Please pray for my wife Steph, our sons and all involved in our current troubles. We need prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit; come Holy Spirit!
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Please pray that our God would save my marriage, especially my wife, Jamie, who wants a divorce in order to pursue a relationship with her co-worker.
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and part time job seal it, my living space is basically a couch where i am staying until i can move. Give me a home LordGod, any home perfect for me, it could be a roommate or studio apt but let it be from You.
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I pray that God will take care of and help my almost 89 year old father, Elrin, in a local nursing home since April of 2017, and who has some dementia, to eat more so he would gain some weight back to continue going through therapy to help him walk again. That God will continue taking care of mom at 83 while at home. To take care of my 59 year old sister going through some kind of rare dementia and will be going through more esophagus surgery again. And to take care and heal Mr. Ray Girouard, almost 94, my best friend and "grandfather." He resides at a local nursing home, but is currently at Our Lady of Lourde's Hospital in Lafayette with a touch of pneumonia since yesterday, July 22nd, 2017. I'm still fortunate to still have my parents at my age of 62, my sister, though not well, and my best buddy and "grandpa," Mr. Ray, in my life. I ask for all of your prayers and I thank you, in Jesus' name. Amen. God bless you and all of us. Amen. Sincerley, Rod Fuselier. July 23, 2017
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Unspoken request for a relationship situation 🙏🏼
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Just asking for more prayers for my wife Meghan. It's so sad to see her pushing Christ and her family away for a life of Online affairs and compulsive lying. I'm struggling to keep my family together and business functioning. I know Christ will prevail, but it seems as Meghan is slipping farther by the day! Thank all you prayer warriors in advance!!!
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Pray that my house sells. For my future
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Dear lord,

Thank you for everything you've plan for me.
Show me how to do the righteousness.
I just want to be happy and peace.
Please take away all the problems and restore them with your beautiful blessings.
If I've done wrong to anyone may you touch their hearts to forgive me.
Please help me, families and friends to love, happy and care for each other.
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I wonder when God will put me out of my misery. I'm unable to provide for myself and am waiting on a very long time for social security disability to make a determination. My money is gone and I'm physically unable to work. I'm afraid I'm going to be homeless or lose my apartment. My name is Julie. Please pray that God can continue to provide for me financially.
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