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Lost his girlfriend. She took her life. He is already struggling with depression,drug add, williness to live. This lost soul needs many prayers.
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She's a little girl , enduring so much, hospitalized for over a year, had an intestinal transplant, which her body rejected, has severe infections, fever which caused brain damage, now pancreatic problems which are severe.
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I am requesting prayers for my family. I'm not allowed to see one of my grandsons(who is 1 yr old) , my son also isn't allowed to speak to me. It's been since before Easter since Ive been able to see them. This is devastating me. I love them so much. I just want our family complete again.
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Dave needs many prayers for his job. The men who set up his app. Want his jon. Which leads to no app. The ones he is going on he is struggling with closing rate. Because of the favortism. Dave had two this eeek. The other guy had 25. They live the guy also because he bribes them, goes out drinking with them. He has only made 200.00 in two weeks. He has a family to support. Thank you for praying for this strong Christian guy
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My husband was sick with cancer and i took time off to take care of him, when i came back to work, my business is owing a lot of money and the government want to take my business and everything I have, I am praying for supernatural breakthrough before next Tuesday (August 21, 2018) - I really need God's intervention. Jesus Christ was not put to shame due to taxes, I will not be put to shame in Jesus name.
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as a child & never told anyone because he was afraid,-now he is in his sixty's had a severe heart attack,has fits of anger in private say,s god lied to him, is Disceased Mother's, only surviving son, name is Robert Faulkner Teifenbrun-is German Jew-after the flesh-has been single 4 a very long time,says he will never trust God ever again has love hate for Jesus,wants to slowly torture Satan,over & over & over !Say,s god has failed him has or had a website at Maverick58 -heart is at 30% After Electro cardio ghram, Dr,s Gave Him 7 - 10:years to live three years ago his mother's will was , kept from him by Stepfather who Allso Stold Saftey Deposit Boxx Key From his room in 95,Took Life insurance policy believes Stepfather took him & sister 4 between-$ 350,000 to$500,000 Bank closed & moved afterward,four years later went back to old house their where all of these Occulltic Talismans Strung All Over Old House Chimney, mentioned it to neighbor who told real estate agent who removed them.
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Saturday night she will be praying before and introducing the group Sidewalk Prophets onstage at an outdoor concert in Arlington S D before approximate 3000 people. She's been a pastor now for not quite 2 months. Please pray that the Holy Spirit speak through her for this event. She is new to the town when transferred there through Church and needs a boost of self confidence. Then she will be in the prayer room tent praying for those in need. Please God be with her, send the Holy Spirit to speak through her.
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Saturday the 18th is our big preparation training day. Leaders from at least 14 clubs will attend.
Pray for every worker in Circle Club to walk in obedient faith with determined effort to accomplish God's perfect will. (Matt.18:14)
Ask God to thrust forth laborers into new clubs: Anderson, Brookhollow, Colmesneil, Diboll, Central, Huntington Elementary, & Many more waiting for workers....
Ask for anointing on those involved in training on Saturday. Praise God for all Circle Club volunteers and sponsors.
2 prayers
Kelly Moore & Wife Tammy are at RCRH Cancer center doing tests to see how severe here pancreatic cancer is. Please pray that it is at least treatable.

Thank You,
5 prayers
Please pray for my friend who is going through a difficult court case with her former partner who happens to be a lawyer and seems to be manipulating things his way. Pray that God will expose the truth and my friend and her children will be set free in Christ
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