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Faith in God changes everything.
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Right now God is working and you will see what He's doing at just the right time. He may not be early but He won't be late!
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I hate him all I have is demons and loneliness how Can I not despise him for making me. I can not attend church without becoming angry and crying so I don’t go anymore. I can’t read the bible without becoming angry and destroying it so I don’t have one anymore. All I have is loneliness and pain. how does Jesus call himself a friend? I would like to see that very soon because I’ll be committing suicide shortly I can’t take this. I need an actual friend not just empty promises like the bible. Some friend Jesus is! I have completely lost faith after this long. I thought in my heart he would have already helped me but it’s a joke. If I could just be disgraced and done I would but it doesn’t end at all so I will then. I’m tired of crying and loneliness were is my wife at least . Jesus Christ you are a failure in my life and that’s the truth.
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Please pray for God to bring a peaceful end to this medical related issue that is causing me stress
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Jessyca is a wonderful mother and has made the best of being a single mom. I hope that God brings her a safe living condition and that she blessed financially . She is so courageous and has never gave up.
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Please pray with me that my health is well and will continue to be. I pray that all of the test results give a good report. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ.
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Prayers for healing for me. I am sick and don't feel so well. Prayers that my sore throat and coughing go away and get better soon. Prayers that I get better for Church tomorrow since I am suppose to be helping out with kid's church and the kid's choir too.
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Please as I beg for forgiveness of all My sins please dear god heal me heal my memory heal my mind let me sleep again please god please god STOP my move until I can drive at least please god heal me let me drive again soon god. Protect me from my move my future projects with my fathers friend please dear god I ask in Jesus name amen.
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Thank you god for all that is good in this world thank you for all you do for Please god protect me from my future please stop my move please god please Heavenly Father please as I pray to you for mercy please heal my memory please heal my mind please heal my eye please god help me drive again. Dear precious god please stop my move god please god I beg of you please stop my move cancel my future job please god I’m just not ready I beg ask and plead god heal my mind heal my heal my eyes stop my move please Heavenly Father I beg of you heal me protect me let me see the power of you incredible grace. In Jesus name I pray amen.
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Please help me rest God, and give me a peaceful easy shift tonight. Please send a financial miracle now to help us and others. Thank You God. Amen
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