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Please pray my 20 week scan goes well and everything is as it should be. This pregnancy started out rough and this baby was concieved 6 months after a loss. I have been so full of anxiety, please pray that I will have more peace. Thank you so much and God bless!
5 prayers
The last year has been one that I would love to forget. Lost jobs, my Mom , you name it. Finally things were looking up and BAM!!! Car breaks down on the way the work. I trust the Lord, have faith and trust on the promises he gives in his word. Just a bit down at the moment and could use prayer . Thank you
11 prayers
I would like to submit a request for people to pray for my friends family who have lost there son over the weekend. That the Lord provide them with comfort and love as they try to navigate this devastating event. Letting everyone come together to provide there family with all the support we can. Lord please wrap this family in your arms and hold them close,show them your love, comfort there souls and help them to try to begin heal as they deal with this unbearable pain.
20 prayers
Recently I posted a prayer request and was blessed to have many of you join me in praying for our son. Clearly God blessed him and it was a true miracle. He still struggles with addiction and self esteem issues, but I KNOW God has a plan to prosper our son. It is a very tough journey but thankfully God has granted me peace. I just wanted to thank all of you who prayed for a perfect stranger. I continue to reach out to God to touch our son's soul in a way that is unmistakable and impossible to ignore.
21 prayers
My Children are out of my home. I need the power of prayer for them to be returned this Tuesday, 20th of June. I have done everything physically possible and must leave it God's hands! For they are mine in the flesh, his in the spirit! I pray that all our children find Jesus and learn to Love God and live by his Will! I Thank God for Blessing us with a Spirit of Power, Love and Sound Mind! Casting out all fear in our time of Trouble by the Power of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the healing of all God's people In the Name of Jesus, Amen!
20 prayers
On Monday I am going in for my 6th open heart surgery they are putting a valve in and I would just like prayer for a quick recovery and patience peas and to trust and know that God is there
23 prayers
My husband recently flew away to the Lord. I have only been widowed since March 26th. I have the very real possibility of the job of my dreams. The learning curve would be extremely steep and I would travel some. The timing isn't ideal. I am at the last 5 years of my career. This would expand the pegs of my tent. My reach would be state wide/national. I need wisdom to know if this is God's call on my life. If I sense it is, I will not be afraid to say yes. But I am also aware of the challenges. The learning curve worries me. I am grieving. I need to hear a clear yea or nay from the Lord!
I need to hear in the next few weeks.....
17 prayers
Our 17 year old is drinking, smoking pot, stealing, lying, sending naked pics online. She has become so disrespectful that we had to remove her from our home. Please pray that she will turn back to God and come back home.
21 prayers
Ashley has been sick for about 6 years but the last 2 have been a real struggle. She has POTS Syndrome, she also has several blood clots. Ashley has 2 feeding tubes due to her stomach not functioning and she has a port for fluids and meds. The drs are doing all they can to control her symptoms but there is no cure. We have been informed that her life is truly day to day, tomorrow could be the day she doesn't wake up. We are praying for complete healing but also praying that if Gods will is to take her home to help us find comfort in that too. Its a helpless feeling seeing your child so sick. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
18 prayers
My friend suggested I submit a prayer request. I have gathered prayer warriors truly around the globe to pray for a situation concerning our son. God has a mighty plan for him, but the enemy keeps his evil grip. Drugs are involved, but the underlying cause is self esteem. Please pray for a miracle for our son to accept responsibility for his actions, and open his heart to God. Please pray for him to be put into the path of people who will have a positive impact upon him, and for him to turn his back on the 'friends' he has been with (who keep dragging him down). Please pray for those 'friends' that they may also feel God's love and develop a desire to turn their lives to Him! Tomorrow (the 11th) at 2:00 p.m., a huge turning point in our sons life is possible. Please pray for DIVINE INTERVENTION, and for our son to HEAR God's words of encouragement. Thank you all!
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