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Good morning! Can I please ask you to be in heavy prayer for my work. Satan seems to really be attacking. There is a lot of discord, drama, lies/half truths, injuries, people out for their own benefit, lack of team playerness, not listening to those in authority or following guidelines. This is our busiest week of the year and we’re sinking quickly. If things don’t start to change, this could be detrimental to our department and our jobs. Around 11a, my boss and I are going to close our office doors and pray together. We need Jesus! We need direction, clarity and wisdom.
5 prayers
Please pray for me. I have a sister with no children, mine are grown and I have grandchildren and two great grandchildren. My sister is interfering with my relationships. I love my sister but I feel resentful and powerless. I have expressed how hurt I feel and only want to not have to compete for time with my grandchildren. My daughter sends out a group text and my sister always responds first,by the time I chime in it's too late and I have to split a day with her or not have them at all. My daughter's think I'm being selfish. I like her in their lives but I feel like she is trying to take my place. She already did it with my son's children who are older and now and there came a point where I stepped back and she did replace me. Those children they are pretty much grown, now she's doing the same thing with my daughter's children. She's Christian too but does not see how she is hurting me. I'm feeling deeply wounded, hurt and lost and I am praying for clarity.
12 prayers
My friend Tarah admitted her son, Ryker, into the hospital with pneumonia. Please pray for a complete healing this side of heaven and for peace and comfort for mom. Also pray that this trial will draw her to Jesus.
8 prayers
Please pray for my husband and our marriage. We are just over a year out in healing from affairs on my part. God has done a miracle in our marriage and is healing our marriage but the enemy continually tries to tear down what God is restoring. My husband is still so understandably heartbroken and devastated. Please pray for his protection from the enemy and that God would heal his broken heart, mind and soul.
13 prayers
My mom is in the ICU on a ventilator in respiratory failure. Please pray for healing and that they can get her off the respirator.
14 prayers
During the summer we started noticing There was roaches after trying AND trying to get rid of them we were able to get Rid of them some but now se have2 or 3mice we put mouse traps got Rid of one we have a beautiful home i dont want ti move out plus we have a bby on the way posible Pray that our home becomes healthy once again . It would be greatly appreciated .... God bless
18 prayers
My husband (Bill) is having surgery Oct 9 @ 11:00 AM PST. Gods hand on the surgeon. Pray all would go well. Relieve pain he has been living with.
9 prayers
My fathers health is rapidly failing and I am traveling this week to see him. The doctor's have expressed that they are at a loss as to how to treat him, because every treatment so far has led to more complications. Only a miracle can heal him.
Please pray for safe travel, for healing for my father, and for the Lord's strength, peace, and wisdom to fill me and my family as we move through this.
13 prayers
My husband is currently is incarcerated and I am just asking for prayers to help bring him to family which includes a new baby boy who he hasn't even meet yet. I asking for prayers that the judge will have a kind heart and understanding of the situation that lead him to incarceration.
27 prayers
Today my daughter and her soon to be ex meet in court for mediation efforts. This has been an ugly seperation. May Gods spirit be present, and his will be done
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