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I have been battling with post partum depression for about 4 months now. My boyfriend, who started dating me when I was 8 months pregnant, who my son knows as his father, decided to leave after getting overwhelmed with things making everything 100x worse. Please Pray for my recovery and that he opens his heart to at least understanding why things were rough.
3 prayers
Please pray for healing of my brother-in-law Jeff, he was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Please pray that he and my sister Donna are strong in their faith and do not get demoralized as they go through his chemo and radiation treatment. Thank you all so much, we all know the power of prayer.
9 prayers
The assistant store manager at my son's work has already once lied to get my son suspended. Later, my son was targeted again and forced to sign a write-up that was untrue for his personnel file. Again, they are targeting him and he is having to bring in his union rep next week for a meeting with management. He's been there 9 years and with highest quality and work ethic. Please call upon God to show his vengeance against management at that store, and to send His army to help my son during this time. He's losing faith and wanting to turn to violence. I'm ready to go there tomorrow, but I'd probably make things worse. Please pray for wisdom and strength for my son and removal of manager that is targeting him. Pray for the wrong to stop immediately by His might power! Thank you!
15 prayers
Praise God my Daughter has been returned home to me! Thank you, all for your prayers. Prayer is the most powerful weapon on this earth, and if God is for us then none can stand against us! Thank you, Jesus, for the power you have given us and the protection you kept around my baby. She is still the happy, loving, beautiful little girl she was when they snatched her away. Thank God
12 prayers
I lost my kids to foster care in February of this year and I've been struggling and struggling trying to get a place of my own so I can get them back I've been bouncing around for friend house to friend house trying to survive I'm officially now September I have nowhere else to go I really need your prayers that my finances someone's willing to help me get into an apartment even if I have to pay them back I'm praying that God gives me a miracle I want my family back I miss him so much it hurts to not have them with Me.
20 prayers
I I am requesting prayer for my wife and that she might be blessed with the job at our school and prayer for finances we are having troubles with our monthly bills with only my disability income
18 prayers
My husband started smoking marijuana and now doesn't want to go to church doesn't want to pray he's gone back to his friends and family that's unhealthy for him.
19 prayers
I'm going through a divorce and feel so alone. My stability trust has been taken from me. I'm scared and fearful of everything going on around me.
19 prayers
Please pray that God would lead us to find a rental home that is just right for us and our needs and desires. We thought we had found it but learned today that someone applied for it ahead of us which was really hard to hear because it seemed perfect for us and I really thought God had opened it up for us at just the right time. Please pray that if it was God's will he will work it out so that we still might be able to get it and if it not that we would find the right home and that everything would work out smoothly and we would see God's hand in it. We have to be out of the plave we are in in less than 3 weeks. Thank you to anybody who prays for us, it is greatly appreciated.
20 prayers
My mom (Meagan)has an ovarian cyst and has to have surgery. Please pray for all to go well. She is 34 and a mother of 6.
21 prayers

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