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I ask for prayer for my husband who has been given 18 months in prison he has never been away from his family for a long time we have a 2 year old son that needs him and misses him please pray for him to be strong in there and seek the lord please I ask that the lord hear our prayers and show us a big miracle and some how shorten his sentence he is a good man and does not deserve to be in there it was all a misunderstanding
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Father, in Jesus name, please do not forget me. Please hear and answer my prayers regarding love. Please push out the enemy and all fear of rejection, please push out the possibility of me missing the right man. Please step in and be my cupid because no one knows love like you do. You know what I need, you know what the man you have for me needs and I pray that your angels would come our way and guide us towards one another. Father, bring us to together and let no darkness, any force, not even our own foolishness keep us apart. Lord, let us love one another and cherish one another, just was you would have us do. Let us find joy and serenity in a love that is blessed by you. Father, let your angels take charge this very night, let not another long period of time pass me by consumed by loneliness. Your word says it is not good for us to be alone and I pray that you would help me find the one you have for me. If it is him, bring us together with your magic. In Jesus name. Amen.
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We lost our dog about 6 months ago, and our family is still grieving . He was a rescue dog that we nursed back to health, and he was a part of our family for over 7 years. We got him as a companion for our female dog. They both got out one day, and we were only able to find her, and not him. Furthermore our kids, who we recently adopted are taking the loss hard. They have already lost so many people and even another pet that they loved before we adopted them - this just adds more loss and trauma to their lives. Also, it was my husband and my carelessness that led to this loss - so we have guilt over the loss. I still believe our boy is out there and lately I have felt a push to try to look for him again . However, because I want him home so badly, I don't trust myself to discern what God is telling me to do and I can't look for him again without knowing for sure because it is too painful. Please pray for my family and for discernment I can trust. Thank you and God bless you.
3 prayers
I am currently on medication for my depression, anxiety and moods however i am not to sure that this medication is helping me anymore. Although i would like to seek counseling possibly. I was in a counselor at my Dr. office last year and the year before and i left her both times after getting to insulted by her and putting a complaint in about her for being sleazy with me about their security guard. I would like to find a counselor that will not only be someone wise but also someone i won't feel uncomfortable around. I also need prayer that God will guide me in the right direction as to where i should go back to church at. God knows i have been stressed out by my neighbors and that's why i have done dumb things like ordering food to their homes. God knows i need some help right now and God saw me freak out tonight over not wanting to get in trouble. I have a pastor lady friend whom i connected with again tonight and she wants to talk to me tomorrow and she's a counselor. Just pray.
3 prayers
Please pray for our divided family. Please Father let me feel somewhat if an answer what is going to happen to this lost child. I feel I have failed as a parent, aunt and wife. Lift us up in prayer. I am struggling in my faith right now as well.
3 prayers
Lord Jesus I give you my body. Heal me of this disease. Let all that is wrong with me leave. You know I am needed for my family. I am the backbone that holds us all together. I ask this in Jesus Holy Name
5 prayers
Please help me pray for this marriage .
I have had an emotionally difficult day.
Wife in adultery. Lies
Lost all belief that God wants this marriage restored, couldn't handle the pain. Just could NOT handle it. Now *I TOO* am desperately considering falling into the arms of someone who is available, someone who is bad for me. I just do not have near the faith to endure this pain, this sense of worthlessness and failure. I want my wife, and because of the siudden personality change and reckless behavior, I truely believed God would be able to snap her out of it. If you can still believe that God can turn her heart TO HIM yet, and break the ungodly bonds.....just please pray with me. Please pray with me. I can NOT contain. I need my wife, family, and marriage back. Please lift me...US up in prayer. Jesus please woo my wife out of sin. Transform me also. I & my wife are fearful enemies and I HATE IT
4 prayers
Lord please give my doctor wisdom for adjusting my meds and I don't feel good. I am still struggling and have major responsibilities with job and family. Lord, please heal my anxiety and depression.
3 prayers
Please pray that the contractors who owe my son money will pay more promptly so he can pays his workers, suppliers and bills. He works extremely hard and long hours and needs your help to keep the working capital coming in. In Jesus name I pray.
2 prayers
Hello. My sister recently broke her foot. I know her pain is part of it but she says she feels a sort of cramping on her foot. Please, if you can, have her in your prayers!
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