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Please pray that I will be able to remember my dreams at night. I always forget my dreams. Pray that God can reveal my future husband in a dream. God knows who the man I am going to marry is and I don’t. I would love to remember my dreams when I wake up.
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Please pray for me as I am confused about if I should ask a man out or wait until a man asks me out. I would be too scared and shy to ask a man out. It doesn’t help if he is also shy and afraid to ask me out. I really like this man at my church but don’t know if I should keep waiting until he asks me out or I should ask him. I have waited a long time to go on a date and no man has ever asked me before. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I hope my first date will be special and worth the wait. I hope my dating will go well and my relationship will turn into marriage. I am both excited and nervous for my first date since I have never dated before. I hope I won’t be too shy and quiet around a man especially on a date. Maybe the man that God has for me is outgoing and talkative not like me shy and quiet. I hope this man that God has for me will still like me even if I am too shy and quiet. Wish I was more talkative and outgoing. Don’t like my personality.
2 prayers
Please pray that God gives me lots of wisdom guidance and discernment to know the right man that He has for me. I am so confused because I don’t know how I am going to know the right man or not. There is this one man at my church that I really like but not sure if he is the right man that God has for me. I don’t want to settle for less than His best. I don’t want to make a mistake and end up marrying the wrong man. I don’t want to get married and be miserable with the wrong man. I want to marry the right man and be happily married. I really like this man at my church but I wish I knew 100% if he is the right man God has chosen for me. Will God tell me if he is the right man will I know in my heart? I know I am probably making it more complicated than what it should be but to me I am going crazy of not knowing if I will know the right man God has for me. God knows who I am going to marry but I have no idea. Wish God could reveal my future husband in my dreams or something.
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The child that you love is asking for help. All I want to do is sleep so am not reminded of problems. So I am not afraid. Because when awake I want to die. I feel so hopeless. The child that you love is scared. Filled with anxiety and needs you to resolve these issues so I can feel hope and feel alive again and sing your praises again. Please help me.
5 prayers
I’m just so down today and I pray things get better soon. I know and feel I’m in a storm right now however I’m just so down and distracted by so many things right now. I pray God intervenes in my life now and makes things right. Lord help me please. God bless you.
7 prayers
Prayer that God would change this situation, that He would do what He knows needs to be done here. We have our ideas of what needs to happen, but God knows what needs to be done. He sees, He knows. Prayer that He would act now on our behalf.
6 prayers
Praying this person will respond right now so I can have peace for a little bit. Amen
4 prayers
Dear Lord I need you to show up in a mighty way this week. You know the many burdens I am facing right now. I put all my trust and hope in you Lord. I need you lord and I need a real miracle this week. Give me the strength and energy to get through this week. As I sit here in this public place completely broken and on the verge of tears I cry out for your help. As broken and hurting as I am I am desperately depending on my Heavenly Father to rescue me from this horrible situation and restore my life right now. I am expecting the best week of my life and I am indeed expecting my father to come through in a way only He can. Father lift me out of this depression and fill me with your peace harmony and love. Amen
4 prayers
God I humbly pray for you to soften my husbands heart towards his sons. Our boys are becoming very depressed and angry. I am trusting you Lord to bring healing and protection over all of my family
4 prayers
The child that you love is asking for peace and resolution to my situation. Please grant me mercy and a good ending. Please let the first of these happen right now and continue this week to resolve all this pain and anxiety. The child that you love is asking in your name. Amen
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