Please pray for a financial blessing for me. Me children have moved away and I need financial help to move so I can see them more than once
a year. Thank you!
1 prayers
Lord, I come to you and ask for answered prayer vin my life. Lord, I asked for reconciliation in accordance with Your will and I am waiting. Please Lord, I can’t keep going on like this, where are the answers.
5 prayers
Thanks for joining me in praying for continued healing for my 86 year old father-in-law as he recuperates from a heart procedure.
5 prayers
Please pray for healing for Dartagnan and wisdom for his doctors! Thank you! We appreciate your prayers!
5 prayers
Please Lord Jesus unite your children. Especially I ask that Yasmins life be blessed that her father and mother may once again find their trust in you. Though they may not always see eye-to-eye or agree 100% on every issue, I ask that their attention may be guided by You with strength, courage, ambition, peace of heart, kindness, joy, cooperation, perseverance and happiness. This I Ask in the Glory of Your Holy Name Lord Jesus, Amen
5 prayers
Karl was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Friday. They also did some other blood work and found out that it has probably already spread to other parts of his body. Please pray for Barb and her sisters as they do what they can to comfort their dad. There mom also has some signs at Alzheimer and influenza. Please pray for the whole family as they go through this together.
7 prayers
My cousin has cancer and our blood has been sent in any of the tumor marker and it has to come back with a marker to move forward with cancer treatment.
8 prayers
Please pray for my unspoken requests. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
9 prayers
Please pray for our friend and his family. They just lost their mother a little over a month ago and now their father is in the hospital with Influenza A and pneumonia. His 90th birthday is a week from tomorrow. Please pray that they all would know the Lord and lean on Him during this time.
9 prayers
Please pray with me that my disability payments will be extended for two more weeks
I just had knee surgery
9 prayers

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