Pray for healing for my ankle. I broke 3 bones in my ankle taking my 3 year old grandson to school. I fell down 4 steps. I had surgery May 9 and I cannot bear weight on this right foot for 10-12 weeks. Pray also that I could get a wheelchair ramp put on my deck so I could get out of my home and into a car to go to doctors appointments and church etc. Thank you.
1 prayers
Please pray for my friend's father. He is evangelist that has reached out to thousands, only about 60 Years old. He has had a rare disease for many years and has almost died a few times. He was recently diagnosed with leukemia and underwent went an intense 24 hour 7 day straight heavy duty chemotherapy in March. He had no white blood cells and was leaking water from his body and almost died again. God MIRACULOUSLY restored him to the point that HE DROVE TO CHURCH this last Sunday for the first time! Now, just days later, he is in ICU with an infection and has been told only 3 days to 3 weeks to live. We accept this ONLY if it is the Lord's perfect timing and will. We DO NOT accept if enemy's attack. PLEASE PRAY FOR HEALING THAT HE MAY CONTINUE TO SERVE AND REACH MANY FOR OUR LORD! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM! THANK YOU SO MUCH! PLEASE PASS REQUEST TO AS MANY AS POSSIBLE FOR THIS BROTHER IN THE LORD AND LABORER! TY! May God bless you all for your faithful prayers! Ty!
1 prayers
Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine and those who do not confess Jesus blood in salvation, but use own victims to save a lot place of Scandinavian, thank you for your prayers! Bless you, Keijo from Sweden
1 prayers
Please pray for my daughter, her husband, and their 4, soon to be 5 children! They are being forced to move and are looking to move to Mankato as that is where his job is, as well as their church where they attend multiple days a week. They currently drive an hour to attend. They are having a hard time finding suitable AND affordable housing. Medical conditions have taken a financial toll on this family. I pray for guidance and for help in finding long term solutions for them, both in their financial situation, as well as their housing. It's a scary situation not knowing where you will rest your head at night, as well as where you will send your kids to school, etc. I know this has been very stressful on them. I also pray for strength. I know through the long medical illnesses they endured, their faith continued to grow stronger and stronger, so I expect no less in this instance, and the power of prayer can be so rewarding! Thank you everyone!
5 prayers
Please pray God would align / give direction, the right timing, right fit, and place for my son. He has been working part time for a long time and really have been hoping and praying God has a full time job. My son is a bit scared and unsure what direction to go. It's so hard for me to be patient. Anxious for him to find his place in the world. Also for him and his girlfriend who having been dating for 3 years. Pray God would work out this for the good in their relationship and that God would be a important part in their life.
8 prayers
Please pray for a little boy that was hit by a car. He is 7 or 8 years old. (no name is provided) Great grandma of 10 year old Ashton called in the request. Ashton was the only witness to the accident. Ashton called out to the lady to stop. He is very traumatized by the incident. Pray for boys, parents of both boys and for the driver.
10 prayers
Pray for my grand daughter. She has been having some health issues,she is young. She needs prayers of healing and encouragement.
11 prayers
Please pray for a woman who is in the hospital. She has had surgery and now her hemoglobin count is really low. Doctors are thinking there may be internal bleeding. Please pray for healing for her and wisdom for the medical staff in tracing the problem.
8 prayers
Salvation for my son and his little girls, God know who and where they are with His GPS to locate them as we unite in prayer. Hedge of protection and direction for him especially, secure his employment, give him a fair salary and home ownership.

Employment/job/finances for myself, secure a job where it will be my last employer where I can retire! That it be long term and permanent.

May they grant all legal requests and legal issues to be resolved this year; Victory in it. Also schooling and licensing of State tests, God knows.

Secure my living arrangement right now until I am able to move to my own home, secure this living arrangement for my family member who lives here long term and needs to stay; seal it.

Love and mate to arrive to my front door to experience that mutual feeling of love before I die.
7 prayers
Prayers for family friends, Brad suffered a stroke, he is a dairy farmer, their son Tyler who helps with the farming broke his hand now some of the chores fall to Robyn - she is a banker by trade so is trying to get her job done and help with chores. Prayers for healing, strength, family and friends to step in and help!! also letting go and let God lead them.
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