Please pray for our daughter who is starting at a new college. She struggles with anxiety and depression. Please pray that she will feel the loving arms of Jesus surrounding her and His peace. Pray for a few good friends for her. Pray for boldness for her so that she will do her best and glorify God with the numerous gifts and talents God has blest her with.
1 prayers
Please pray for three young adults in our church and their families as they work through a number of conflicts between them. Also, please pray for those in our church leadership who are leading these young adults through the process of reconciliation. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and grace for all, that forgiveness and healing can finally take place.
1 prayers
Please pray for pain release for right shoulder, neck and arm pain of late. Praying that the intense muscle and nerve pain will be reduced quickly and respond to medication and treatment. Praying for prompt relief and health and healing restored whole. In Jesus name, Amen.
3 prayers
I fell going into work today. Hurt my left rib cage and wrist. Broke my glasses also and can not use them.
Also got several abrasions.
Thank you all for praying.
3 prayers
Dear Jesus, please send Your Spirit to lead and guide my son Leland with fresh grace, strength/ encouragement to rebuild his life with godly mentors and miracles. Thank You, Jesus, we come to You now in great need of Your miracle working power into every aspect of his life and his current court matter. Praying for your Favor and positive blessings to be upon him and for any spirit of darkness or depression to be brought into a spirit of light through Christ Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Psalm 36:9 "For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light." In Jesus, Holy name, Amen! God is Able!🙏🏽

4 prayers
Please pray for my family. God has made it clear to us that He is calling us to move. My husband has a new job and we are ready to go. We have several prayer requests relating to this move including: that God would help us to build strong relationships with godly people (I want this move to strengthen our relationships with God), that God will make clear what I am to do when we get there - at this moment I have no concrete plans and tomorrow I am giving notice at my current job, that this move will help draw us closer as a family and give us more time together, for finances - I can be a control freak and I am learning that I need to trust God to provide if I take the leap of faith and follow Him, and finally please pray for the sale of our current home. If we are doing what I believe God has called us to do, I don't want a house in our current town to be calling one of us back here. I pray that God will help make it clear that we are to go, and make it decisive. A sale this week!
3 prayers
Please pray for Dolly who is lonely and needs healing. Also, for her family to come and see her or call her. Thank you!
3 prayers
Please pray for my husband Ron who is having back surgery next Friday, August 11, 2017 that it will be a successful surgery and God will be
glorified through other family members. Thank you.
2 prayers
Please pray for our son-in-law who is battling a very rare and difficult to treat leukemia: Pray for a miracle of healing and for his salvation. Pray that God would use this time of adversity to draw his entire family to saving grace. Thank you.
6 prayers
My son lost his friend due to suicide. This friend helped him a couple years ago when he was struggling deeply. He is upset that he couldn't help him,angry & faith is all over with doubts.
I worry he is internalizing, turning to people(friends) & when expressing grief he feels not taking it the way he means. We have him seeing counselors but ?? If helping. Please pray he doesn't lose his way or spiral downward. Prayers his faith can be fully restored & given a zest for life & purpose.
Prayers for his friends family & community.
Thank you
7 prayers

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