Please pray for the Lord to lay his healing hands on Carol. She is in Rochester and her condition is guarded. She has so much faith in the Lord, and she shares her faith with those around her. Lord please be with Carol and her family as they go through this rough time.
1 prayers
Please pray for my son and daughter in law and their family who are under a lot of stress because of health and money issues that they be patient with each other and work through their problems and not give up on their marriage. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen
3 prayers
Steve's brother, Gary has been admitted to the hospital in Ohio for chest pains and pains down his left side. They are currently doing tests and seeing if there is a blockage or what is happening. Please pray for the doctors, nurses and everyone taking care of him. Also pray for Gary and his family. Pray that the Lord will bring them comfort and peace as they go through this.
4 prayers
Please pray for my husband Dan. He is getting all of his teeth pulled and getting dentures today. He is very apprehensive about it, but has full confidence in his dentist. Please pray for recovery also.
4 prayers
Madison is an 11 year old little girl from Conger, MN. She had a brain tumor, had it removed and it has come back. The Dr.'s in Rochester are sending her to Maryland for treatment. They have no idea why the tumors are coming back. For this treatment, both parents are required to go to Maryland also. Her dad is a farmer so he will need help with getting crops out when it comes time for that.
4 prayers
Please pray for Barbara and her children, Tre (25), Jayden(16) and Chais (16). Tre is in jail and needs prayer to help change his life for Gods purpose and not his. Chais needs prayer to stay strong and stay positive and good in school. He is a straight A student, but, still worry about him. Jayden was born with transposition of the great arteries. He had surgery at 3 days old, a heart attack and surgery at age 3. He will need another surgery to fix a leaky valve and replace a stint. Please pray for surgery to be successful. Pray also for mother, Barbara as she is away from her children serving a prison sentence.
5 prayers
On October 3rd 2017 I will be taking my PTA licensure exam at 8:00 AM. As you see that it's already SEPTEMBER! My anxieties, worries, and sleepless nights are at the highest of highs. I am so tired and procrastination has kicked in to where I don't want to open my study text books. I am feeling very heavy because one side says Gods has you and the other says different. Please pray for me to have the confidence and that His will be glorified.
4 prayers
I had what I thought was a good friend I called her one day to ask while I was in a cast if she could help if I needed her. I always made myself available to her whatever way I could. What I received was a very ugly attitude of response. I honestly do not know what I did. The hardest part of this is she is a Christian. I want past this and let it go, and move on to healthy friendships. Why are people so mean and then go and claim they love God and take their seat in church yet verbally, emotionally, destroy a person. Says in the Bible to love God, and love others as you love yourself. truly in my heart give of myself all of what I have to give. I feel like I was emotionally beaten, the scars are not
visible to people. God sees them I know that. I love God, I love this person who I thought was my friend. Prayer for my healing and move on.
9 prayers
Thank you for praying! I was guided to not go this time. Praise His holy name.

I also received a very blessed price on auto repairs!
3 prayers
Please God keep my family and myself healthy and safe. Please watch over as they travel in cars, trucks, motorcycles, semi trucks, bicycles, help them make good decisions and choices.
2 prayers

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