Please! Prayers are needed for a young lady who tried to take her own life. For her husband and two children. Who are all in need of help. Thank you, terri
4 prayers

I was in Rochester again yesterday for a right heart catheterization. They wanted to check on the high elevation of pressure in my lungs. That all checked out so now I am OK for surgery. The bad news was that they found high calcification in 3 of my valves! Now I am looking at replacement and repair with 3 of my valves rather than just one. Of course, with the addition of each valve, the risk of surgery increases, but my surgeon is confident he can correct the problem and better that they do it now rather than having to have more surgery down the road. I feel like I am in very good hands and have total confidence in my surgeon. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 21st. and I will be in the hospital for about 6 days. I have you on my list of people to notify after my surgery so will keep you posted. If you have any questions, feel free to call Rod on his cell:507-351-2887. I am probably not going to be feeling well enough for visitors...especially when I am in the hospital.... so
6 prayers
Please pray for healing. My sister in law Nancy has liver cancer. She will be going through chemo treatments beginning November 22. Pray for peace, strength and especially trust in God’s healing hands.
She has already gone through colon cancer surgery & chemo as well she had a stroke
James my brother has Parkinson’s and ahlzeimers from car accident
Pray for our family for peace, strength and total trust in God.
9 prayers
Please pray for me to receive opportunities to express God's love and to spread God's word throughout the world.
7 prayers
Please pray for my sister and her baby. Had a routine checkup today and were concerned enough to take her by ambulance to the cities.
Pray for peace for her family. Pray for health and strength for her baby and stamina and faith for mom and Dad.

Pray also for the nursing staff.
6 prayers
For Dolly (92 yrs.)who is a lonely widow. For her to be comforted, get visits and calls. Also, that she is able to get to church each week. And for all who are lonely. Thank you!
6 prayers
Please pray for Alice from Good Thunder. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray that she will rely on the Lord through her treatments. Pray for her family that they also will lean on God and be there for Alice.
5 prayers
I need prayers for my blood pressure to go down. My husband took me to the ER this morning. It was 228 over112. The medication I'm taking doesn't work well. Drs. aren't listening to me. It seems to go down in the office. I have a lot of anxiety about it which makes it worse. Thank you
7 prayers
Pray my breathing will improve and that my husband Mitch will be healed on this chest of cartilage injury, pray that my daughter Ashleys liver enzymes are restored to normal and that her skin will be cleared of eczema, pray that Sarah will be healed, pray that everyone in my household and family is healthy, safe and protected at all times, I rebuke the devil and block him from us now, and forever, I pray for our financial blessings and for us to be released of slave ship to 2 Loans that we took, Father God help us pay them back quickly and swiftly, without delay nor incident, in the Glorious name of our Lord and savior we pray, amen and Hallelujah!
7 prayers
my dad Jack had eye surgery to release pressure in his right eye, they released too much pressure and now his pressure is too low at a 3, if he gets to a zero he is blind, pray for my dad Jack's right eye healing, and for the pressure to go up to a 10 and regulate at a normal pressure level, Miracles Miracles Miracles, no weapon formed against my dad shall prosper and I plead the Blood of Jesus over my dad Jack, I decree Jehovah Rapha over my dad Jacks eyes now, in the Glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we pray, amen and Hallelujah!
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