"Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Gal. 6
Pray for the twisted school system. Please Jesus, be evident in this day and age. Show yourself and prove that you created the earth. that you created the earth 12,000 years ago. I feel alone in the idea that students believe that the BIBLE is a bunch of " metaphores". Please, pray that the scales will be lifted off of their eyes, that they will see the truth. Please, I feel alone because everyone that I know are "believers" but also believe in evolution. I do not see how. please help the true believers show the truth. show the truth in the failing, lost school system. Our God is unstoppable, and evolution is stoppable. the Idea of evolution it doesn't fulfill the Biblical representation of creation.
1 prayers
Please Pray for the students of the school system who are being taught by teachers who are brainwashing the students. Satan is at work. Let us make God out do him!
1 prayers
Lord God, I know every day you've always there for me or for anyone people who always beg you and ask you for a favour for the seek of our family. Lord God, please grant my visa for Australia so that I can help my family and friends or anyone else, that we need my help and I'm going for Australia not for myself because I have reason to do. I know Lord God that you grant my visa I never lost hope I beg you, Lord God, without you I'm nothing in this world. Lord God, I know you always guide me for every single day of my life🙏🙏 for my family who'd been far from me, please always guide them especially for my daughter for almost 9 years I've been far for her it's really difficult for me because I'm a single mother the only one who supports her at my family also, lord God guide me always. Amen🙏🙏🙏
1 prayers
I would like to request prayer for specific situation: First and foremost, my living arrangement, the month to month is up on October 1st and ask that you lift me up in prayer for the home owner to extend it. There is a vibe that it could go either way and may tell me, but since its already mid month, they might just give me thirty days legally as for example the month of Oct and then leave in Nov. which would at least help or I think raise my rent again. So please pray for this, I have no one and no place to stay, along with a min wage salary in Calif where no one can pay rent even in high crime locations. A lot of prayer for this. Lord give me a home where I will never have to worry about this with what is left of my life. Also for job security at present location even though retail is not doing well, pray for this location to prosper and over come, along with needing a second job too. There is an important exam that I will be taking and ask for fervent prayer to pass, just pass, wou
2 prayers
I have a step-sister who likes to talk down to other people and I have let her talk about me and my family for to long and I need prayers to help me be strong wheni talk to her about it and not loose my head and keep calm.
1 prayers
Diagnosed with stage for colon cancer. He will be having surgery September 23, he has been through chemo already. Praying for healing, a smooth recovery. Please pray for the doctors and their staff and the family
3 prayers

Request prayer as we stand and claim the prayer over Joann and Tony Presgraves and their Salvation.
4 prayers
I am having my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and am trying not to panic. I will be awake for the procedure and I have super high anxiety to start with, and fear the procedure and the recovery process.
5 prayers
This morning my son will have his first big interview after graduating college. Please say a prayer for peace and calm of his nerves. He has worked very hard for this and just needs peace to communicate his skills and calm to come across prepared. Please ask that the Lord lay his hand on him this morning for that comfort. Thank you.
6 prayers
Please pray for those who are suffering greatly in the Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian hit them hard. Pray those in Florida and the Carolinas that they will be kept safe.
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