"Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Gal. 6
Praying my parents house sells soon & at a fair price for all. Thank you
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Please pray for the new job I began this week and a second o e to make up for hours. Meet my needs Lord rent, basic bills, school loans. Touch my finances need to clear a certain amount per month.

Secure my living arrangement until I find a new place to live that will be permanent where I will never have to worry about where to stay again.

Correct debt that is a glitch and find a solution to this.

School to go well.

Pass State exam in October.

God ordained mate/spouse/love soon.
2 prayers
Please lift this up in prayer:

First and foremost, Lord God forgive me. There is repentance, continue to do a work in me. Holy Spirit be with me. Surround me with angels Lord God and help me survive. Cancel all attacks, null and void of any kind.

Imminent request to secure my room rental until I find a place to live permanently where I will never have to worry where I am going to live next again. Fervent prayer for this please. Keep the peace there, God knows the details. Secure it for now.

Secure my new job, I begin tomorrow on the floor, give me the victory, meet all goals, all to go well day and every day there. Learn and absorb quickly and surpass my job description and productivity. May they move me to a full time position. Work through me as an instrument there, bless, prosper, growth and renew that business.

Second job to make up for hours from this first. A call back from prior with the victory won there and resolution; or if not Your will help me in finding a second job.
1 prayers
Please pray for a secure home where I will never have to worry about a place to live with what is left of my life. Fervent prayer for this please prayer warriors. Secure my room rental now and keep the peace in the mean time.

A special request for a sign and answer from the Lord about something happening in my life right now. Lord show me and answer me soon.
2 prayers
I have some very very special requests and some very heavy burdens I'm praying about and I'm asking for others to pray with me for them, the Lord knows all about them and also pray for revival in our community like we never saw before with the old time convection on lost soul that they will see their need of a savior.
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We have been living in motels for over 2 months. We have borrowed from every family member, taken out additional credit and spent everything we had to keep from living in car. Homes are not affordable and impossible to get approved for. Then when we finally found one that we could make work there have been delay after delay and then new permits needed. We're still waiting and have no more resources to pull from. Please pray for us. There is power in prayer, and we really need God's power to see us through. Thank you.
3 prayers
Before all else, thank you Lord. Prayer changes things! Ask in prayer to cancel all attacks and assignments or curses aimed against me through the Blood of ChristJesus. Including all counter legal attack make null and void.

Please pray for new job training to go well; learn and retain all info this weekend. Secure this position permanently.

Secure a living arrangement for what is left of my life where I won’t have to worry about it again. Keep the peace at my present rental.

School to go well, God’s help with learning the material and passing State exam.

2 prayers
Praying for a home buyer soon & quick, fair closing. Thank you!
1 prayers
Prayer for employment to come through. Went through process and there seems to be a delay in letting me know what the decision is today. So that I may either continue with their orientation and begin working as soon as possible or move on to the next job offer and interviews. Please a lot of prayer for this. Need to get right back to work. A cell all assignments against st me. Also a special request for the Salvation of someone, God knows who and where they are with his GPS and that the Holy Spirit show him the truth, remove the scales from his eyes and ears, but more so to make a decision to accept the plan of Salvation and also where to go from here. Answer this soon Lord.
2 prayers

Praying for Dearin to be rid of All unforgiveness, anger, and bitterness in his heart from past hurts and disappointments. Praying for a softened heart of forgiveness, love and compassion towards our son and our family. Praying for a positive breakthrough in forgiveness, healing, restoration and reconciliation for our family.

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