"Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Gal. 6
Struggling at the office. Recently diagnosed with adhd at 28, and find it impossible focus on my work. An unbeliever makes some days harder by making derogatory comments about Jesus. It’s been professionally addressed but nothing changes. My purpose here seems nonexistent.
4 prayers
My husband and I have been excluded from my daughter and grandchildren. Daughter is divorcing her husband, Cody. My daughter is without any friends for family now. Cody is living with his grandma with the children. Drugs and alcohol have much to do with this situation. I pray Renee' (my daughter) and Cody can get another chance and come together with the children, even if myself and my husband remain excluded. My name is Leslie, my husband is David. My daughter is Renee', her husband is Cody. Children, Riley 13, Reagan 12, Colton 7. I'm afraid my daughter may be in danger and may be being radicalized.
4 prayers
My mom & I have a strained relationship. It really hurts me emotionally. This mother's day was really hard for me. I just wish, hope that something changes soon for the better. Because I'd hate to lose her. I love her so much & wish I knew what I could do to have her back in my life again. This has been going on since a little after my wedding (about 7 months) that to be honest I didn't have her involved in much because of covid.
6 prayers
I need prayer for my financial struggles. We are living in a time of uncertainty and my income has taken a significant hit. My God has been by my side and I just pray his strength will continue carry me through this valley. God bless and thank you!
7 prayers
I have a lot going on with me and have a lot u spoken prayers. Please pray for clarity and take away my anger, anxiety, depression and over thinking.
6 prayers
Prayer for my boys who are single and both working and done with school. Prayers God continues to guide them as they step out into this crazy world on their own. Prayers they keep God on their hearts.
6 prayers
My dad, Orvil Berrios, had a hemorrhagic stroke May 1. He is still not fully responsive, opens his eyes infrequently, has right sided weakness, and sleeps most of the day in his ICU bed. But when you speak and hold his unaffected left hand he will squeeze back. And when our pastor came and said in his ear "you have hundreds of people praying for you, Orvil" we actually saw a tear fall from his eye. He hears us and we pray fervently for a full recovery. Grateful that this can go out to others so they can join our family and prayer warriors lifting my dad up in prayer. Thank you
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