"Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Gal. 6
Please pray for the best possible outcome. Help me to continue taking responsibility for my part and help me allow God to work His miracles. Please help me forgive those who have intentionally hurt me and let the truth be known. Bless me in my future endeavors and work this for my good and prosperous future!
4 prayers
Praying for healing in my brother’s heart & mind that bitterness will be removed and he will find forgiveness for the ones who have hurt him. Thank you
2 prayers
Please pray for my life and decisions I need to make. My husband and I have struggled in our marriage for a long time and it gets harder every day. He has some habits that are not in line with the Bible. I feel my nerves are at the end so I pray that the Lord will heal my emotions and mind. I also would like to change jobs but finding that also hard. Please pray for my whole family.
3 prayers
Please prayer for my youngest son tanner as he has an MRI this week to rule out a hereditary heart condition. Prayers for a friend stefanie as she gets closer to being done with school please guide her decisions. please continue to guide Tyler and continue to help him with decisions he makes. Prayers for my entire family.
4 prayers
Please lift me up in prayer and keep them there until answered. :) Sometimes, the little prayers get answered right away He has shown me recently, I will think it and then within 10 minutes its answered, lol. Below are the not so answered:

Job security and longevity. Secure my present job and give me a secondary position supplemental income too. Touch my finances I am a month away from being homeless, no money, not even paycheck to paycheck at this point with part time hours. Supernatural financial blessing just once in my life would be a relief. Meet my basic needs and bills, rent, transporation (bus) and school loans which are deducted monthly and the money needs to be there. Always help with the basics Lord, its the hardest time in my life. Clear and correct debt that they say is owed when it is not.

Secure my room rental which has gone from lease to month to month. Keep the peace, I only sleep there with my schedule but the 'daughter' has some problems and harasses me with notes
4 prayers
The island has been struck with series of earthquakes. Asking for prayers for my family, friends and for all the people in the island. May God protect them all.
6 prayers
Please pray for JEHOVAH looks and form. Language skills and abilities. LOVE. WORK. CHURCH. MINISTRY. Memories. HEBREW. BIBLE READING. All things prayer for. Thank you and JEHOVAH love you.
0 prayers
Our family recently relocated from TX to MO. We felt the Lord's calling to go back at home to be a Living Witness for Christ and the transformation He has done in our lives that can only be pointed to Him. Lately; however, I am becoming very discouraged. Our home isn't selling in TX, the financial costs of our new home seem to be higher than what we thought and continuing to rise. I am beginning to be filled with doubt, worry, anxiety and maybe even mild depression. I continue to study God's Word, pray and fellowship with God's people, but He seems so distant and I don't hear His voice. I would just ask for prayers of encouragement, discernment , hope and wisdom for our circumstance, not that He would necessarily change our circumstances, but that He would change me and grow me. Thank you.
5 prayers
Pray for the health and healing of my family members. Needing prayers for my friend who is in need of a job. Pray that God breaks every chain, soul tie, and bondage off of my loved ones! Restore the lost and wounded! Relationships be strengthened. Pray for wisdom, courage, and perseverance.
6 prayers
I am struggling emotionally. I feel that I can do nothing right. I admit my disobedience, my selfishness, my dishonesty, my ungratefulness. I admit to my succumbing to temptation, my anger, my sadness. I admit to everything. I am a Christian, but I feel sometimes that I am alone. I am 16 and have a great family, they love me and want the best for me. I just feel that I can do nothing right. I have prayed that Jesus would help me change. I complain and I am a rude, selfish, spoiled brat. I have drifted from God. I have hurt my family. I have chosen the world over the Lord. I want to fix my life. I really do. I just need prayer that Jesus will guide me in all that I do. I need prayer that the Holy Spirit will help me choose to do the will of God rather than what I want. I ask that you would Pray that I would put what is required of me, to do what is required of me, not what I want to do. Pray that the Holy Spirit would change me. Pray that I have an innate desire to please my parents.
4 prayers

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