"Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Gal. 6
Please pray for my dad, that he will break his alcohol addiction. Also, his girlfriend is trying to turn him against me and my sister. She's already turned him against my mom. She is mentally abusive and wants to isolate him from everyone in order to extort what he is leaving to his family. Please pray that his eyes would be opened to her evil ways and that she will be removed from his life and we will all be protected from her. Thank you
0 prayers
Please pray for The Lord to continue to soften my dad's heart towards my husband and for me to be strong and lean on the Lord in this difficult season. I want to press in and fully surrender and trust Him. I need strength.
3 prayers
Hi! I feel like I'm being led away from my current job but I'm unclear exactly where it is im supposed to be. I would appreciate all the prayers for clarity and where I'm supposed to be. Thank y'all!
5 prayers
I know this is everyone's prayer but I would like prayers for a pay increase. I am diligent in my work and love to take on new tasks. I started at low wages and have gained way beyond my job description of duties because I am a quick learner but I love it. I want you to pray that is I am suppose to boldly ask then I just do it without reserve. But I know my God can speak to the GM on my behalf and put this on his mind and heart. Please pray with me. Thank you so very much and I'll praise God in advance for what is already doing and what He is going to do! He does miracles so great!
7 prayers
Please, pray that we can quickly get our house ready to sale , and then to sale it by this Summer for a good price. We need this to happen for so many reasons financially. Our son's college, my husband's health and retirement. Thank you for lifting this up to the Lord through your prayers.
3 prayers
I need prayer that the father of my child will be the Father he needs to be. I also would like guidance for getting a house and getting it ready for a my new arrival for me and my two dogs and starting a family. I hope God guides me to where I need to be financially and so I don't lose this gift he has blessed me with. Please pray for guidance and comfort as I gonthrocan Cg the next week of doctor visits and guidance on what I need to do for the baby.
4 prayers
My friend Penny gets migraine headaches very often and has tried numerous things to help her. This morning I took her some Excedrin migraine and a cherry doctor pepper. I should have suggested she turn on the journey but forgot to tell her that. She is a Christian and I know where she goes to church. Anyway, she suffers from these migraines quiet often. I found out that she has the morning sun shinning into her store each and every morning. Today she posted that not only does she have a migraine, but also that she is throwing up very often as a result of the migraine. Please pray for her to get relief very, very soon. Thank you.
4 prayers
Please pray for Scott, my Love, and Matthew, my son for income so that we can get a house or apartment. We have no where. We will use our home anyway God wants us to. And we will be ever thankful to God and to you. In Jesus' name, AMEN
4 prayers
Asking for prayer for my 2nd job interview for a new job on Monday. Looking for peace and confidence in my abilities to communicate my strengths for this job.
5 prayers
Dear Journey,
My prayer request today is not for me but for my best friends. They live in Louisiana, on Jan 22nd their 25 year old daughter committed suicide. It was completely unexpected, the girl seemed happier than ever. Her and her mother had just renewed their estranged and stressed relationship, she was happily in a relationship, every thing seemed good. This has taken its toll on my friend. She has not been real close to GOD. She has had trials and troubles that have caused her to not be strong in her faith. My friend is angry with GOD and is so lost in how she should feel and why he took her daughter from her, how could her child do this and is she going to "you know where". There are so many things she is feeling. Her and her husband have gone back to church to look for comfort and build a closer relationship to GOD. Can you please pray they can hear GODS words, feel his love and let him help them find peace in Him in this time. Thank You, God Bless. I love your station!
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