Thank You God For Loving me and I Praise you through theses storms that my family and I are dealing and struggling with. I Praise You, because I know you are with us even if we can't always see it or feel it. I Praise You God because I know you are Fully able to handle it when i feel so weak and so helpless in dealing with it all. I Praise You God that you Love me even when I fall short in my daily life! I Praise You God , because i do believe your word when you say, Do You Believe I am who I say I am and I can do what I say I can do? And Lord I DO!
And I Praise You!
He answered my Pray! He gave me hope yesterday! He gave me Joy! What would feel like any other day to some , was so important to me, and I know and give him ALL Praise and Glory for his hand in it all ! Don't ever forget, he is ALIVE ! HE CARES about you and me ! He is always listening.
I woke up today, another chance , another day, to be with those I LOVE ! I feel God working on me and moving in my life, moving within my Heart! I feel God with me today!

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