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I put my trust in the Lord and know He is always with us. We have be battling an overwhelming amount of things the past year or longer in various family member(s) health issues but are improving & we PTL for all improvements but continue to need prayers. In addition to the various health issues, many of us have struggled with finances and are in need of financial breakthroughs. We are reminded that God is always with us yet are feeling desperation for the freedom of stress and worry. I mean to remind myself that Jesus will see us through all things as we know He is always near and always has our best interests in mind and He is in full control. I am personally feeling worn down and long for His peace and just regain my complete joy in knowing that the breakthroughs are near. I pray Lord not only for our issues but all others who are struggling in any area whither it be salvation and spiritual desires, health, finances or whatever is causing stress. I wish to stand on the promises that God is with us and will see us through all things. Lord we need you and to feel your presence and to be guided by you in all things. Grant us your peace and joy that surpasses all understanding and allow us to fully focus on You. We Praise You and thank you for all things. Please be with all of us in whatever needs we face and may we feel your closeness and become the overcomers you intend for us to become. May our will line up with yours in every way. Lord grant me wisdom, knowledge, and decernment to know what you would have me to do and pick me up when I stumble or fall. Thank everyone for prayers and thank you Jesus for all things. Thank the Journey for making it possible to join in prayer and offer us encouragement. Amen!
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