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Salvation of Leslie B and a reconciliation with me if its Gods will. Amen
7 prayers
One of our amazing Arizona Shine friends called to ask for prayer for her Uncle Roy. He fell and has bleeding on the brain, had a stroke and is now facing surgery and possible life support. Please pray for God's peace for Roy and for his family and for complete healing so that he can make it to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary in December.
14 prayers
One of our dear listeners called to ask for prayer for her son and his girlfriend. They are burdened with drug addiction and need God's divine intervention.
18 prayers
Please pray for healing. This gentleman has heart issues - only 30% function. He has no family and no friends. He's never been married and has no children. He feels like God has forsaken him. He is 42 years old.
13 prayers
Hi, I am asking for prayer for my husband to stop fighting and allow the Lord to work in his life and also that he world have the desire again to attend church. Thank you
9 prayers
We adopted two beautiful kids after 7 years of painful infertility issues. Our daughter has always had some problems due to the neglect she suffered. She is impulsive, struggles to make good choices, and has a history of tantrums. However, at one point, she was in love with Jesus and emanated the Holy Spirit. She'd sing songs to Him! The last couple of months, her behavior has been frightening. Instead of just screaming, she now yells awful, hateful things at all of us, including her brother. These tantrums can last up to 3 hours, and she is always set off by something very minor. Today, she told me that she wanted to punch my face and rip my teeth out, among other things. She is 8 years old. Our family, especially her brother, are suffering greatly. She is in counseling. She has been prayed with, and over, more times than I can count. My husband and I are emotionally and mentally drained, and close to hopelessness. Please pray for our family, especially for my daughter. Thank you!
9 prayers
Please pray for me and my sister, we are short on rent and are in need of help. Pray that God provides for us.
7 prayers
I am a married mom of five kids. I am in nursing school and have 2 semesters left. Please pray for balance as I work part-time, go to school and take care of my family. I feel that God has called me to this, yet getting everything done is exhausting. Help me know, Lord, what to let go, and how to prioritize the things I must do each day. Thank you!
2 prayers
A cherished listener called to ask for prayer for a family in the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Please pray for Nancy and her family members: Rick, David, Gabby, Joe, Ronnie, Steven and Christy and Debbie's kids.
20 prayers
I am a 39 yr old woman, severely bulimic for 20 yrs. I feel there is no way out for me, I contemplate suicide every day. I hate what I am, I have nothing left. A small part of me clings to the hope that one day I'll be ok, but that hope is diminishing.
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