I moved away a little over a year ago because of a job opportunity. I have been so very lonesome I haven't met many people and have no support system. The job, which began as a dream, has turned into a nightmare. There's been a merger and management changes. The work demand is more than I can handle. I dont want to run, but I miss my church in Houston and my family and friends. Please pray for God's will in this situation. I feel so alone.
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My mother had an ultrasound today on her breasts. Please pray that she doesn't have breast cancer.
1 prayers
Please pray for my father. He is at ER right now with very high blood pressure and chest pain and headache. Please pray they can get his blood pressure under control and that his heart and arteries are okay.
1 prayers
Please pray for Me and my husband Kevin, as we lost our baby. It was stillborn and we are not sure how to handle it going forward. It's putting a strain on our marriage.

Thank you,
3 prayers
We lost my dad unexpectedly on Feb. 9. My parents were married for 61 years. She has been lost without my dad. I am missing him too. I live with them to help take care of things. Tonight she says she doesn't feel well. Her vitals were good when Occupational and Physical Therapy were here today. She does not have fever. The nurse from home health will be here tomorrow. Please pray for improvement in her mood and physical improvement. Please pray that my grief will lessen so I can better take care of her.
3 prayers
My mom, Bonnie, has been in the hospital for two weeks from what they think was a stroke. She is doing so much better and I'm just asking for prayers that God would continue to heal her.

Thank you,-Debra
4 prayers
A few weeks ago I sent a prayer request for Brian, when he was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Within two months, he went from living a normal happy life, to being on life support. This weekend he will be removed from life support. His organs have stopped functioning and his heart is not working properly. The doctors say he needs a miracle. Brian has a wife, two young children and several people who love him. Please pray for him and his family as they go through this.

Thank you!
4 prayers
I believe we already know this, but the the tanks of some huge company catched on fire, and now that they have finally turned it off, all of Pasadena is on shut down because of the chemicals they used. Lord, please protect everyone there. they got advised not to turn on their ac or go outside, this only leads me to believe that what ever is out there and here is very dangerous. I just wanted to make a few prayers for all the people in the hospital areas too. Thank you so much in Jesus name i pray amen.
5 prayers
What could be worth more, could compare to Your presence Lord? How we want to welcome yet so often we expect and can require what is welcomed. Is this why we wonder about You asking where are You? From an amalgamation of symptoms, the seeker seeks.

Who finds the painter within the painting, the writer within the story? Through a telescope or microscope we look as if these are different places than where we are at this moment. We are inside creation. That the Sun has risen, You kindly wait upon us that by the Sun we may see everything.

I can’t find a place that Your presence is not there. Clearly I question at times wondering about You. Who can listen or understand when they demand to be heard? Who can see when they look to be seen? This question You always make available “Do you want you or do you want Me?”

Dirtied knees,
Even those knocked down,
Are allowed to hit,
Holy ground.

To strike a rock that thirst may be satisfied, may You spring a well from a heart of stone.
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I am so exited, I am almost the 40 weeks and my baby is almost here. and with that, my husband got his appointment for his passport 3 days before my due date!!. Lord, We thank you so much for everything, for our house, future baby and his papers . With out you lord, i Know we have gotten no where. Lord I just pray that my little frijolito is born according to date, I have to go with him to the appointment and it being so close to the due date. I really dont want to miss it. Lord please Help me and frijolito be on the same team, and let us have a good delivery, Lord thank you so much God, Thank you in jesus name i pray amen.

If you have any tips on how to have a decent sleep on the very last weeks of pregnancy, please let me know. Thank you. God bless you.
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