I have very little social skills..( I was very sheltered growing up.) When someone invites me somewhere I panic inside. Someone recently unexpectedly invited me to something and I didn't accept due to other circumstances. I would like to have a social life, at the same time I'm not sure I'm ready to open that door.
5 prayers
Please lift my mom MaryLou Monnich up in prayer. She has been dealing with nausea all day and been in bed refusing to eat which at 87 is not good. She also needs prayers for strength and to resume her exercises so she can get stronger for general daily strength at least.

Please lift me up in prayer for healing of bronchial cough,. I'm also needing to get a lot of CEU (continue educational units) so I can renew my state license before the end of the month so I can work. Also so I can get some of the basic bills paid.

Please lift our friend Levon up in prayer for healing of start of a cold. Also for him to come back towards God

6 prayers
My daughter and I are out of town, we come for prayer of a good night's sleep and rest, we had a huge day yesterday with all this flood water. We were blessed that we were not effected but it took me 7 hours to get to the house from work .

6 prayers

God, please minister peace to Kelsey’s spirit, mind & soul. I decree and declare her release from all strongholds of unforgiveness in her heart from past hurts, pain and disappointment. May God's emotional, physical,& spiritual healing, His peace, His comfort & His unspeakable joy flood her soul. Just one touch from You Lord to make her whole and restore love and compassion in her heart and soul.

6 prayers
Please pray for my mom MaryLou for complete healing for nausea. She also needs continue prayer to do her exercises for her general strength.
We have been struggling financially but know God will meet our needs
6 prayers
asking for prayers for my son to reach out to tutor for this math and English class. prayers that he gets enough nerve to go to the tutoring lab. he keeps pushing it away. I keep saying it. he acts like he won't go. but if he sees better results I know he would appreciate it. asking for prayers that he feels it on his heart to want to do it. he seems to be communicating better, but still asking for him to stay focused and be ontop of things. Lots of distractions but need him to be focused. thank you and god bless everyone who is struggling and going through hard times. no one ever knows what battles everyone is fighting. prayers. God bless you all
6 prayers
Prayers for my family always. Pray please for my son to make good decisions and grades during this final semester.
Prayers for my husband as he is juggling multiple work projects
Also prayers for us to set aside time to connect and enjoy each other
6 prayers
Please pray for my peace about my eye & when I do go to eye doctor all will be well for me
10 prayers
Please pray for my health & stress & debt & marriage stress & traveling grace no breakdowns
8 prayers
Dear prayer warries please pray the rain does not get in my sister's house or my mom's house. Please pray that the rain stops and that it does not go any futher then what it is. No flood insurance for my sister. Prayers it does NOT get in her house. Thank you, God bless you all. Prayers for my daughter that is home alone, and that the water does NOT rise up and get in your house either. thanks
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