I no longer have my husband or my mom as God's timing took their spirits within 2 months. November 2021 and January 2022. I'm devastated and all I can think about is I want to be with them NOW. Not suicidal, just lonely.

Also please pray for my businesses.
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Seeking Jesus for direction and waiting on his timing and his will be done in a situation and for my parents house to sell. For what he wants for me next in life.
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Prayer for financial situation. I have no car lost it a couple months ago. The amount of stress that I am in causes me panic attacks. I miss living alone right now I live with relatives. They are making it impossible for me to save for my family. Husband pays rent plus their car payment to use their car. This has caused issues with our finances. I understand paying half rent. Now they expect a full payment each month of 400 something. I really so stressed with his family that I just want to take my kids and never look back.
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First I praise God for painting the skies with beautiful colors and the shapes of clouds every day. I ask for prayer for self control of what I say and to count to ten before I answer. I am having so much family stress that I get short tempered and that really isn’t who I am. I also ask for prayer to let go and let God take over my days. And for some strange reason I have been jealous of some people I know. That is definitely not me and I don’t understand where that is coming from. I ask for prayers for discipline and faithfully reading my Bible every day. Last of all would you pray that Ember, Karen, and Rocky would find Christ
and ask Him into their hearts and lives. My goodness I have to remember that with all of the worlds problems and devastation God is in control. May Christ fill me with His peace. Your prayers mean so much. Thank you.
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I'm going through a divorce I heard daily I miss my kids I miss my wife it hurts every time I come over and visit them I feel that he's not even listening to me don't know what else to do I pray day in the day out for him to restore my marriage and to hear her to give me another chance don't know what else to do I'm back in I play with the Lord Jesus and help me to help me restore my marriage my relationship I miss my wife and my kids please help me
8 prayers
Please keep us and our friends safe and healthy while on our trip and keep our family and friends at home safe and healthy as well.
6 prayers
Please pray for salvation and a job for my son. Continuing to knock on the door.
7 prayers
Please pray for healing for Stephanie and Mark from cancer.
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Please pray for Roxi, she has Sciatica and is in chronic pain. Pray for my brother Duane, healing of his health. He survived a heart attack called Widow maker.. pray for our Nation…
Thank you
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I was at my Nephew’s birthday party day
He turned 2. I met a couple that had a 10 week old baby girl. She has been sick since birth and had recently just been released from the hospital. She needs a heart transplant. Her name is Colyn!
Please pray for this precious Angel.
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