Please pray for my sister Linda as she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Please pray for me for healing from depression, neuropathy, financial burdens. I need a good job!!!!! Haven't had permanent employment in almost 3 years. Money is very low & bills need paid & repairs & food needs are looking me down the near future. I'm very scared. Praying for strength to accept God's will for me & for a stronger faith.
Please pray especially for a good job with benefits that will support me. I also need a support system. Pray I can find one. Am all alone. Thank you for any prayers offered up for me. Amen! God bless!
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Please pray that me and my girlfriend no longer argue. It was a complete misunderstanding over something that wasn't worth that energy. I want us back to the loving, positive god fearing relationship that we had just a few days ago. Please god be the center of us as individuals as well as a couple
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My sister Laura is 25 years old and has a heart murmur and tests related to that. Please pray so that is something minor, she has a doctor appt tomorrow after her echocardiogram.
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Dear God thank you first for everything you have blessed us with. You are an amazing God!! please help Brandon find a job this week that will make him happy. He loves sales and needs a job before his bills start coming due. I don’t have the money to cover his bills so please help him find a job. Thank you again for all your blessings. In Jesus name AMEN!!
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Please pray for Jason. He got over heated last Friday. He is Diabetic and his sugar levels are not normal. He is trying to get an Doctor's appt. Can't get in till Thursday. Please pray for a earlier appt. Jason will be healed. Thanks for your dear prayers!!!
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I've gotten myself in a financial situation that I now need help with. Please pray for me do better managing my money and get out of debt. Thank you.
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Dear God, I have to meet with my boss, and please have her have confidence in me, and not let her be mean to me. I need help please let her not be mean, and help me with my filing. She wants an answer God about missing invoices, please make her take my answer.
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Dear God. I am sorry for any sins that I have done. Please god I have some people that are going thru some health issues. I am asking for prayers for my assistant manager in a car wreck, my friend with cancer, my other friend that is going thru depression. I am also god asking for you to help me with my depression, and also help me to concentrate. My boss is wanting something from me that is going to be hard. In Jesus name Amen.
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I've been practicing my driving for quite some time now and I can drive pretty well. I need to take my driving road test soon. I know I'm not deserving of any blessings or help from God but Please pray that God in His mercy will give me favor with the instructor. I pray God lines me up with a kind, patient and compassionate instructor who will not be too strict or mean. Please pray that God will guide every maneuver, surround me with His presence and fill my mind and heart with His peace and that He will cast out any feeling of nervousness. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
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