Thank you Lord for the blessings you've given us. Pls keep my son safe all the time. Keep him away fr any danger accidents anxiety illness covid 19 bad people. Wrap him with Your Most Precious Blood. Send your Angel's to protect him. Put him in the palm of Your Hand. I pray for his normal neuro test.I ask these thru Jesus Christ. AMEN
4 prayers
My daughter is 23 and lives in Bryan Texas. She is depressed, lonely, talking about possibly ending her life and dealing with a crisis of her faith. She’s not dealing with things in her life very well. She’s allowing outside forces like her job and her employees to dictate how she feels and thinks, even though I’ve explained to her that she should not worry about things you can’t control, especially when it comes to people. She so desperately wants to be in a relationship and can’t understand why she can’t find anyone. I have offered her many suggestions from therapist, support groups, therapy pet and others but she always finds a way to refuse them and have a reason not to try. Please pray with me regarding her mental & spiritual healing, that God would bless her and send a Godly man into her life and for better work life balance in Jesus mighty name! Amen
8 prayers
Please pray for me to have strength to do my daily tasks which include taking care of an elderly parent and children with health issues. I feel overwhelmed at times. I think I complain too much and I don't want to do that, I just want to have the energy to handle what the Lord sends my way.
11 prayers
Chiseled from caring over which we have no control, heartbreak is inevitable. Places and things that give us pain will enable us to hate greater or love deeper. Unrequited love, there is more than we thought we would find in life.

The close embrace of the essence of what we have wanted or are about to lose, the path of heartbreak becomes known. But what is this that has become known? To embrace in this way we cannot look for an alternative path because there is no alternative path. Is this knowing not merely knowing but an invitation of something or someone who has been with us all along, asking us to be ready for the ultimate letting go? Giving away the very thing we want to hold forever? Helpless human love needs help.

From this a great treasure is offered for those in need—pick up your cross, and come.

A mirror to presence and a testament to forgiveness that their joy has found a home in you, such is to truly see the eyes of Christ.

I belong to You!

Where’s that mountain?
21 prayers
My brother recently took some tests for a company and found out that he is the candidate that passed all exams and will be starting a new job mid may. Please continue to pray as this is a new position for him and that it brings him great joy and overall beneficial for him and the team he is joining.

11 prayers
Please pray for a good annual physical for me and a clean bill of health. Doctors have always made me nervous and it gets worse as I get older, especially in these times.
12 prayers
Please pray for my 3 year old. She is running a fever. Pray that it isn’t anything serious and that she will feel better. She is supposed to go camping Thursday and is really looking forward to it. Also pray my wife and I do not catch anything. My wife does have a headache and is requesting prayers as well.
12 prayers
Please pray for my husband Gregg, my daughters Chloe and Izabella and for my parents Bea and Santos.

11 prayers
Please pray for God to speak healing into my mom. She has not been feeling well and having problems with her arm.

11 prayers
Please pray for an accident that just happened on 1960 just before Dayton. It doesn't look good for those involved.
10 prayers

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