Thank you Lord for the blessings. Pls keep my son and all of us safe. Wrap him with Your Most Precious Blood. Shield him fr the virus. Don't let it come near him. Send Your angels to protect him fr any illness, virus accidents anxiety. I lift everything to You. In Jesus name. Amen
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Wandering in the darkness,
It becomes unbearable when
The darkness is not
The shadow of God.
The wanderer spells out a theodicy
That so often ties his own hands
To never be held by God.
He seems left to suffer
But it is this suffering that opens
Him up to God.

We will subject human beings to almost any amount of suffering medically to save them. What then should God do to save His child, you?

The desires of our heart we do not have, instead we suffer. Suffering is not simply pain but what one cares about. To suffer is to not be what one should be. The desires of the heart are what matters to the person, these desires must be for them to be what they should be. Suffering, that they can’t, should God allow evil?

God willing to be close to each person is not because the person is not willing to be close God. Should God then allow them to suffer that they may desire to be close to God because without God they are suffering even though they are unaware of their suffering?

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I don't love or respect myself as I should. I've let others and myself use and abuse me. I'd like that to change. I also need to love God and others as I should. Please pray. Thank you very much.
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Lord, we place our children in Your loving hands. You love them more than we ever could. Keep them safe, drive evil influences from them, and lead them to where You want them to be. Help us to see You in them, and show us when You want us to help, and when You wish us to and step back and do nothing so You can do everything.

Lord, lent is a time of repentance and drawing closer to you, may we as your children, do so.

We especially pray for all the children mentioned in this prayer group, for jobs for them, for their salvation, for their healing, and most of all for them to do Your will.

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Ο Ιησούς ποθούν ικετεύω να ζητήσει ζήτηση αίτημα απαιτούν επιθυμία επιθυμία μου δείξει πώς να χρησιμοποιήσει το δώρο μου της πίστης μου δείξε μου και να με σιγουρευτώ ότι καθορίζεται σαφές για το υπουργείο μου καλώντας το σκοπό μου στην εξυπηρέτηση σας Κύριε τώρα για πάντα
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Please pray for my sons friend and his family, as his friend Jeremy recently died from a motorcycle accident.

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Confusion. Rejection. And numbing my emotions.
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Fell in an addiction yesterday which caused anxiety and depression today which caused me to want to revisit the addiction again to escape my feelings. It's a cycle that I'm afraid may someday lead to death, yet the addiction is stronger than me.
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Prayers for him to learn the material and do well on the new certification.
Prayers for him to be thorough in his research.
Prayers for him to find work
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