so i have been working for a dealership for a year now, but we recently expirienced a change in systems, i have been moving up the rank, but since day one the managers have been giving me a hard time for not following instructions. for the past month since the change in systems and it seems like i am still the only one who does everything wrong. which i was ok with cause im a very negative person, until today, when i busted my sweat on to work my hardest the whole day, then i try to fix one problem and the manager says "you dont even try". i just busted into tears. anyway, please pray for me so this can get better, please if you have any tips let me know, I NEED THEM. thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your week end.
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Stand in agreement with me for reconciliation to happen between me and a person his name Sameh Emile , pray that he returns to love me again like past , pray that God talk to him in many ways regarding this reconciliation , pray that God talk to him in night dreams since he pay attention to the night dreams so much , pray that we return friends together and worship the Lord together like past , Pray that God talk to his heart about what he did against me and his conspiracy with some people against me and the ministry , pray that he returns to the Lord completely with new Heart towards god and towards me , in Jesus mighty name I prayer , Amen , Isaac
1 prayers
Father I asking you to help me it is very frustrating that everything I do I make so many mistakes I always losing things and forget where i put them I have been praying please help me I am wasting somuch time please please father help me paying bill long wait time and the bill still dont process have to keep repeating when i drive i get so lost i love to write amd whem I do i make so many mistakes its so frustrating with everything i do this is so overwhelming this has been happening for years I battle with depression and I have adhd this is so hard for me please father please help me now after waiting 10 minutes to pay my bill the phone hang really god really I need you what is it your trying to do show me lord please if its a lesson in this please help me move mightly in my life
4 prayers
Please I beg for lots of prayer, my husband and I were trying to save our marriage of 20 years with 4 beautiful blessings, but I foud out that he continues to see his mistress, I confronted him and he has decided to leave us to go with her eventhough she's also married and has a child. God give me strength and grace to be strong for my children and for my husband to open his eyes and see the damage that he is doing. Dear lord clear his mind of all negative things that he has about me and make him realize that he has alot to fight for here at his home.
6 prayers
Please pray for my husband getting his colonoscopy now. PeU the procedure is smooth and successful. Please pray for a clean bill of health and quick recovery
9 prayers
Manager brought up possible lay offs coming in a few years. Please pray for stability in my employment. Please pray for me to have faith in God to prevent anxiety over something that is unknown at this time. In Jesus name. amen
8 prayers
I'm having a really hard time this year with this new lady They but to work with me. Please pray for me not loose my job and that God would move this woman somewhere else to work. Her name is Barbara I have been there 27 years this woman just got hire and trying to push me out.
9 prayers
Thank you God for everyrhing. Pls keep my som ssfe all the time. Protect him fr any danger accidents illness anxieties
Bad people. Help him get excellent grades. Keep him healthy and strong. Wrap him with Your Most Precious Blood. Send your angels to protect him. I ask these thru Jesus Amen
9 prayers
Grateful for today. Please pray for my husband and friend to have a fun and safe day. Please pray for my son in college to make good decisions and grades. Please pray for my friend with cancer to have a good day and complete healing. Peace
10 prayers
Please pray for me and this situation at work. I feel like I might have overreacted and made a mistake in speaking out about something. I'm afraid of the outcome and backlash I might receive from others and retaliation from the person it involves. Please pray for me, it's basically driving me crazy and I don't want to lose my cool and end up looking like a fool or insane over this.
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