Please pray for our son. The enemy has such a strong hold on him. He is believing lies and being led astray. Pray for good influences to come back in his life and that God will give him the strength to stand up for himself and what he has been taught is right. Pray he will not listen to the lies anymore. Pray for his safety. Pray that his heart will not harden. Pray his relationship with God and our family will be restored. We miss him so much! Pray that God will use this to his glory. We are trusting God for a mighty Miracle and break through soon. Thank you for praying. We are asking and believing this in the mighty name of Jesus!
3 prayers
Safe travels
4 prayers
Lord please remove me from the team I'm on at work. R remove the person that is quick to point out everyone faults but there own. If it is your will father I will accept another position in another department r a whole a new place of employment. Thank u in advance Jesus. I will wait on ur answer father but while I do please give me the strength to endure these devil's.
5 prayers
I’m asking for prayers, I have anxiety and lately it has been worse with everything going on. I’m trying hard to give it to God but still find myself feeling that way. Thanks and God bless
6 prayers
Thank you for your prayers my daughter amber and her 3 boys and my son in-law mitch are getting along great please continue to keep them in yalls prayers for peace and Finances in there life also my son and his wife are still apart he is in the military and she decided to take a break from him please pray she goes back to him her name is lasha my son is zach ... in Jesus name amen
6 prayers
Please Pray for my sister Sue critical in ICU with CV, since Friday. She is currently incubated, yesterday had experimental Plasma transfusion and are hoping her body will respond to it, her heart is also very weak. Sue is 64 a widow and a teacher for 36 years. She does not have children however dedicates her life to caring for family and her students. She refuses to retire bc she loves teaching culinary arts to Jr. High and High School students. We often call Sue Mother Teresa, because although she does have children of her own, three nephews live with her and grandson off and on. She always buys extra supplies to have on hand for students and always has extra sandwiches already made for her students to eat when they don’t have money to buy food.
My sister is a real hero and a shining star to many, please Pray for God’s healing miracle over Sue. We appreciate your prayers, thank You for praying. Be Well in Jesus name🙏🏼
10 prayers
Everywhere, they ask “What is true?” Truth, a belief of statements understood that offers structure to hold the story of one’s life that is cradled in a greater story, a meta-narrative. But now, don’t even know if we should wear a mask.

Have we been found to some degree to be postmodern wanting to claim a narrative as true? Societally we are to act from applied postmodern culturalism currently emphasizing critical theory, even in terms of the Gospel. A narrative of fear to own me?

About 2/3 of Americans do not believe in basic historic Christian beliefs yet claim to be Christians. To claim a narrative for myself to be true and it is true simply because I said it so is postmodern.

Christianity cannot be postmodern no matter who says it or how big the place is that says it.

Naturalism says “brute facts” causes life to occur. They now say some things are knowable such as race but personal experience is the narrative that demonstrates truth?

Lord, crush what must be crushed.
10 prayers
Please pray that I can forgive myself when I stumble in my walk with the Lord. Thank you.
9 prayers
Please pray for Ellen, she is having her hip replacement today.
8 prayers

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