Please pray for a safe, relaxing and healthy trip for my husband.
1 prayers
Who does not want, that the want itself expresses our passions? Passions at war, who are we that we could ever on our own know what we truly need? Asking wrongly to spend it on our passions, the world encourages us to ask this way. Must the intent of our passions be the will that will direct us in life?

How difficult it is, living in a world demanding of and seemingly only affirming us through our physical senses. The mythology of science has reasons to paint the world this way.

God is the greatest and made us in His image. ‎Christianity, by it I see everything else. To realize that first it is He who sees me, this elevates me to see everything else by Him. Such is the walk of a child with their father. It is not simply you do not have to prove yourself but more so you cannot. Suffering, if Christ has gone through it would we allow him to walk with us and illuminate our way?

This tear that must come from my eye and down my face—all that it holds, from this I can say, “Rejoice!”
10 prayers
Peace and protection in the workplace.
6 prayers
Please pray for my prodigal son.
He is in quarantine this week.
I pray he does not develop
Covid and that God will
Use this week to speak to him.
5 prayers
I hope I made the right decision. For wisdom from now on
7 prayers
Does praying work? I've prayed for things over and over but nothing. I'm so discouraged
7 prayers
Grateful for prayer partners. There are several work issues for both husband and me. Please pray the $ issue is resolved for husband's work. Please pray for the staffing issues at my work to be resolved or at least improving.
9 prayers
Dear "A" you must find and write down every Bible verse there is pertaining to witchcraft and there are many! You must know what God thinks about it, and He comes down on the practice harshly as it should be. People think white witchcraft is okay, and dark witchcraft is a thousand times worse. There is no where in the Bible where God differentiates between the two. They are equally evil. Stay away from those who practice it and honor God. Shun completely anything or anyone involved in this wicked satanic practice.
Of course we are to love everyone, but when it comes to this sin run the other way. I worked with someone who attended a sickening satanic witchcraft ritual. I will not reveal what some covens do on Halloween night deep in forests where no one goes, because I don't want to put that in your mind. It is pure evil. I kindly stayed away from that person, and prayed for him. Some think witchcraft and Christianity can go together. Light can not co-exist with darkness. Not ever.
6 prayers
Sometimes I have to fight real hard to get a signal. I don’t if there’s a spirit blocking me or it just a really bad location for a (phone signal).
6 prayers
Please pray for “A” I don’t want to do witchcraft unintentionally.
7 prayers

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