I am a single mom with two kids.
Perhaps my greatest fault is that I am a people pleaser, and struggle with telling people “No”.
Please pray for me to seek Godly counsel when boundary, setting, and learn to differentiate what God has in store for me versus the world. Thank you.
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Please pray for me if you don't mind. Thank you. May the Lord bless you
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Please pray for my son, Austin. He is 26 and is very, very depressed. Austin has had issues with alcohol and drug addiction. He is a brilliant young man with so much potential but he's angry. I need him to be lifted up and to feel the love of God and that he finds some direction and happiness. Thank you!
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Please pray with me , God hears prayer and I am feeling lost.
Dear God ,
Life is very hard right now From my mothers failing health to my overwhelming feeling of hopelessness to my desperate need of financial help. Please God fill me with your love and help me see the small miracles you send us daily. I feel overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, and very worried about how to pay my bills as they stack up while I take care of my mother. Please God help my mother and calm her as we get the final stage of her life. Please God direct the doctors and nurses working with my mom, please let my mom come to terms and accept that it is time to move to skilled nursing . I do not want her to suffer more and need strength to help her and to accept what is happening . Along with this I pray for my own mental health during this time and lastly please God please bless me with some financial relief . I am not asking for a free ride, I do and will continue to work hard but I need a financial blessing to help me get caught up. Thank you God for answering my prayers and loving me. In Jesus name, Amen
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Please help me pray for my husband’s aunt my husband died New Year’s Eve 2003 And so has His uncle has since died and his wife who is my husband aunt is 81 years old and in a deep depression. She Lives up in Pennsylvania. I have way too many health issues to be able to go to her. I am 71 years old and have four surgeries pending between now and August. I want to help her with all my heart. I have spoke to her in the last two days for over five hours. I keep asking her to pray with me and she changes the subject. Please help me lto open her heart and really listen to the Lord. I try to explain to her that we are here to do a job, and when our job is over, we go home to the Lord. She is wishing her self death which scares me. There is no one around her. She has been abandoned by the family. Please help me pray for her and her family that when I talk to her the Lord Jesus Christ gives the right words to say and have open up her heart and to listen, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior. Please pray with me and help me to get her to see the light And walk towards our Lord Jesus Christ,
Thank you everyone in advance for your prayers and reading this post.

Y’all take care, be safe, and God bless!🙏🏻
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I need some orayer
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To move. Go back to Houston/Woodlands. I wasn’t supposed to come back to my hometown. I felt God tell me to stay in Houston at that time. My own place. Another chance. A new car, needing another car. Surrender. Another chance. To trust God. My own place, apartment or home, or to stay a few days with a relative in the Houston area and then possibly back to Austin or if led, to Dallas. So..direction. Forgiveness. Boldness with ministry and speaking and connecting with others. For God to use me, clarity, grace, and another chance due to not trusting Him initially back in March. Provision. Favor. nato.
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Please remember my husband in prayer. He's had several strokes and he is sinking into deep depression.
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Sin in my life and breast cancer.
to be strong to stop sinning and that the breast cancer that was just removed will not require chemo or radiation.
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My husband, Roy, is having a heart valve replaced on Tuesday. Please pray with us. We know that God is the great healer we have full confidence all will go well. We're looking for prayers of agreement. Thank you
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