Grateful for today and another week!
Prayers that the Lord will guide us all to do the right thing every day. Prayers for a good resolution to legal issues. Prayers for a good week for our business and we get the new store open!
2 prayers

Prayer warriors please pray strong bold prayers for God to intervene in our prodigal sons life. Pray that he will convict him of choices that he is making. Pray that he will speak loud and clear to him soon. Please pray that he will Protect him and guide and direct him. Pray that he will repent and come back to the Lord. Pray that he will restore his relationship with God and his family. Pray that God will protect him from making wrong decisions. Thank you so much for praying. We need all of heavens army to fight for him. The devil has such a strong hold.
2 prayers
Prayers needed for strength so I can pull through these financial struggles, health battles, family problems 😭and know that God will make a way. Praying for financial stability & that our business achieves & picks up & goes in our favor so we can provide for our kids & family. We need a finance break through ASAP🙏. I pray for this coming week I can seek work, find another job either part-time or full-time. Thank you & God Bless 🙏!
4 prayers
please pray for a job inside job I really don't care if it's minimum wage I just want an inside job outside jobs I'm just paying the doctor for me getting sick so please pray that I can get a job this week please thank you
4 prayers
Brethren extremely serious. PLEASE ask the Lord to intervene and prevent this thing!! This is in another country. There's nothing I can do except go to the Lord.
In all honesty the police probably wouldn't do anything, they'd agree he'd be justified. It's a very corrupt country, an incident like this would not be unusual.
I know someone who lives in a village, his brother has mental illness, his father died of the same as did his grandfather. the brother's violence has escalated. Today, he hit his mom over the head with a pressure cooker lid. He's hit her before but it's gone from slapping to punching her in the face to now hitting her over the head with this heavy metal lid. His brother, her oldest son, my friend, said he's done he's had it and he said tonight would be his brother's last day. I begged him not to do this. He said it will solve all his problems. I told him it was wrong, in any religion is wrong.
Please Lord change his heart! Please bring your Messenger to his door
6 prayers
Safe travels for son today and tomorrow.
Pray that the lord will lead him in his actions today and tomorrow. Prayers for resolution to legal issues.
Prayers for him to continue to do well at his new job.
6 prayers
From Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA - God's Help for Many:

Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, rescue and deliverance, complete healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing and pain / anxiety relief), full-household salvation, peace, comfort, provision, safety and protection, and all that's good from God above for: USA, Israel, Canada, Mexico, THE BODY / CHURCH OF CHRIST, me & all my family/relatives, for all I've prayed for, and for all of mankind and the nations / kingdoms / governments on earth as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed;
Save me, and I shall be saved,
For You are my praise." - Jeremiah 17:14
6 prayers
Please pray that some employer will give my son, Alex, a job.
7 prayers
Please pray for my sister Kathy, as she may have lung cancer and for my sister-in-law Frankie, as she recently had surgery.

6 prayers
Dear God, I come to You with my (sarah) heart in my hands. Here are pieces of it that are missing, given to the one who is choosing not to love me the way I need to be loved. There are arteries with tiny holes, for all the ways I’ve convinced myself I'm not enough for him(robert). There are parts that are bruised; I haven’t been so good with guarding what you’ve given me. God, I was hoping this year would start off better with no woman getting between me and the man I love but she continues to be a problem I believe. Promises have been broken, betrayal has set in. I'm feeling so hopeless. God, please grant my daughter and I justice for the pain and emotional damage that has been done to us by her dad and the woman he allowed to come between us. Bring him to genuine repentance, let there be no peace between him and this ungodly woman. Remove her frrom our life permanently. I love him and want to fight for us. Redeem us. In Jesus name, Amen.
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