Pleas pray that God intercedes and keeps my daughter in law form destroying my and my son's home; that she would stop harassing neighbors and that God would stop her from hurting others as well as abusing her son. Please also pray that God guides her in seeking the Psychiatric help she needs.
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I’d like to request a prayer for my brother, he went for an interview in Dec in the Oil& Gas industry, and with a lot of things put on halt he is starting to lose hope that a job with everything he is deserving will come to him.

My mom, needs a better job that treats her soo much better and isn’t soo far from home. She is such a hardworker and has lost sight that she is more than capable to take on any job that will be an overall improvement than what she ever has.
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I’d like to be prayed over, I’ve been soo stressed out over finances and I just feel like I keep getting hit with curveballs. Over the past year has been tough for myself and my family, but we remain faithful and grateful that God provides.
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Please pray for my friend and coworker Molly. She has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

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It all started with my being laid off back in may. Then, myself and two brothers all have Corona at this moment. On January 23rd, my beloved dog died at the hands of incompetent staff at the vet that I trusted to care for her while I was sick. The next day, I got admitted for covid related pneumonia and my brother got admitted hours later. Today, my youngest brother is on his way to the ER. I am so full, I feel like I’m about to break down and so full of grief I don’t know what to do.
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I’m submitting & asking all to pray for my 3 sons & draw them closer to God. All three have been away from him for some time now & as a mother would like to see them turning to him for guidance in their lives & with their families. We are facing some hard times during the pandemic but by the grave of God he has kept our family free from the covid which we are extremely grateful. We need some blessings financially.
To God be the glory
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I need direction in discerning what to do about a new relationship in my life. I started dating a friend a couple months ago and it has been difficult for the both of us not to be selfish as we both have been single for years. We broke up last night in an argument, and I'm torn because I feel that it was done out of anger. I want to honor God with my decisions and would appreciate prayer in seeking Him in this situation. Thank you so much
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Discouraged and frustrated by the state of the world, beset by a general malaise, the sense that things are falling apart, the center is not holding, and those things we care about and define our life around are failing. This before us, we are unaware of the present danger because we have allowed ourselves to take in something that can and will consume us. We are giving in to the temptation to despair.

To ultimately despair is to conclude God will not or cannot act, that the universe is fundamentally unfriendly and inhospitable to the true, good, and beautiful, that humanity has lost the imago Dei. Look closely; this is to commit sin.

We can make evil an occasion for despair. But to acknowledge our suffering before Christ the occasion becomes a “severe mercy” for our benefit, for our joy, and ultimately, for our sanctification. Political elites cannot offer hope. But there is Hope.

In Christ, we will do small things with great love for the love within us is Greater than all.
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Our country, the organized church, they are torn with strife and distrust. The battle is not so much between groups or identities but between belief and unbelief. True or false, real or unreal, what is Christianity? Do many in the group that would be called Christians in America live as atheists and therefore are?

Practical atheism appears when we live as if there were no God. Man becomes the center of all and will end up worshipping himself. Politics striving to rebuild civilization to promote self-autonomy as the true good and perfect human nature makes man an idol to himself and is seducing western civilization with their offer.

It is because God is that human life matters. The reality of Christ makes ethics vital. That the cross was a real life event, there are meaningful liturgies and sacraments to be a part of life. The life and acts of Jesus make our forgiveness more than a feeling.

From these truths may our hearts be filled that we live in this world with Hope.
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Lord, I pray You will help Jodie to be the best mother to our children she can be. Give her strength, and help her to understand she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Give her patience, kindness, gentleness and discernment. Guard her tongue so the words she speaks will build up and not tear down, will bring life and not destruction. Guide her as she makes decisions regarding each child. By the authority You have given me, as a believer as well as a husband and father, I break any rebellion or area of disobedience that would erect a stronghold in our children. Specifically I lift up Haley. I bring before You my concern about Haley’s spiritual health and closed offedness. I pray that you will open the eyes of her heart, that she will become spiritually and mentally health, able to open up and express herself as the child of Christ that you created her to be.
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