At times there are so many unknowns, so much uncertainty, and yet I must do or say something with what I face. To find ourselves swimming in doubt, is who we become less a result of where we are going or the consequence of what we are running from? That Shammah could stand in a field of lentils, what field do we stand in? Do we stand on ground where hope can be found? From fear or hope, a runner runs. As if someone has thrown everything off balance in life, we find ourselves as the misfit O’Connor described.

Do we reach out to the God of all comfort or the comfort that becomes our god? Always, a harvest will be gathered in times of affliction. As to whether it is a harvest of great value depends on the truthfulness of me.

Lord I pray that our eyes see You and know what is true. To know what You have promised, I can know with certainty, God smiles upon me.
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Thank you for praying for my friend who would like to find work as an assistant manager.
2 prayers
I will appreciate very much your prayers for me, for favor, and for whatever direction God wants me to go. My last night paid by FEMA at a hotel will be Monday 4/23, plus at nearly 60 years old I am still looking for work. I was hoping to have been working again before now so I could already have the paystubs to qualify for another apartment before FEMA quits paying for my room. My work experience since 1995 at engineering companies includes HSE training coordinator (post-Macondo/Deepwater Horizon), document controller, administrative assistant (including engineering project admin), and piping isometrics clerk. I also have enjoyed producing documents in Word and Excel for proposals, and for about a half a year I was the personal assistant for two Saudi engineers and their families. I am open to other industries besides engineering, and oil and gas. I have two associate degrees, and took some paralegal classes in 1993. I am available to work days and evenings, but not nights.
3 prayers
I have a job interview with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the Human Resources Specialist II – Recruiting Officer position today at 2:00. Please pray that the interview goes well and that God blesses me with the position that best fits His plans for my life. - Thank you.
5 prayers
Please say a prayer for my grand daughter Ayvah! She had fever this morning she gave her tynenol and they laid down! And when she woke up her eyes were swollen and she was broke out and she was in a trance! My daughter couldn't get her to cry or anything! She's being rushed to the ER right now! And I can't get off work!
5 prayers
Please pray for my dog, B. He hurt himself and has a sore leg/back. I pray he heals quickly so he can run and play. Amen!
5 prayers
Please pray that I'll forgive my co worker and let go of my ill feelings towards him. He was rude and cussed me out a few weeks ago and every time I see him now, I become angry. Please pray I'll move on, not hold a grudge and go about my life but not forget.

Please pray God will bless him too and change his heart. Help him stop such an arrogant, hateful and bitter person.
9 prayers
Please stand in agreement for my husband to get wisdom from the lord and a great urgency in how to break all ties with ungodly relationships. Pray that he receives great vision and revelation for our marriage and that he needs to come home. Break all ungodly soul ties with these other women. Cause him and these other women to have repulse for each other. Give him courage to talk about it in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus around our marriage and declare victory in this battle now in Jesus name
8 prayers
Please pray that everyone who reads this will share the good news of Jesus Christ today, however God leads them to, with at least one person who does not yet trust Him as their Lord and Savior.
6 prayers
Por favor oren que todos los que lean esto compartiran las buenas nuevas de Jesucristo hoy dia, de cualquier manera que Dios los guie, con no menos de una persona que todavia no ha confiado en el como su Senor y Salvador.
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