I requested prayer a couple of days ago for my 11 year old struggling in math because he was taking a test and was really nervous. His teacher emailed me today that he made an 80. He only missed 2! That is a far cry from the 50s he had been making. Thank you for praying!
Because of my child’s disability I struggle to understand her. One of the things she asks for her is her ipad. She always said something before saying the word ipad but I could never understand it. I finally have. She said, and has been saying as best she could, “Please ipad.” To finally know, it is hard to put into words. Reflecting on it, all I can say is how beautiful are these words to me.

It has made me realize I should remember not to be so quick to judge or give meaning to something I do not fully understand or know. That God is always present, beauty is before a blinded fool as me. Thank you Lord for all that you give me each and every day.
I want to give thanks to the Lord for all my blessings. Especially for this app. I don’t have many friends but here I have friends in Christ everyday willing to pray for me here. Thank you Lord for this app and the Christian station KSBJ that lead me here.
Praise God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! I thank You God for taking care of myLoved ones needs! Amen

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