I am lonely and discouraged. I am saying goodbye to my son who is going to college. I have ruined a family visit by my other child by saying the wrong thing. I can’t talk to my husband because he is not engaged in our lives. This has been this way all of our marriage.
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Please Pray that our Lord will heal Marbella of all her sickness so she may be well and care for her baby boy Rhett. We also ask that you pray for Rhett that he be healed and his cold is taken away, in Jesus mighty name Amen.
2 prayers
I am in the middle of a separation and need to move out I have not been able to enroll my daughter in school because I haven’t secured a home yet I just put in an application for an apartment today please pray that my application goes through as I have had A hard time getting approved because of my credit .. I just pray that this one is the one and that I am able to move in and enroll my daughter in school as soon as possible 🙏🏼
3 prayers
Father my daughter need you tohwlp her if this your will for her to go to job corp help her get in help with travling grace she needs help she is so fearful of doing things alone she in in abomination she is so confused she needs you father help her on this journey she needs good bless people on help her in getting her self together with everything making right choices and decision help her learn father i cant help her right now because she dont understand help herguide her father put the right people in her life
9 prayers
How did You fill Your joy in her giggle and laugh? How did You make the twilight of Heaven shine in her eyes? From all that she experiences of Your world, is this why she must stand on her toes—is it Your glory in creation she sees and responds to? Overwhelmed by it all, how she grabs her own hands to concentrate at what You have placed before her.

The world says her sounds are unintelligible but the sounds of her heart express Your joy for all to hear and see. Sing little one sing! Was she once an angel that flew all around in joy of Your presence that now she can’t help when filled with what You offer to us in this world but to want to express joy and love in a movement that longs for wings?

How is it You put one here who requires needs that are ultimately purposed to give to anyone that is there? Everyone tells me of self-sacrifice for her yet You make it abundantly clear it is not me but she that always gives to me!

Lord may we be merciful and love as You love us.
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I need help with my words i need help with my life I dont have the money to get my dental work done father please make a way in the name of Jesus paid in full favor for my appointment on Monday in Jesus name also my daughter don't have no where to live and yesterday her and her girlfriend came to my apartments and were fighting satan trying to make me feel guilty because my daughter dont have no where to live but everytime I have allowed my daughter to come and live with me ahe has disrespect me father i need your help to help me be strong and only make godly decision my other daughter is already staying with me and causing me some issues and I am trying to heal from years of abuse heavenly father help me with boundaries and setting healthy boundaries for my life father help me not go backwards but move forward help use the word of God in this situation holy spirit both my daughters are not saved in an abomination I am saved its always them against me me trying to have peace in my life
10 prayers
Our Son-in-law was in a car accident a year ago, has lots of back pain. He may need surgery. Asking for prayers for healing and wisdom.
11 prayers
Pray for a good day! Son needs encouragement . Hoping for some closure on his wrecked car. Pray for my friend with cancer to have a good day and complete healing. Grateful. Peace
10 prayers
Please pray for Melody who has health issues. Pray for complete restoration and healing. Give her peace in the process and pray she finds employment. Pray her boyfriend will come to repentance and that God will reveal himself to them. Pray God shows them his way and the learn to trust in him! In JESUS name!!!
9 prayers
Please help me pray for my boyfriend Duane who has accepted Jesus into his heart this morning. It’s been a long process but he finally asked Jesus into his heart, asked Jesus into his life and asked for forgiveness. Please help me pray that he is free of bondages and sin. Help me pray for his road, because we know it’s a tough one.
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