I'm tired of being alone and lonely. God says man is not meant to be alone...Genesis 2:18 - The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Trusting God and someone are big issues for me I'd like to overcome.
2 prayers
Two days ago I came down with something, and it has me very wiped out. I would appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery, and that it will not turn into an infection or bronchitis. Living alone makes it a bit of a challenge, but I realize many Americans live alone and have the same challenges when they are ill.
5 prayers
My dad has 5 kids and a wife to provide for. He was laid off a while ago and has yet to find a new job. He works in IT so he needs to find one just like his last one. We're having a lot of insurance problems. They don't want to pay for my mom's emergency back surgery. She's in a LOT of pain.

Please pray that everything clears up quickly. I know God will get us through this and it will make us even stronger and closer as a family, but I worry about my parents' faith.

Thank you so much.
7 prayers
I pray that Maria contacts me she is my fiancé her family trying to keep her from calling me that she will get ahold of a phone an call me I’m worried can’t think clear my name is Chris please pray
6 prayers
Awkward nite tonite on graveyard shift. Alone with boss who has had problems with me in the past. Thinks I'm dumb sometimes. Please pray.
8 prayers
Dear Lord,
Heal my broken marriage! Heal my husband’s and my heart. Soften my husband’s heart and allow him to forgive me and love me for who I am. Take divorce out of his thoughts, heart and conversations with others. God bring to him your warriors as you have brought me. Bring him your word through people, scripture, thoughts and experiences so he can see and learn what I have learned about marriage. God you know how much I love this man. Allow him to find the love he has for me in his heart. Watch over him day and night while you heal his heart. Break down all the barriers in our hearts and our marriage. God place yourself and Jesus in the middle of this marriage. Take my husband out of confusion and allow him to see that we are worth the work and the fight. Provide us with a marriage stronger than he or I could have ever imagined.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen!
9 prayers
To abide in God, I can ask for my desires, what I love. Immersed in rituals that shape and determine what I value, what I love amounts to what I worship. My “temple” is known.

We construct a world and act within on the basis of what we worship. We are a part of a kingdom. Culture forms, shapes, and primes our imagination that we may perceive the kingdom.

Our love is aimed at a vision of the good life, an idea of the kingdom. Offering identity, an emotional fulfillment, our temples give emotively. Is the only difference what is atop of the “temple”—sports, entertainment, store signs, and even a cross? They have liturgies as to when one should kneel. They capture our hearts by capturing our imaginations and drawing us into practices that teach us to love a kingdom.

There is nothing wrong in these places or to have emotions there. There is something wrong when there is no difference in what is offered my heart. Sit quietly, eat the popcorn.

Individually, help us Lord discern
0 prayers
I have been posting here for well over a year. I really appreciate the prayers and support. My son has been searching for employment and finally we have 3 possibilities. One is to return to the oil and gas company for the summer only, the second is a position in Dallas which he has a year contract but he has to take a DOT physical that he cannot pass due to a corrected heart defect and pacemaker. To pass he will need a letter from his cardiologist that he is okay but we cannot until June 16. We fear they will rescind the contract due to this delay. Last we are waiting to hear from a company here in Houston and it may be temp but could be permanent. A decision has to be made by tomorrow for all of these. We are in need of wisdom, peace and freedom from fear and anxiety, God's favor and direction and an answer one way or the other from the third option. It is great to have options after applying to over 420 places. We need a very clear message about where God wants Eric.
11 prayers
Freedom and deliverance from lust.
11 prayers
Thank you Lord for everything. Pls keep my son safe all the time esp in driving. Keep him away fr any danger accidents reckless drivers illness. Wrap him with Your Most Precious Blood. Send angels to protect him. Help him get excellent grades. Keep him strong and healthy. I ask these thru Jesus Christ Amen
12 prayers

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