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Praying that I have a letter from Daniel right now pls Lord in Jesus name I pray amen I love You we love You
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I don't know where to start. I need guidance for school. Favor at work. And mostly love.
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Please pray for my marriage. My husband left and is not fighting for our marriage. Our marriage was restored two years ago and I believe it can be restored again. Pray that the blinders be lifted and his heart to be soften. In Jesus name, amen.
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Need prayer for my sister who has been under oppression for three years. She has prayed faithfully & believe God for answers & is now depressed from the constant stress & pressures coming against her with her job & her son who isn't serving God. Is a critical situation & need some break throughs. Thanks for praying
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Please pray for my 79 year old dad that is having sudden memory problems. He is very down. We are trying to decide what to do next.
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Satan is attacking my marriage. My husband had a 3 month affair ending in December and has yet to recommit to our marriage and family.

Lord God, I come to you tired and worn in need of rest and ask humbly that You convict my husband of his selfishness and soften his heart to COMMIT to You and your plans for his life. Break the chains of negative relationships. Restore love and desire for our marriage and open his eyes to value the covenant vow he made before You and honor that vow till death do us part. Strengthen my faith while I wait Lord. I want my marriage and my family to be healed from past sin. I lay this at your feet. Amen
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Please pray for my father in law, Dennis. He is currently on life support. Tomorrow, the family is asking for a family meeting to decide a life care plan- whether or not to take him off life support. Please pray for a miracle and perfect healing for Dennis. Please pray for all the drs and nurses caring for him and please pray for the family to honor his wishes and make the best possible decision. Amen
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Please continue to pray for my daughter and our relationship. Please pray for God to speak to her heart and continue to soften it for her to draw close to her family again. Strengthen and forgiveness to bring us back close again and her precious family. Please pray for everything to be ok between us again . Bind us together as a family again in Jesus Name! Bless her family Lord!
9 prayers
Please pray for my daughter who just moved into a dorm/apt at college about a week ago. One of her roommates keeps bringing strange men to their apartment. The other two roommates went home for the weekend so my daughter was there alone with just her new roommate and these men who drifted in and out of the apartment. Praying for safety for my daughter and roommates and that this dangerous pattern will stop.
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