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I pray that God shows me whether a job that I am thinking about applying for in my department is the path that God has for me. I pray that he speaks clearly to me because I struggle to hear his voice. This job would help lessen the financial burden on my family and I feel it would give me the much needed feeling of being needed in our department.
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Please pray for The Johnson family and our department. One of our officers passed away this morning after battling stage 4 Cancer.

Please pray for comfort and healing for the family and co workers.
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parents left note. are in emergency room. no other explanation. please pray.
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Jesus please rescue me from the awful situation and provide a real home. I need one so bad lord. I can’t live like this anymore Jesus. Father forgive me for everything. In Jesus name give me the fresh start I need now. Jesus rescue me now. Don’t let me die in this mess.😢😢
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Please pray for our son Jacob. He has another three lacrosse games today. He only played 5 min out of three hours yesterday. He already knows he's not good. He did not say an5ging. I know he felt down. Thank you. Amen
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I pray for my church and pastors
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Jesus I thank you for the pay raise. Thank you for that. Lord help get the new home I need now
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Please pray God will turn my ministry into a full time job
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Father in Jesus name I pray you will indeed provide the home I so desperately need now.
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My sister has Alzheimer’s and is rapidly declining. She is 2 hours away from the rest of the family.😢 She’s in a very bad situation. Father work. Your will.
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