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Hi all,
Please help me pray that I get this new job so that I can leave my current one. It has proven to be way too toxic for me as it’s too much both physically and mentally. I just need out. Thank you very much 🙏🏽💕
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Please help me pray for my marriage and spouse. That it will be filled with love and everything bad will stop and leave us. We are struggling.
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Hi I don’t know how to word what I’m asking I’m in so much turmoil. In December 30 of 2018 my husband died at our home upon catching the flu... Guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, scared, hopelessness, have become best friends with me. I caught the flu first day after Christmas and took theraflu and fluids and I recooperated by that Friday. That Friday eddie caught it. I gave him the same thing thinking he would do as I did and bounce back. We didn’t take flu shots. I worked that Saturday and got home and took NyQuil and pain meds for my back and went to sleep. I can hear eddie go to and from the restroom. I thought when he hit my foot he would be ok. I slept on the couch. He was in room. What a wife I am. Sunday morning I woke up eddie was naked in a praying position at the foot of our bed and he was frozen solid. I called 911 immediately but he was deceased on arrival. I am saved and believe in the power of prayer. Im loosing this battle in mind. Please pray for healing and deliveran.
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Please God, heal me from the inside out from head to toe- my vision, my spine, my nerve damage, the damage from the tumors and the damage from the trauma to my body from the infections and the surgeries. Let my body be brand new, as if nothing bad ever happened to it. Lord, I believe; I believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. IJNA
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Prayers that God blesses me with a job. I need a full time job so much. I don't want to be unemployed anymore. I don't know what job God wants me to have. I feel like I have applied for lots of jobs already and nothing seems to be working out for me. I feel like my life is falling apart and don't know what to do with my life. I need a good job with good benefits and really need health insurance so much and to pay back my student loans too. It is so hard to get a job especially when lots of jobs that you need lots of experience. I feel like no one wants to hire me. I am not that good at job interviews and I am tired of applying for lots of jobs and doing job interviews and not get a job offer. I don't know what God wants me to do or what God's plans are for my life.
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Insurance pays for Tanya's colonoscopy. She ended up having a polyp. So insurance may not cover it. Also the polyp is not cancer
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Prayers that God will bless me with a husband. Prayers for me as I don't know if God has someone special for me or not. I desire marriage so much to be a wife and a mom. I feel like God has forgotten me and doesn't care about the desires of my heart. I feel like God is ignoring me and all my tears that I cry that I have no husband. I feel like something must be wrong with me since I have never had a boyfriend before, never been on a date or been kissed before. I feel so invisible to men and they never notice me. Am I not beautiful enough. No man is ever interested in me. I don't know if any man is ever going to fall in love with me and want to marry me. I feel like everything about me is wrong and men just don't like anything about me. I am tired of waiting and tired of my long season of singleness. It is so hard to see my singleness as a gift when I desire the gift of marriage so much. Is there really someone for everyone? I would love to have a man in my life so much.
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Please pray for me. I don’t even know what to ask for. I am just doing super badly. Everything is falling apart all around me and I can’t fix it. God knows what my heart is crying out for. Thank you.
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