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Stand in agreement with me for my relationship with Andrea , Pray that the Lord bless our acquaintance and lead it to be holy consecrated marriage glorify the Lord , Pray for our ministry together to be reason for Glory of the Lord , Pray that God give me grace in her eyes , pray that the Lord strengthen our connection together and make our hearts more close to each other in Holy blessed way , I pray that our future marriage be successful christian marriage , Pray that the Lord open all the communications ways between us without any hindrances , Pray that the Lord protect our relationship from the enemy , In the mighty name of Jesus , Isaac
3 prayers
Brother has cancer.
15 prayers
Please keep Tucker and his mother in your prayers. Tucker had an ATV accident and is in the hospital in a coma.
9 prayers
Please pray I get a safe good rent house for my children. I have a 2 month old & 9 yo 🙏🏼
8 prayers
Finances, high blood pressure, diabetes, vision.
10 prayers
Asking for prayers for my husband and family. My husband is in a situation that can go bad to worse with certain consequences and I am asking for prayers for God to take control of this and help my husband through. He is battling a long time addiction and facing some trouble. He wants to be free of the addiction and is struggling. Please pray for him and my family that he will overcome and for the situation he is about to face will not be as bad as we think it will. With God all things are possible and please pray that God will help my husband and family thru this difficult time.
11 prayers
Pray for Helen's grandson Bladen. He is 5 yrs old and has Celebral Creatine Defiency Sydrome (CCDS)
11 prayers
Hey everyone! I wanted to keep it kind of simple. I have some health issues that I am challenged with. Recently someone who gives to the radio station is a local, wonderful doctor---HE was finally able to FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG! I really appreciated how professional this individual was. I hated to hear the news of some health issues. (and I held my tears for later & just listened to his instructions) There is surgery or some meds help you not have as much pain. I feel "broken," literally. Just feel like I am in GREAT need of God to just restore not ONLY my health but my finances & conduct miracles within my family to restore what the locusts have eaten. Nothing can bring you back time you missed with loved ones. I need to be showered in prayer. I have spent a lot of time crying the last 3 weeks! I have a lot of volunteers who have stood next to me, held my hand and PRAYED. I can not say how much a blessing the station is to me. Thank God for our Hope that is bigger than Texas!!!!!
12 prayers
My husband of close to 21 years is having an affair. Please pray things end with them. I love him with everything I have and don’t want to lose him.
15 prayers
Manda asks for prayer for her four sons, her husband and her husband's job.
16 prayers

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