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Please pray that my nephew learns how to speak up against the bullying he receives from other family members that don’t seem to know Jesus. He has a lot of potential and promise to break bad patterns in our family. Pray that he learns to speak up for his own independence and that he’s drawn to the Lord and to freedom in Jesus. Amen.
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Please pray Jeremy will be freed from the power the Devil has over him with meth addiction. Praying Jeremy leaves his cousin by marriage alone forever & stops pursuing a relationship with her. His cousin does meth & is a bad influence on Jeremy getting better. Praying my relationship with Jeremy will be restored & we can be a family again with our 9 yo & 6 mo old. Praying Jeremy will let God in his heart & go to church. Praying I Hearher have strength, comfort & energy to do God’s will during this time. Praying for Jeremys soul to be saved.
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I'm praying for Act's to become Bill's. SB #155 , SB 256, and HB 1271. To pass
so my Husband can come home. And I'm praying for my middle son he's going to truck driving school. He's leaving Saturday. I'm praying for safe travels. And my two other sons have job offers in West TX. I just pray that everything works out for the good
It's so much evil in this world. I pray that God will bless and protect them.
Thank you so much,
T. Coleman
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Prayer needed; I fell in my kitchen. Hit my face on the side of the kitchen counter on the way down. Almost broke my glasses into my face. Fell hard and pinched something in my neck, painful needles in my shoulders and arms. Please pray
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Have an unspoken prayer request for a young man who has had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery
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Having lots of tooth pain
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Today be in prayer for Maegan, my daughter in laws sister. She delivered twins at 27weeks. Boy, 2.7 oz.. a girl, 2.0. They have a ways to go however we know God is Good. Pray for them regularly in the next few weeks.
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Elizabeth @ Ann's Way Designs
Please pray for Desiree, Shameka, Cody, Winnie and Faith, they are all under attack from the enemy. Pray for more faith in God and the revelation that, The Battle Is Already Won because of the blood of Jesus. Thank you
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Billie Jean has been diagnosed with what Dr's say is an incurable cancer - but with God all things are possible. It will take a divine miracle for her to be healed. Thank you Jesus we serve a miracle working God. Please be in prayer for her, her husband, daughters, grandchildren and all those close to her. She is an amazing woman of God who makes the world a better place to live.
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Pray for my future marriage with Andrea , Pray that the Lord send her peace and tranquility from the Holy Spirit towards this step , Pray that the Lord prepare all the details of this marriage , Pray that this marriage glorifies God's name and to be a blessing in our ministry in the kingdom together , Pray that God recommend his angels to facilitate our way together , both of us are devoted christians and want to be in God's perfect will , Pray that the Lord open our hearts towards each other more and more , Pray that the Lord increase the harmony and the understanding between us like he did since the beginning of our relationship , I ask you Lord for protection for our relationship from all the plots of the enemy , in Jesus mighty name , Amen , Isaac
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