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Please continue to pray for our daughters knee to heal completely. She is an athlete and has had several knee surgery’s. It is a slow recovery. But I know God has it under control. Pray for encouragement and direction for her. Thank you for the prayers. Praising God in advance. He is always faithful.
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Pray for my devoted christian girlfriend to receive from God about my marriage proposal , She has the fear of going outside God's will and i understand her concerns , So stand in agreement with me on her behalf to receive from the Lord about our marriage, pray that the Lord remove all the fear she has and pour his peace and tranquility in her heart, pray that any kind of resistance blocking to receive from the Lord be removed , I cover her mind , thoughts and heart with the blood of Jesus to be protected from all kind of distraction and fear , by the mighty power of the name of Jesus she receives word from God soon , in Jesus mighty name , AMEN
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Please continue to pray for our son. He is going down the wrong path fast. He has a friend that is telling him he is someone that he is not. It is just lies straight from the devil and the world. Please pray that this friendship is dissolved soon without any regrets and that he will be replaced with good Christian friends. He is so lonely. Pray that his eyes will be opened to the truth. As a Christian mother I ask for bold prayers to save my son.
He needs to come back to Christ. Thank you again. I know God is faithful!
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Please pray that I will soon have my financial breakthrough that I so desperately need.. It's been very difficult but God is still good.
17 prayers
Praying for the Lord's will in my life.
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Please pray that God will open our sons eyes to the lies that the devil is telling him through a friend. That he will stand up for himself and will not listen to these lies anymore! Pray that this friendship will be dissolved. Without looking back! Pray for good Christian friends that can speak truth into his life. Pray that he will seek only Gods will in his life not what the world is telling him. Thank you! God is good!
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Please pray that today I will get the gas money I need and provision for other expenses.
10 prayers
If you would please pray that The LORD helps me to return to him (backslider here Hosea 14) and that He helps me with the trials and tribulations that I am going through (Psalm 3) , and that He stops the attacks by the devil and his children against me; that fights them for me (exodus 14v14) and brings all of their schemes and wiles against me to nothing, and that He would supply all of my spiritual and material needs I would greatly appreciate it. Please also pray for healing for my body, mind, spirit, soul and backsliding and that The LORD turns my situation around like He did for Job. If you would please pray for The LORD to help me in all things most importantly in returning to Him in humility, repentance and faith I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you #Psalm54
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Please pray for Danielle and her dad for the Lord to touch them and their relationship, also pray he protects and provides for them and that they really receive Jesus.
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