God Answers Prayers - God invites us to pray for whatever is on our hearts. As you wait for “God to Answer” your prayers, learn to expect the unexpected.
Thank you God & to all those who prayed for me to get pregnant. I now have a healthy 2 month old baby boy. God is great! Ty for the many prayers! Praying I get pregnant with a boy again soon so my baby will have a little brother to play with!
I called in a prayer request during Share-A-Thon for a friend having surgery. My friend made it through surgery. To God I give all the glory!!
Thank you Lord for your mercy. Thank you for my husband's kindness in helping to pay for a sidewalk and rail for my elderly father.
I finally got money to donate to the share a thon. As soon as I got the number I called and immediately broke down in tears. I had been juggling college, work, and my wife and kids lives. I was so worried about making bills and feeding my family that the weight on my shoulders had brought me to my knees. Once I made the call I immediately felt so much weight lifted off of me. God gave me that “second wind” that I have been praying for everyday! This station has been wonderful for me and my family and I pray that god keeps using y’all to reach out to the community and the world!
Praising God for all his mercy and unconditional love . thanks for JESUSCRIST his is the glory
Praising God for 20 years of marriage!
I have so many reason why I should probable be upset like my car just quit working but, I cant help but feel blessed. My kids are healthy an god knows my needs, and has made it possible for me and my husband to work extra this week to get more hours. My husbands job normally wont allow to many hour but god has always looked out for us, I feel he has made this possible. Thank you god for always being with my family and helping us in our time of need.
Recently I fell and hit my ribs & at my age that can be serious . I immediately prayed that the Lord would not allow it to be anything serious. I had just talked to a young friend the night before about your stations being the "God Listens" stations and encouraged her to start listening to one or the other or both. She is having medical problems too. She calls me when she has a prayer request for a friend or family and we pray or chat together. God doesn't always answer right away but in my case, I was x-rayed Thurs & the doctor office called today to let me know there is no fracture or break in my ribs!
We’ve been working on reconciliation for the last two years ago. We’ve recommitted. Praise God!
The Lord has led Scott to El Paso for work. Praise the Lord. Please pray Scott will feel a great desire to venture inside a church while he is there away from Austin. Praise you, Lord, for placing Scott where he can meet new people and be touched by the the Holy Spirit and the spirit dwelling in Christians in El Paso.

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