"Connect to a Real & Loving God, Share Hope in Jesus and Serve others by being real."
Thank you Lord for the crack you must have made in Scott's heart. Please help us get beyond the blame to just caring for each other again.
Its great to hear words of encouragement and praise through out the day. No matter what's going on in my life, when I turn on 90.9 kswp all my worries and doubt fade away. Thank you all for being you and serving our Lord and savior. God bless
Both Tina and Cindy are doing well after gall bladder surgery. Both did have slight complications but are better.
My Mom is good continueing to improve... my Brother's surgery is scheduled today at one o'clock.
And Todd is starting to show signs of improvement.
Thanks for your prayers!
My job of 12 years ended when the home health agency I worked for sold. I'm physically limited to how much I can lift, stand, walk, etc. Being a nurse, all those things are required. God took care of everything from mid May until I was hired by another company June 19th. My body did need the time off but not zero income. God worked it all out and put me in the next home care situation He wanted me to be doing. I try to live His plan. My life testimony is long, survivor of many things. God will not let us down. My prayer is to not let Him down. God Bless!
My grandson, Dylan (almost 10) listens with me. Adventures in Odyssey and Unshackled!!
My Mother always said bad things come in 3's. She was right. I lost my number 1 sister-in-law, then my very close brother. My oldest daughter came down with breast cancer, they removed both breast, but they said she will be fine. Thank the Lord, your station got me through all this. Thank you so much.
Emily, who we've been praying for, had the best day she's had so far. She could not speak yet, but she is nodding her head in agreement or otherwise.
She also today did not do just one but two sets of therapy. It's the best day she's had to date!
Everybody join us and praise the Lord and continuing to pray for her continued progress, till she's completely well!
We joined you today during Prayer Warrior Wednesday and prayed for Emily! Praise Jesus for intercession!
Ronnie's surgery went so well. and his recovery is amazing. Each day is better. Ronnie had brain tumor surgery last thursday 7/13/2017. in houston at hermann memorial. and We got to come home this past sunday. God is so amazing. Our family is so thankful and grateful..

Thank You all . We know where it comes from. prayers prayers.
Our family needs prayer , We know our GOD has this.
Thank You.
Ronnie Mora family
Mom has been released from the hospital!

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