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A year or more ago i submitted a prayer request for my college age son who had a couple DWI's. I was amazed as to how many notifications i received saying my request had been prayed for. 10 months ago my son hit a breaking point and decided to go to rehab. 30 days turn into, him staying for 90 days then staying in the the alumni house/sober house. He lived there 6 more months. I am praising God because he is almost 10 months sober. He has just moved out of the sober house into his own place. He did not move back to the area, he decided to stay in the city. God has been so good and I got so much more than I even prayed for. He has gotten so much freedom from that nasty addiction of alcohol. It is so amazing when you see God work things out HIS way. I praise God everyday for all the things that brought him to where is is today.
I enjoy listening to the programming. I am encouraged when I am in transit. My daughter often hums or sings along.
I just posted for prayer earlier in the week, but God is good and faithful! A huge concern I had over a financial obligation has worked itself out favorably, and in a way that gives us a whole year to repay it! I cried when this came about. I know all the prayers helped and God's timing is perfect. Also, my husbands work picked up considerably this week. Blessings to all and keep the prayers coming!
My husband has been fighting kidney cancer. We got the current results on the CT scan. All lesions are shrinking! I give God all the Glory!
I listen to you every day in my truck in my grooming shop at my home. I sing as loud as I can with every song ,Gods music ministers to my soul through you so many times I could not even tell you. Your words on that station even when you are joking or serious are so important every day to so many people. The impact of this ministry is far more reaching than you could imagine. I play it in my shop and ladies that work with me need help and are listening and ask me what station is that music you listen to? I tell them where to tune in , we talk about God and we pray a lot. I have a young woman that is in need of prayer with her child that is now on your prayer list thanks to Susan's visit. Gods timing is always perfect. It blessed my day for those two ladies to show up because I gave a small gift to this awesome station and I know your prayer will help Julias more than my mere donation. God is so good to me to allow me to help others, I want to help more. God bless you all .
I listen to KAVX every weekday night as I'm getting ready for bed. What a blessing KAVX is to our community.
Thanks so much for all the good programs on both stations.
I believe in the power of prayer! I praise God for all the prayer warriors who have been praying for my family, church, River Valley area, and me. Your prayers are really being heard and I want to encourage you please don’t stop.
1. My son Nathan’s attitude/heart has dramatically changed. We are actually able to have meaningful discussions.
2. People are getting saved! A guy named Lou who has been homeless and been involved with the Occult came to Jesus! Praise God.
3. God is opening doors in the River Valley area and Pastors are beginning to more actively work together.
4. God opened doors for me to pray with State of Maine Senators and Representatives at the State Capitol every Thursday!
5. More importantly God is changing my life and giving me a greater heart for souls and changed lives.
I will be posting more prayer requests as God is moving and I need Him more than ever! Praise God and thank you again!
My husband Jimmy passed away. The Lord has been my rock. There is no way to live, but to live for Jesus.
I have been a listener since the beginning of KSWP. I saw KAVX birthed and at the beginning they have had a Need, but God has always come through. Never letting the door be closed-- isn't that just like God? Please God, Bless the station more with your abundance, and the staff and volunteers.

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