God Answers Prayers - God invites us to pray for whatever is on our hearts. As you wait for “God to Answer” your prayers, learn to expect the unexpected.
Thank you Lord Jesus for giving Scott a vision of fire raining down from the sky. Scott knows this is not a nightmare, but a specific dream to him. Praise your name Lord Jesus that Scott turned his phone back to receiving messages. Pray Scott will receive a message of Christ's love.
After 17 years, Drs have found a medication that will help Jeremy. Thank you Jesus!
Janie Davis
Husband received approval letter on February 28th. Has an appointment in
Houston on March 27th for testing and consultation with Lung Transplant Clinic!
Thank all who prayed for the insurance approval.
Praise God for this blessing.
Glory to God for this blessing.

Prayer Request:
My husband needs immediate approval from T__-W___ Insurance (God Knows Which Company) to go to St. Luke's in Houston. February 2017, my Husband was diagnosed as must have a double lung transplant within a year.

Praise God it has been two years since the diagnoses but his has NO quality of life at this point.
This is in God’s hands. I believe my God will take care of him.

Please pray for V.A./T__-W___ to make a positive decision for us.
I ask in Jesus name.
I would like to praise God for your station and what you do. When my day allows it I listen live while working in Kazakhstan and it brings me great joy to hear the positive music and getting a little piece of home here. Richard - from Hemphill
I have the joy of knowing one of your own radio staff; Emily. I heard her voice on the radio Saturday night.
For about a year, I felt like my fire for God was lost, until right before the start if this new semester. I went to visit my best friend of 25 years, and as always, she took me to her wonderful church that weekend. What a fulfillment of the soul to worship God because He is God. And then, I started classes a couple of weeks later, and I met Emily. Her spirit emanates Jesus! She has shared with me some tidbits of her testimony, but I thank God he placed her in my weekly routine! The presence of our brothers and sisters is necessary to walk with Him. Her fire for God has helped me find my flame.
Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers and answering them you ate amazing and I praise you for all your grace and mercy on me and my Family and my husband and for this amazing radio station!
God I just want to praise you for all you do for me and for giving me strength through out the past couple of years and for being patient with me because I know I fought you tooth and nail all the way until yesterday when I picked up the book Power for Living and read it in one setting and I rededicated my life to you and you are so amazing and I know you are going to bring back my husband so I can share it with him and hope he will join us in our new journey and keeping you first in our lives always! Thank-you Jesus! I continue to pray for all of the people on the KSWP PRAYER list and all the nice folks over there that volunteer at the Radio Station that helped save me and my Family! Thank you Again and I pray that you God helps me to get a job so I can send them my donation that I promised! Thanks in advance God for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS!

I give god all the glory for he woke me up this morning and started me on my way,thank you jesus for working on my family,praise god Amen.
My DaughterNLaw ~ Sarina has truely been Changed By The Power Of God! He Transformed N2 The SweetP I Prayed 4 5 Years Ago~~God Answers Our Prayers In Only A Minute! I SoSo Precious. I Came & Stayed
A father was on a lot of medications and it was really hurting him but now, Praise The Lord, he has gotten off of them. He is only on one medication

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God Answers Prayers - God invites us to praise Him in the storms of life! As you wait for “God to Answer” your prayers, learn to expect the unexpected.
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God Answers Prayers - God invites us to praise Him in the storms of life! As you wait for “God to Answer” your prayers, learn to expect the unexpected.
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