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I believe in the power of prayer! I praise God for all the prayer warriors who have been praying for my family, church, River Valley area, and me. Your prayers are really being heard and I want to encourage you please don’t stop.
1. My son Nathan’s attitude/heart has dramatically changed. We are actually able to have meaningful discussions.
2. People are getting saved! A guy named Lou who has been homeless and been involved with the Occult came to Jesus! Praise God.
3. God is opening doors in the River Valley area and Pastors are beginning to more actively work together.
4. God opened doors for me to pray with State of Maine Senators and Representatives at the State Capitol every Thursday!
5. More importantly God is changing my life and giving me a greater heart for souls and changed lives.
I will be posting more prayer requests as God is moving and I need Him more than ever! Praise God and thank you again!
My husband Jimmy passed away. The Lord has been my rock. There is no way to live, but to live for Jesus.
I have been a listener since the beginning of KSWP. I saw KAVX birthed and at the beginning they have had a Need, but God has always come through. Never letting the door be closed-- isn't that just like God? Please God, Bless the station more with your abundance, and the staff and volunteers.
So blessed to have a radio station such as this. Thank you all for all you pour out in the world all day and all night. Thank God for you all.
My oldest son has Pulmonary Fibrosis. Doctors gave my so 6mths to live. Two wks ago he was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. He needed surgery. Since I couldn't go, I took his picture, laid my hands it and prayed. A few hours later my son text me and said these words, "Moma can you say a Miraculous Day?" I text him back and told him, I could. Well, my son is ok now. Praise God, Thank you Jesus!
I lost my dear and close sister-in-law, then I lost my big brother. That hurt so much. Then found out my oldest daughter had breast cancer and had both removed, she is doing alright now. The Lord said "where there are 2 or 3 gathered together and ask in My Name, it shall be done", and with KAVX when all of you are praying, I always know it's 2 or more, lots more!
Thank you for being a blessing to so many by shining the light of Christ into this dark world. May God bless and give you favor in all you set your hand to.
A while back I asked people to pray for a court case going up before the appeals court. It was submitted once and denied. I asked that you pray it would be denied again and stopped. Long story short but my ex husband has continued for 8 years to harass me and drag me to court over divorce settlement that he wrote. I wanted you to know that I won and the case was denied. However my ex husband did not like that answer so he has taken it to the Supreme Court of Texas. Please pray that it will again be denied and be over with. My children and myself need some closure.
I am so thankful to God in blessing my business getting off that the ground & that He is providing me with business opportunities.

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