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It is outstanding how much of a blessing KSWP/KAVX have been in my life lately. I used to drive an hour to go to school at Angelina College. That was when I started listening. Now I can't barely listen to any other station on the dial! Think I have a Praise God Listening Addiction! Praise God because thats what our focus should be on anyway. Our life only goes right when it revolves around His Will. PRAISE MY GOD FOREVER!
"I wanted to share how I feel tonight. My family might be unusual, but maybe not, we listen and give to both kavx and kswp monthly. Together we pray when paying bills. We always have to think about the money And where it's spent for most anything…. If you're a listener, know I gave more tonight than I every have, ever. This time it was the easiest money we have ever given. God always blesses our efforts to give to "Him!" We praise God!!" ~ Terry, Tom & the "Little Ones"
I have had many mentors and many blessings from God over the years. When I started listening to the radio station, God opened up my heart and mind! I did not realize how much of an influence all my life that the mentors, station and God had over me and the way I have turned out! Thank you Jesus!
for the month of January and Feb. have been tough for my family due to my mother falling and breaking her right wrist and having sciatica in her left leg she has been out of work for three months and our bills are catching up to us and my father will not help so the other day we were scraping up some money to buy some bread for sandwiches and I was at the end of my rope I said why us lord why do we suffer this way and so we went in and found some bread for 88 cents and this wonderful sweet lady herd our situation and gave us 3 dollars and told us please its not much but take it buy what u need I stood there hugged her and cried in greatfullness and then sunday we had went to church and our church member gave us 100 dollars to pay for our water bill and bought 4 baked potatoes for a fun raiser they r going to have we have been so thankfull to all the people who have helped in big ways and small ways everytime I think its all going bad we have some small awnsered prayer thank u Jesus
Unfortunately, I live in an area that does not have a good reception for listening to your stations except while in my car. But hearing enough, I know it's worth supporting for the sake of others.
I have asked for prayers for my son who was given back to his abusive father. The court order made it impossible for me to make every visitation due to money. They haven't let him visit with his family here, either. This has been going on for almost 2 years, and I went to bed crying and woke up crying for my baby. I never stopped praying that God would return him to us and I always kept my faith that God would help my son. I would constantly get texts from my sons father and girlfriend that would always leave me crying or upset. Out of the blue yesterday my ex offered to let me have my son for a week here and maybe summer. I thank God, praise Him, and thank everyone who prayed for my previous prayer request. GOD IS AMAZING, AND I PRAISE HIM! GOD CAN MOVE MOUTAINS AND WORK MIRACLES. Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Psalm 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee
My daughter and son inlaw are having a real hard time finacially and need help so they dont lose everything. Please pray for them. I am very worried about them i am on social security there is no way for me to get a loan for them i have prayed hard for them please help.
God has been moving mightily in my life and my family. I have a great new job I started on the 23rd of January. There is sooo much peace in my life and a growing heart desire to serve God like I have never done before! Also, God is mending past relational issues, and my direct family children are even being positively affected by the prayers.

God has really been working within me to free and clear my mind and heart to see His heart, His plan, and His purpose for me and my family within the River Valley area.

Please continue to pray! I will post another prayer with more detail!
During their daily patrolling rounds, a Hudson Police officer notice a spark that turned into a fire. He contacted the local fire department and they put out the fire. The fire was to close to my home for comfort. THANK YOU Hudson Police Department for staying alert and keeping a watch over our community!!
for my 10 year old grandson. This past Sunday, as I rose to walk to the alter, my grandson gets up with me. I asked," where are you going". He replies, "your going to pray for that lady and I'm going to pray with you". So I thankful that my grandson has a giving and loving heart.

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