God Answers Prayers - God invites us to pray for whatever is on our hearts. As you wait for “God to Answer” your prayers, learn to expect the unexpected.
Thank you Lord for giving my husband the strength to stand firm on your word that our son, Scott, is a man, knowing he (my husband) would lose contact with Scott. We are now standing on the word of God together. Please, Lord, give Scott a strong desire to see us sometime over the holiday season. Lord, please give us the strength to love Scott as he is and give him to you to reach his heart.
I was able to get help financially through my hospital to have internal lithotripsy done on the very large kidney stone. As far as we know, it didn't do any damage to the kidney and was resolved with only one treatment. This is the surgery I was told would cause damage and take two or more times to completely get rid of the stone. Thank you all for the prayers. Thank You Jesus for a good outcome.
Today I am just thankful I can post prayers or praise reports on my Facebook, talk about God at business meetings, go to any church here in the Bible belt! Let's thank God that we do NOT have to HIDE or risk being tortured! Let us not get spoiled or take for granted what we have here. With a church on every corner there are still so many we need to invite to come with us to church. We need to ask God to lead us to people who need His love! Let us not get so BUSY that we forget why we are here! Don't forget to be thankful that you are in America and can freely worship God! Hallelujah!! My hat goes off for those overseas who have to hide and are RISKING IT ALL for Christ. What are WE risking today?!!? What are WE stepping out in Faith about? Share YOUR Faith with someone TODAY !! Thank you all for praising God with me!
For a new job and finances in our lives.
Praise Jesus! Scott is again looking through old pictures, remembering another version of himself. Please Lord, give Scott the courage to believe he is a male. Praise Jesus! Anne is missing her brother as he was and asking questions about the Lord and salvation. Please Lord, give Anne a desire to know who you are and why following you leads to life.
Thank you dear Lord you provided a means of rest for my husband so that he can still provide for our family. Thank you dear Lord for the chance to reorder our family in your design.
Shout out to my Pastor today he spoke of forgiveness, it hit close to home to not just ask to be forgiven but too forgive. My heart is full of light, It feels funny to be angry at God for disappointments but sometimes the dark gets in. Thank you Lord for my many blessings and please forgive me for being sad,stubborn and stupid.
I was reminded that Jesus loves me and He loves you too!
Prayers for a new job opportunity opens up for our family
Pray for my daughter she isn't feeling well. And pray for me as I am waiting on results from Doctor on my pap cultures and found large mass in breast.

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