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1. My coworker just had a brain tumor removed and is now undergoing chemo & radiation. Her father also passed late Wednesday.
2. My school is under spiritual attack and we all need prayers. We are a faithful bunch and the devil seems to have heard!
3. Praise God is healing my marriage and family!
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Please pray for my wife and our country.
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Jennifer's husband recently lost his job. Please pray that God would direct her husband to his next place of employment.
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Texas Panhandle
Please pray for all residents in the Texas Panhandle as they have been evacuating entire towns due to a Huge Wildfires Right Now!
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Normally, prayer requests do not include an actual prayer in them, but God has put it in my spirit, by the Holy Spirit, to do just that, and NOT explain absolutely everything that's going on, except this...

My Wife, Sarah and I, need God to move in our lives and our covenant marriage, and I am praying for many legions of angels to move Heaven and Earth for us to remain married. This requires legions of prayer warriors to break through to Heaven and convince our Father with shouts of acclamation and praise and supplication.

To be clear, Sarah proclaims she does not want this marriage to remain, but her her natural kindness and the love I know remains in her heart for both God, and for me belies it; there is confusion, she is listening to the enemy, who comes as an angel of light, and to unGodly counselors. The Lord has been working a tapestry into her subconscious, to bring her back to Him and, by extension, back to our covenant marriage. I pray we will be able to talk, soon, and that God is getting through to her. Every reason she proclaims is the reason for a Divorce are, at best, worthy of discussion and trying to figure them out, not for that horrible happenstance God hates.

I have been in prayer for 126 days, plus today, and nights, straight; I have learned the meaning of "Pray without ceasing" and, now, I ask for others to pray with me. I have legal documents I have to prepare and submit, but the Spirit has told me I cannot work on those, today, not before this prayer is released. Please pray fervently with me?!

I welcome you to share the entirety of this prayer message with anyone and everyone you know that prays, prayer chains and warriors across Christendom, please?

Father God, in the name of Jesus I come to You, with a truly crontrite heart and hundreds of thousands of tears that have streaked my cheeks since October 23rd, 2023, to ask You to pray through me the prayer that will ignite the world on the side of the covenant marriage of Sarah Ann Malinda Emerson and I (Paul Emerson), and against this Divorce. That satan, his minions, and his spirits would be tossed from our marriage and legions of angels would come to protect what should never be put asunder. That Your message of goodness and truth may be seen in this prayer, and that You, Father, alone will be glorified in the future and a hope You have for our marriage, Lord. For You alone are worthy of our praise and adoration, and You alone are able to perform the impossible, and to answer every single supplication made to You, and in Your Name.

I thank You and praise Your holy name for the works You have performed in my life to bring me as close to You as I am, now, Lord! This journey of months has been very difficult, far more so than I ever expected it would be, though I am far removed from when I was saved, at fourteen, and far removed from the man I was only four months ago. You have improved my life in ways I never imagined, before, and made me far better in our walk together, and far better as a Husband than Sarah could possibly ask for, now. Thank You, Lord, for the confidence and the identity You have put on my heart, for Your hope in my heart and the unbound joy You have shown me I could have, for the first time since my service in Bosnia, and for showing me who I am in You, so many things I was never told of myself, before.

I thank You and praise Your holy name for the Daughter You have given me the hand of in marriage, my Wife Sarah. She is wonderful and precious to me beyond measure and I love her more than anyone else on this Earth; only You are worth more to me in all of creation. Thank you, Jesus.

Father, I did things wrong in my marriage, because I didn't know what I was supposed to do; however, you have taught me, over these last few months, what I was supposed to be taught and never was by my Mother, by my absentee Father, and by my family and, now, I am prepared to begin the journey You have for me as the spiritual leader of my home, as You have called for me to do, Lord. I ask for an opportunity to repent before my Wife, Sarah, as I have done with You, my Judge, and to ask forgiveness for my now-corrected ignorance at that time. I miss my Wife, Father, and I petition You to return us to the life of this covenant marriage we should have celebrated and loved in the first place, O' Lord my God!!! My heart is broken and, though my spirit has been mended by You, Father, it has not filled that place You made for Sarah to inhabit, Jesus, when You created me.

I trust Sarah and am so grateful for how much she has blessed my life, and how much I desire to continue receiving those blessings. Please bless her spirit, mind, and body to see You, Father, and to see me through Your eyes, Adonai; thank you for the holy provision You have placed in her life, to pay attention to Your covenants and the grace You so readily give. You have blessed me and shown me grace and helped me to understand Your covenants, especially for our marriage, and I praise You for all of these, Lord.

El Shaddai, on April 9th of this year, in the morning, is scheduled a Final Orders hearing for Divorce, though there are two motions to be considered and two more on the way, and I ask your favor, Lord, that our Divorce and our Separation will be stopped, by You, and that Sarah and I may resume our lives, together in Your holy matrimony. I made one mistake, but it was not the only one WE made, together, as it takes two; please do not let this Divorce move forward, as that would just be another mistake, sending both of us on to potentially ruin other lives, rather than reconciling our own, Father.

I pray for all anger, shame, guilt, false teachings, unGodly counselors, spite, destructive thought patterns, and bad health in mind, body, and spirit, to be bound and thrown into the lake of fire, Lord, so Sarah and I will no longer be afflicted. I also pray for all of Your good attributes, good memories and feelings, and memories of when we were at our best, to flood our minds and hearts, so we may begin, again, to communicate and love one-another without conditions, Lord.

All of these things I pray, to honor the name that is above all other names, that of Jesus Christ, our restorer, Redeemer, and salvation not only of our eternal souls, but our covenant marriage, believing Your victory in our lives is complete and these things to already be true, in accordance with Your will, as demonstrated in scripture throughout Your Word, Lord. Nothing is impossible for You, God.

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Please pray for God’s direction in my life . I have extreme anxiety and have been hurt deeply by the people I love the most. I am feeling very alone and hopeless in all areas of my life and need some help. Feeling punished ,hopeless and alone
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prayer request for a male caregiver in addition to the other one I am praying for to work on Sundays for 2 1/2hours to help with daily activities. I live in Nacogdoches please email or call me. Please be in prayer for God to send the right person that I need. Thank you very much.
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I know everything is in God's plan but I don't understand what is going on. I have 3 kids that are grown and none of them want me in their lives. My youngest daughter is pregnant and expecting a beutiful baby boy in April 2024. She has another son that is almost 10 yo. She and her husband have lost somewhere between 5 - 8 babies over the last several years. I pray for each of them all through out the day every day. My heart breaks because of the love I have for them and yet they don't acknowledge me. I found out that this daughter refers to me by my 1st name and not Momma any more. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and I also know that I haven't lived the life that I should have BUT I took care of my kids the best way I knew how. From what I saw growing up, being with their abusive father, thinking I was the only one abused to being a single mother doing it on my own and then bringing in a good man that love them like his own. I have repented for all of my choices and I continue to repent for them daily.
I know that God removes relationships that are not meant for us. But honestly, I don't know if He has removed them from my life because of the hurt it does to me or has He removed me from theirs because of the way they feel about me. I pray for each of them and their families daily for their salvation and for Him to change them because I can't say that I even think that they are saved by the blood of Jesus. If God would just let me know if He has removed them from my life because it hurts my walk with Him, or vice versa, I can deal with the reason. It's the not knowing that breaks my heart. My family is so damaged and I can't fix it, no matter how much I want it fixed. God, it hurts sooo much!
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pray that Revive women's event will sell out and many will encounter Jesus in a fresh new way and many will experience freedom!
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Asking for continued prayers over our marriage, finances, health and other family relationships that are extremely strained. I'm struggling to know how to put God first in everything in my life.
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