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Please continue to pray for my prodigal son and my other two children. I pray that God will guide and direct all three of them. Please pray for chains to be broken and our family restored. Pray for mental, physical and spiritual healing. Pray for a financial break through also.
Thank you for praying.
6 prayers
Please pray against brainwashing, conspiracy theories and against cults like Qanon. They are promoting conspiracy theories. (In the US). Against squid/octopus spirit.
4 prayers
Please pray for our churches and my grandson, Seth.
6 prayers
Prayers for nephew on husband’s side. He’s been self harming and hopefully getting mental health help. Mental health issues run on his fathers side.
11 prayers
Please continue to pray for our prodigal son.
He is so confused right now and believing lies from the enemy. I pray that chains will be broken soon. I ask the Lord to please protect him and guide snd direct him. Please pray for Christian people to come into his life and that they will speak truth into him. Thank you for your prayers. We are claiming Gods promises.
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Please pray for healing and peace for my Aunt Gale they found lytic lesions on her spine and she has been in lots of pain. She just recently lost her husband so it is taking a toll on her and her daughter. I am believing that through this all they will draw closer to the father and that He be glorified through it. Also pray for my mom. She hasn't been wanting to eat and has dementia. Thank you
8 prayers
Please pray for my wife and our country
7 prayers
Please pray for a financial
Breakthrough. We need direction. Thank you for praying.
10 prayers
Please pray for Debra,
For peace and holding nearer to the Lord, for strength and unity.
Pray for any misunderstandings come to light and transparency at her Job.
Pray for their finances as they struggle through tough financial times.
9 prayers
Prayer for wisdom, direction and guidance as we decide whether or not to stay where we are, or move to be closer to a family member who needs assistance. The move would mean making so many major changes, so we only want to do it if it's what the Lord leads us to do.
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