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Please pray for my dad. He is going throu a very tough time right now both health wiser and financially. Please pray everything works out in his favor and things get better.
8 prayers
We all need to pray for these children that are being separated from their parents.. It is so heartbreaking to hear the cries of young children desperately needing their parents. They are being held in cages... not in any way this is okay.. please I ask that we may all get on our knees and send prayers up for what is happening. In Jesus Holy name.
11 prayers
When I was in the depths of despair Tiki came out to my house and spoke life into my soul. Mission Nac spent 4 days transforming my home into a beautiful masterpiece that I could never have done without their help. I was in the deepest part of despair and had given up on everything and everyone and Tiki reminded me that there is a God and that his love is real and unconditional at all times. I am no longer a slave to misery and doubt, I found my purpose and it is to serve him and spread his word. Holy is his name. God bless you Tiki. I love you
11 prayers
I recently moved back to Texas and I am thankful to have a job, but it's part-time and only pays minimum wage. Will you pray that God opens the door to a much better job?
12 prayers
Requesting prayer for my daughter and son in law that they will start attending church regularly.....I currently take my 11 MO granddaughter with me on Sundays but am hoping that my daughter and son in law will start attending
9 prayers
My Job is Causing me alot of stress....I am requesting prayer that things will begin to change for the better and that my boss will find peace in the Lord and find peace within herself
9 prayers
Please pray for my 19 year old daughter. She has big dreams to become a pediatric nurse, she currently works at a nursing home as a caregiver. She has been hanging out with the wrong crowd and has a boyfriend that seems to be bringing her farther down. This group drinks all the time and smokes weed. I asking for prayers that she realizes just how wrong this is before she gets herself fired from her job, gets further in with the drugs and alcohol and turns her life around.
17 prayers
Me & my family are traveling on a plane this weekend for a family event, please pray for us.
17 prayers
Henry doesn't feel good/
16 prayers
Pray for Eliyanah bron at 26 weeks and at 1lb and 8oz and pray she grows fast and strong!!
15 prayers

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