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First, thanks for the Prayers and God for quickly healing my son.. He's been in the hospital in Tyler for several days with an illness that he has fought since being home from His years with the marines. CMMF hospital and Dr's did a great job of getting to the problem and treating it. TO THE PRAYER. The Family ask for continued prayer as he heads home to finish the healing process and to return to work soon.
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Please pray for God's Devine intervention on life affecting decisions having to be made. Decisions will affect a lot of family members. Pray for direction from God! He is able!!!
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Please pray for my neighbor who loves to listen at my walls. I moved in in Dec. and he was so quiet I thought the walls were good. But then I discovered that they are very thin. Apparently he was "laying in wait" to listen. He continues to listen so I play KSWP for him. But it is very trying for me to not have the privacy I crave and to feel he is "dogging" me. His outward showing when I have seen him is creepy. He will not speak when I speak to him but chooses to only stare at me. Please pray for his salvation. Thank you.
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I would like to ask for prayer for health issues, financial, family in general..
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I am asking for prayer for some health issues that I have had for about a year and a half. Please pray that God would deliver me from these issues.

Praise God!
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I'm four months off a doctor prescribed medication for anxiety/panic. The medication affected my brain adversely and I've suffered or a year straight. I'm still so unwell. I had no direction or warning about this medication. As a result of the damage its done, I cannot work (previous to this was a professional and graduate student). I am a single parent so I'm having to rely upon my mother in all ways. I pray for Godly intervention that my mind and body will be restored to what it was before these medications. I have so much riding on my getting well; my son is depending on me.
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Please please pray for healing in my family! There have been hurt feelings about situations in my family, that need forgiveness and for God to touch and renew that family bond, closeness that needs to be. I'm asking for God to remove the hurt from hearts and minds and replace it with love and strength, in Jesus Name!!
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Hi I was wondering if you guys can pray for a financial miracle for me.... I was attack on July 2017 on a public bus by a deranged stranger on bus.... The whole bus tried to help me from being attack which mad things worst by causing me to be caught in a stampede..... I was also surprise when bus driver stopped bus and open up back door which I was stuck against which cause me to be thrown off the bus.... It's been a long painful recovery which had left me in poverty. The bus company was suppose to reimburse me for income lost and pain and suffering but they have yet to offer me a settlement offer and my court date is not till October.... I hope my nightmare could be over and the money that is owed to me be release . I've prayed about it... Sowed many seeds towards it but I'm always met with silence from god..... I'm so tired of being poor..... Hoping god will heal my meniscus tear and give me a vision in my dreams of a date and time money's owe to me is released
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The children at Littles Chapel Baptist Church is going to be at Tractor Supply in Nacogdoches Texas taking donations for Camp. They are truly looking forward to learning more about Christ. Give them strenght, knowledge, protection, and enough love in there hearts to shineand share with others.Community take the time to stop and support our youth. I wish yall the best of luck and pray that yall meet your goal.
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Please pray one step leads to another. He's connected to Texas; may he connect to family and foremost to the Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have prayed Scott out of California.
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