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Praise the Lord!!! My blood test came back negative for any genetic defects. Baby is all clear! Praying for healthy pregnancy🙏🏼😍👶🏼
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Please pray for me. I'm a prodigal son deep in sin, the world, walking in the flesh, and under deep satanic bondage. Please pray for my deliverance from the devil and for a broken heart and contrite spirit. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ.
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I asked that you would please pray for my wife, my young daughter and I, that God will intervene in this and that Satan will release his grasp from our marriage. I ask that you please pray that God will heal all of the brokenness and that he would strengthen our marriage and strengthen our daily walk with him as husband and wife and as a mother and father. Please pray that my wife will find it in her heart not to give up on our marriage. Also pray for my wife and her anxiety.
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Im 18 wks pregnant. Waiting on results of 2nd Trisomy 18 test to come back. Praying the result is negative. Please pray my baby is 100% healthy & free from any genetic or congenital conditions. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👶🏼
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prayers for Ronnie today for healing.
and asking for unspoken prayer for our son.
and prayers for our family.
thank you all and
god bless
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I pray that God gives him peace. People keep messing with him.
I pray that God makes his path clear from trouble makers. And let him know that we love him, and I'm praying for him to return home soon. I pray for this House Bill 2120 to pass. It's already a Act. We just need it to pass as a Bill. Thanks for all your prayers.
In Jesus name Amen
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Update on previous prayer request 2 weeks ago. I requested prayers for my bf to encounter the Lord and to seek Him more. Last week he acted like a different person (in a good way), more of a man and was not acting like his old self that was stubborn and hard to get along with. We had the best week we have had in years. Then Sunday he went to church again for the first time in 2 months. He said he really felt it, that the songs felt directed to him and that he wants to keep going. He has been listening to kswp Christian Music this week and I can see him changing and growing and I'm amazed at how God is working. This is truly an answered prayer. Thanks to everyone who prayed and I ask for continued prayers that he would continue seeking the Lord and putting Him first. I'm amazed at how fast I'm seeing a change! God is So good! Also a word of encouragement, Never Give Up on People, with God All Things are Possible.
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I'm having chill's, and weazin, and I need prayers to breath better, and normal. I sleep under a breathing machine at night. I pray for a safe trip for my daughter. And a car for my helper.
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I'm tired Lord God. Mature female that needs your touch to keep going, when I feel I cannot.

* Place to live/rental or own, secured, where I will not need to worry about homelessness again.
* Secure present part time employment and give me a full time or other part time work.
* Bring unspoken request to my front door soon.
12 prayers
Mother is extremely anxious to get out of nursing home she has been in for 4 months. She is NOT well enough to take care of herself and we have exhausted her money supply for sitters over the last few years in order to keep her at home. Please pray that her angst quietens and she becomes more complacent. Her health has improved much but she has slow progression of dementia which keeps her from being self sufficient. Pray for peace of mind for her so that her last days are not tortured.
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