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Elizabeth @ Ann's Way Designs
My son just entered a half way house as conditions of his parole. I am praying that during his time there that he will surrender to the will of God for his life. Please pray for his heart to be broken for the things of God. I am raising his son, but he also needs a Godly dad living out God's plan. Please join me in this prayer , Thank you
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A listener lost her home to a fire this past Saturday night. Please keep this family in your prayers.
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Please prayer warriors agree with me in prayer to rebuke the spirits of homosexuality, rebellion, loneliness and depression from my son. The devil has a strong hold on him. We need to rebuke these spirits and pray that God will cast them out of my son. In the powerful name of Jesus! We claim it! I pray that God will work a mighty miracle in his life soon. We pray that the enemy will flee.
Thank you for praying
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We are begging God to please open our sons eyes to the truth of who he really is. He is being deceived by a friend and the enemy. This friend has made him turn away from his family and God. We want to handle this situation in a Christian way. We want our son back in our family. We miss him and are heart broken that he has turned away from the Lord and his family. He use to be a strong Christian. Please prayer warriors pray that we will see a major positive change in his life soon. We pray that any plans or ideas that are coming from the devil will be stopped! We pray that God will intercede in his life today. We rebuke the devil and ask all of these things in the powerful name of Jesus ! Thank you for praying.
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Lord please help me with my anxiety disorder and ocd it’s making me not live for you and it’s tormenting me and my family
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Became a widow at the end of last year. Please pray.
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Well this has been weighing heavy on my heart can we pray for staff and students at Hudson ISD.
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Please say a prayer for me and my kids to get closer to the Lord. Also say a prayer for my son Brandon he broken a small bone in his foot. Please pray for healing and fast recovery
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Will you please pray for my son? His first year at university. Dont want the devil to steel his joy.. he's feeling a bit depressed and finds it difficult to make friends. Thank you
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3 yr old Mason was in a ATV accident on December 26, 2019! As of now it is a waiting game and need all the prayers we can get. Mom and Dad will be off of work for a long amount of time. Just say lots of prayers for him and the family as we go through this tough time.
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