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Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at KSWP!Please say a prayer for me I am saved yet homeless at 76 in NYC. I hope I am not getting sick, I was tired but now I am feeling tired and weak and that is when your prayers save my life!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/1/22 p.s i have no phone
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Prayers for my mom and me
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Category 4 Hurricane Fiona had crash landed in Nova Scotia, Halifax, and New Foundland in Canada.
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Tropical Storm Ian will make landfall in the panhandle of Florida, after in trashes west of Cuba in the middle of next week.
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Royal Priesthood Kingdom Mission Ministry Homeless Shelter at 907 Kurth in Lufkin needs help getting beds and mattresses for the homeless. They are currently sleeping on a blanket on the floor. This is a new shelter that started in June 2022. They really need help. Please pray that churches and organizations and individuals will come along and help them. Apostle Angel Nicholas, (504)874-2399, the founder director, is rehabilitating and disciplining the people that come to the shelter daily. She lives right there with the homeless. She is doing the work of the Kingdom of God just as Jesus told us to do. Thank you for your prayers for the homeless for salvation and lives changed and for God’s people to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and love their neighbors as themselves.
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Please pray that my two grown daughters will settle their differences and get along with each other.
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I'm still struggling on finding transportation to get to Houston, Texas to find a new apartment to move out of Crockett, Texas, because The Crockett Police Department still won't arrest Garry Beard for jumping on me and punched me in the face on August 7th, 2022 and I'm legally disabled, and I'm still scared of Garry Beard will come back and beat me up bad, and still won't stay away from me. And the crack heads, dope fiends, and meth addicts still won't stay away from me waking me up between 2-4 A.M. asking where my former neighbor is. And crimes still getting worse in Crockett, Texas. I still need help getting transportation, and moving out of Crockett, Texas.
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I'm here in the hospital myself getting my foot healed I also have another person here next to me his name is Roberto he has major issues at this time some of them are not good the doctor gave him two choices to be fed in a tube to stay alive or to go home to heaven I'm asking all the churches here in this video station to pray for Roberto to be healed by God
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Please pray for more intercessors. There are many issues right now in the US and the world. There are droughts all over and flooding and hurricanes.
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Praying for our pastor Chet Strain and Allison Strain
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