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Prayers for the entire world especially the Christians in the U.S.
13 prayers
Prayers for Chris and Tamera's son and his family
8 prayers
Pray for the students and faculty at SFA that they would come to know the Lord.
8 prayers
Please pray for this world. That we would turn back to God.
8 prayers
Please pray for a positive result in my challenge of my employer for denying me FMla and revoking my Ada accommodation of unpaid leave. I am one Ménière’s episode from losing my job and insurance.
8 prayers
Total healing for my daughter, Colleen. Restoration to God for my youngest daughter, Vikki.
7 prayers
Pray for our country. We are lost.
14 prayers
Please pray for Chris and Tamera's son and family
9 prayers
My daughter and son-in-law have Covid.
10 prayers
My husband is taking the police entrance exam tomorrow please pray he makes it and gets accepted
10 prayers

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