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Please pray for healing. Pray that meds will work on a health issue that I have. Pray that tests results will be good next week. Blood work turned out good this week. Praises!
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Please pray that God will restore our family. Pray for healing in lives. Our son has gone astray and choosing a toxic lifestyle and friend over his family that loves him so much. We are heart broken. Pray for his salvation and that God will show him a way out of this situation and turn his life around. Pray that he will have the courage and strength to stand up for himself and break ties from this friendship. We trust the Lord and know he is faithful! In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus we ask and pray these things. Thank you for praying.
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for her sister and family.
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Wants prayer that this radio station receives donations needed to continue antenna project.
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Pray for Sally's health issues.
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Pray for her family, and everyone without Jesus. She wants to live for Jesus in front of them all.
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Grace's husband has pancreatic cancer.
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Please pray for Courtney
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Tina asks for prayer on her walk with God.
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14 year old Hannah and her 2 brothers ( 12 & 11 yrs old), recently lost their father to suicide. Their mother since then has attempted suicide and is now in a hospital receiving treatment. The kids were placed with their great-aunt, but now the aunt and husband's marriage is under stress (by no fault of the children). The Aunt has sent the children back to foster care, and they now are in Houston. Please keep these children in your prayers!
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