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Interview with job in College Station!
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Posted on here a couple of times about needing prayer for my family situation and for us to get our church life straight, I thought at times I was going to have to go off out of town and leave my family and I did not want to do that in the situation we were in.. It had me a nervous wreck thinking about all of this I asked for prayers on here and I want to say thanks to the ones that prayed for me things are getting better, the prayers of myself and everyone else has been answered and they are steadily getting answered God is great but please keep praying that church will line out, family life will keep getting better and I will not be away from them I will be here to support them and let them support me.. Again thanks for all the prayers. Prayer works trust in God and you will see
6 prayers
Please pray for my back and pray that my cancer remains in remission. Prayers for safe travels to doctor visits.
Thank you
8 prayers
Please pray for Gloria, she is 71 years old and is suffering from sever back issues and is in alot of pain. She still works and needs to work due to financial debt, but her current job causes more pain in her back. Pray for healing and financial relief. Father please open the door for Gloria and guide her in the right direction.
13 prayers
Please pray for my son. He is a severe drug addict. He has been in over 15 treatment centers with no improvement and is now unemployed and homeless. We are not sure where he is and he has a child who desperately needs him. This has been a very long journey and our faith has been greatly tested as we wait for God's redemption and healing.
9 prayers
Guatemala & Peru Mission Trips. Asking for safety and that God's will be done.
5 prayers
Please pray for my niece and nephews their mother was buried Friday. May the Lord hold him in his arms as they go through the grieving process. Thank you
8 prayers
The sale of our home, we want to be His hands, feet and mouth and help others, the financial burden is not allowing what we really want to do on this earth.
7 prayers
Myself... God knows.
13 prayers
Several requests: 1) our youth is leading church on Sunday let the Holy Spirit lead them and guide them 2) My husband is working out of town all week and comes in on Friday that God be with him and protect him 3) my kids have been a little rebelling a little more they are 8 & 5 that God be with me and give me patience and guidance and help me discipline them with love the love of God and not with harsh words or actions and to help them with respect and obedience. 4) For me as a youth leader and teacher that God give me wisdom to teach them and guide them in their walk with Christ, that He use me in any way He needs to in the Youth Ministry. 5) We just miscarried a baby 3 months ago and we are trying to conceive again just having some issues with my body ovulating properly, that God heal my body and put it back to normal and prepare it to bless it with a new baby. We've prayed so much for this blessings got really excited a few months ago so we are praying for another pregnancy.
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