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Please continue to pray for our son and our family. I know I keep asking for prayer but I’m not giving up. Prayer warriors please come along beside me in prayer. I know God hears every Single one of our prayers! My prodigal son has given into the lies from the enemy. He use to be such a strong Christian and we always felt like he would possibly be called someday into the ministry. He has given into a life of homosexuality and sin. It’s so unlike him. We pray that God will open his eyes to the lies and we rebuke these spirits and we command them to flee! In the mighty name of Jesus we ask and pray! I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has a better plan for his life this. Thank you once again for your prayers! I know my God is faithful! He promises that if you train up a child in the way he should go when he gets old he will not depart.
Well I’m claiming it!
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The Gardner's ask for prayer for our country and all who are sick.
8 prayers
Please pray for Cynthia; and for our country.
7 prayers
Please say a prayer for Suzanna and her kids to open their hearts to the Lord and for her granddaughter Kam'ry, she is sick.
11 prayers
Pray for Debra's granddaughter Macelynn, her son Jacob and his wife Shelby.
9 prayers
Pray for healing and comfort for my painful hands.
9 prayers
Pray for our country, coronavirus and my husband.
9 prayers
Please pray for President Trump and our County leaders.
12 prayers
Please pray for Paula's grandson. He is currently in Army Boot Camp.
9 prayers
Please pray for all law enforcement as they still must go out each and every day and take the risk of being exposed and then they come home to their families which then puts the family at a higher risk as well. I know the doctors and nurses are doing the same thing, pray for them as well.
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