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My husband has been having major depression and anxiety. He has also been out of work for a while. Please pray things get better and he can find a job soon
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The Mt Pleasant boys track team were in an accident last night when their school bus overturned, avoiding a head on with an 18-wheeler. One of the coaches following behind the bus collided with the truck. 2 fatalities and multiple injuries.
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Zach has gone to Abilene to live at the Dream Center for 9 months. Pray this changes his life and gives him some purpose and productive mobility to move forward in his life.
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Lord Jesus, please teach your children, each one, we will not have peace and lasting rest for our souls until we learn to pray for everyone that affects our lives; especially leaders of The Church who will make spiritual decisions that open spiritual doors. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen. All Glory be to you Holy Father. Amen.
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My 38 year old sister, Ruth, is in the hospital with her heart having stopped 3 times already. The Doctors are not giving her much hope. Thank you for your prayers.
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Andrew is in his mid-30's, married with 2 young children. He has been diagnosed with a serious condition with a low life expectancy rate - about to go through radiation - He knows the Lord BUT his family needs him here a little longer so they are asking for God to do a miracle.
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Anna has a none curable according to Dr's condition - we know with God all things are possible - she is having seizures again and in ICU she is only 18 we are believing for a completely healing!
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I would like to request some focused prayer for my 14 year old son, Nathan. He is truly struggling. He is going through the typical young teen issues with pushing boundaries, and respect for authority. I ask that you pray that God will specifically touch His heart and light him on fire. Starting with his salvation as I am not sure he truly knows Christ.

Pray for help as a father, husband, and leader in my church and River Valley area. I need a lot more wisdom, understanding, light, revelation, clarity of vision, clear path, and direction!

Help with my fear of people, and fear in general

Help as I am working through past rejection and self-perception, confidence issues. I need help with not self-confidence as much as God confidence.

Help as I need right, pure, faith filled thinking/emotions in all areas of my life, within my family, personal thought life, and toward other people.
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Please pray for Zaw, C.m. , and my salvation. Please pray for our repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray C.m. Gets a job and a place to live. Please pray The Lord Protects US FROM the devil and his agents. Please pray He protects me from my family and that I get my life together and move away. My lifes a mess and I'm stubborn foolish and proud. I'm deep in sin, the world, the flesh, and under satanic bondage. Please pray for our salvation. Please pray for my health too. Thanks
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