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Please pray for my elderly father n law. He has fallen and broken his hip. Transporting from Center to Nac, even though my husband doesn't really want him to go there. Not much of a choice. He (fnl) is being difficult and stubborn. My snl is with him right now. We will be there tomorrow. Please pray for some peace for him and the family.
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Guys I finally met this amazing woman after being single and serving The Lord for 4 years. She has a heart for the Lord. She is a single mom and I am a single dad. Pray that God's hand of blessing would be on our new family. Also pray that God would be the glue that holds us together. I've waited so long for her. She has a heart for the Lord. We have received some negative responses, but we really don't care. We are completely taking a step of faith, but being patient. Pray that God would help us work out all the details w the ultimate goal of marriage and faithfulness. Thank you guys so much
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I would like to ask for prayers of healing for nephew Jacob who is a survivor from childhood cancer which we know was God's answer to our prayers then, but now has been told that he now needs a lung transplant because of side affects from the chemotherapy. He recently graduated from Tarleton State and was going to graduate school, but that has been put on. Please pray for healing and for his insurance to accept the out-of-network treatment. Pray for his parents and siblings for strength during this hard time. Thank you🙏🙏
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Almost 3 weeks ago I miscarried my 4th pregnancy (2nd miscarriage) me & my new husband are willing to try again, but we are scared to miscarry again. It is his 1st miscarriage, but my 2nd so I now fear another one. We both serve, his in the worship band and I'm a Sunday School youth teacher always involved so this was a shock to us, but we accepted God's will for us. Just praying for another pregnancy but this time a healthy full term with a birth of a beautiful healthy baby. We desire it so much, I have two other kids, but my new husband has none. Please pray for my womb to heal and prepare and be ready to hopefully carry another baby. That if God does bless us soon that my body is healthy enough, my womb strong enough to carry baby full term to birth. For God to remove any fear we might have, for him to give us peace in our hearts that all will be good if we conceive again.
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Tina had gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago but was back in ER on Sunday because of a stone in the duct. Pray for the removal.
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Please continue to pray for my relationship with my daughter. Please pray for her to forgive and want me in her life and her families life. Miss them . Please pray for unity in my family!
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and part time job seal it, my living space is basically a couch where i am staying until i can move. Give me a home LordGod, any home perfect for me, it could be a roommate or studio apt but let it be from You.
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I was praying recently and received an answer that my kid and grandchildren need anointing by the holy spirit. So I am asking for help praying for the anointing from God to fill not only my kids and grandkids buy me and wife as well with the holy Spirit Amen
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Prayers for my husband. He is in so much pain. The doctors can't figure out why. He needs lots of prayers for his doctos to find out what it is and healing, understanding, patience and peace for him.
I pray for all of you blessings from God as well.
Thank you.
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Please pray that Andrea will find new employment right away.
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