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My heart isn't right. I keep wanting to stray from my marriage. I pray that God will turn my love back to Him and my husband.
11 prayers
Prayer for my marriage to be restored
My Husband left home since four months ago without even a call from him. I have cried for help but all that heard my cry kept on collecting my money without doing anything. A friend introduced me to LORD, because He has helped her own sister.
5 prayers
Please pray for my daughter, her daddy & I. We have been sick for 2 weeks. Feeling down & overcome with illness. Please pray we all get better soon.
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One of my former students need pray for Comfort and Strength. One of them hade her colon removed and her sister is caring for her and other family members while trying to find a full time job. Help me pray for their Strength and Comfort.
12 prayers
I have a friend that is in need of a health miracle. She is suffering from a hernia in her stomach area. The doctor are sending her to a different city to get it check out, they think it is serious. So , she need a medical miracle so she does not have to have majorsurgery.
10 prayers
My brother Clint has a big day on Thursday morning. Please pray for favor.
9 prayers
My father needs help, he's over sensitive, always has an attitude, doesn't talk to his brother! We don't know why he's so angry! Please help him. He needs Jesus more than ever! I need my old father back! Only God can change someone, please work on my dad and his heart! He has too much pride! Amen!
8 prayers
Pray for healing! Jim fell 27 feet! He's at the ER at the hospital in Lufkin, Tx... it's all we know for right now!
11 prayers
Please pray for my father he had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Please pray for his salvation and for the rest of my family's salvation. Please pray for Anna's salvation and her family's salvation. Please pray for The LORD to comfort her and her family during this tragic time in their lives ( Her sister passed away). Please pray for God to heal my backsliding and to restore me unto Himself ( Hosea 14) it's been hard for me getting back on track with Him ( Jeremiah 3v22). Please pray for The LORD to protect me from the devil and my enemies and that whatever schemes and tricks they are trying to do against me is exposed, confounded, and turned on their heads and that the LORD delivers me ( psalm 3, 64, 37). Been very drained spiritually and physically and need The LORD to help me and refresh me ( psalm 80, 85). Please pray for The LORD to help me in all things and to provide for all of my spiritual and material things and to comfort me ( 2 Corinthians 1). Thank you and God bless
9 prayers
My husband used to be in church regular. He has not gone for several yrs now an has always dealt with alcohol tendencies. For a few yrs now he has gotten worse with the drinking. He is also on anti depressants an anxiety medicine. His dad passed away last yr an this has made things worse. Please pray for him to come back to Christ an surrender everything to God. Prayers for my strength an knowing what God would have me do. Thnak You
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