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I was praying recently and received an answer that my kid and grandchildren need anointing by the holy spirit. So I am asking for help praying for the anointing from God to fill not only my kids and grandkids buy me and wife as well with the holy Spirit Amen
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Prayers for my husband. He is in so much pain. The doctors can't figure out why. He needs lots of prayers for his doctos to find out what it is and healing, understanding, patience and peace for him.
I pray for all of you blessings from God as well.
Thank you.
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Please pray that Andrea will find new employment right away.
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Please pray for Katrina's daughter, that her eyes will be opened to realize how special she is. Pray that she will seek and find the resources she needs to move toward the purpose filled life that God has intended for her.
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Kenneth has cancer that has spread. Please pray for his healing.
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Emily, who we've been praying for, had the best day she's had so far. She could not speak yet, but she is nodding her head in agreement or otherwise.
She also today did not do just one but two sets of therapy. It's the best day she's had to date!
Everybody join us and praise the Lord and continuing to pray for her continued progress, till she's completely well!
We joined you today during Prayer Warrior Wednesday and prayed for Emily! Praise Jesus for intercession!
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There are many decisions that are before me concerning some very important parts of my life. Please lift me up in thoughts and prayers for peace of mind, clear directions, and to drown out the world along with my own thoughts-to focus on His thoughts and put Him at my forefront always.
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Ronnie had brain tumor surgery last week. Recovery is amazing. Praying for him and we go back on the 25th of this month
for his results. Thank you for your prayers.
Ronnie and family
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My daughter has moved back to MF, TX ... it the area where she was the most successful in life. My wife and I pray for her to find the God-directed job, The right school for the children and peace from the Lord in life, work and relationships. Favor financially with a God driven job! Praise You Father!
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I am needing prayer today. I ask that you would lift me and my family up in prayer. I ask that you pray for God to move me in the right direction in my career and to heal my marriage. I have been a full time student for many years now and have been going in circles for the last few years about God's calling for my life. I feel that he wants me to be a doctor, but I have been too terrified to fully put myself out there and because of that I have had a lot of detours with my education which has not helped my family's financial situation. Also the constant stress I've allowed myself to be overcome with has pushed me to make bad decisions that nearly cost me my marriage. I pray that God would give me the wisdom and a clear mind to be able to see his true path for my life and that he would give me the strength and courage to pursue whatever it is he's asking me to do. Thanks for your time and your prayers.
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