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Please join with me in prayer over a financial situation. Husband and I have really struggled all year trying to pay our bills. We work full time. But husband's job is commission only and this year his bring home has been about half of what it was in years past. We got an acceleration letter from the lender on one of our cars today, calling the whole amount due. We live so far out, we have to have 2 vehicles to get to work and everyone where they need to be each day. We owe less than 7,000 on this car, 14 more payments and it is paid in full. Please pray the lender will work with us and not take my car. We are behind on our house payments too, same situation, it is almost paid off, about 8,000.00 left on it and a years worth of payments. We are SO close, I am beside myself with worry. Please pray for me also, for peace and to know that no matter what happens it will be okay and for my husband to have an abundance of work that pays well. Amen.
6 prayers
Please pray for me. Having one of those days and am under attack by the devil.
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Please pray for my school! I have to take a pre test for a class and if I don't pass, I can't take it and it's very important to me that I pass. I get 3 chances to get a 75% or higher and I failed twice already! Please Father give me wisdom and knowledge to understand and please place you hands on this test as I take it! Thank you Father! Amen!
9 prayers
Our family’s loved one is in the ER! The doctors don’t know what’s wrong! Pray for God to guide the doctors to not only know what’s wrong but find the answer and fix the problem . God give them wisdom, please, to heal her in Jesus name amen.
7 prayers
Please pray for my family; deaths and illnesses.
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My daughter is 19. She just recently quit a good job she got out of high school, she has a major attitude and is very hateful towards her dad and I. Please let her find a new job soon and let her see just how much she is hurting us
7 prayers
My heart isn't right. I keep wanting to stray from my marriage. I pray that God will turn my love back to Him and my husband.
16 prayers
Prayer for my marriage to be restored
My Husband left home since four months ago without even a call from him. I have cried for help but all that heard my cry kept on collecting my money without doing anything. A friend introduced me to LORD, because He has helped her own sister.
9 prayers
Please pray for my daughter, her daddy & I. We have been sick for 2 weeks. Feeling down & overcome with illness. Please pray we all get better soon.
14 prayers
One of my former students need pray for Comfort and Strength. One of them hade her colon removed and her sister is caring for her and other family members while trying to find a full time job. Help me pray for their Strength and Comfort.
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