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Please pray for our son, for God to move him in the right direction, bind evil from him and soften his heart giving him the courage and strength he needs to make changes in his life.
7 prayers
I have a large (2.3cm) kidney stone that needs to be removed. They did emergency surgery on Oct. 10th and placed a stent. The local urologist wants to do Lithotripsy but I spoke to my husband's specialist urologist and he told me Lithotripsy is contraindicated for a stone greater than 2cm. That I need to have Percutanious Nephrolithotomy done which is where they go into the kidney from my back and remove the stone. I have no insurance and don't work. To have the specialist do it, it is right at $30,000 cash price(up front). I don't trust the local urologist and his thinking. Lithotripsy will cause more damage and need more procedures as I have diabetes. UTMB says they can't help because I am out of county. I can only leave the stent in for another 5 months then it has to be removed. I really don't want to lose my kidney and without treatment, that's what will happen. God please, I need help! I'm trying not to worry and know that you will take care of this but it is very hard not to.
13 prayers
My mama needs a lot of prayer right now. She suffers from psoraisis she currently has it is all over her body. She has lost all of the skin on the palms of her hands due to the medications that are required to treat it (her hands hurt to touch anything ). She is in pain from the psoraisis and from possible psoraitic arthritis. She is depressed and relief through traditional medications isn't working fast enough. She has been suffering with this for months now as well as an ongoing asthma and breathing problem. Please lift her up daily in your prayers for her healing and for her to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not feel like all hope is lost. Please pray that the new medication that she started today will work quickly for her.

Thank you so much
18 prayers
Pray for my son ad his difficult situation he's in. He 31 years old, and has recently fallen into a depression. He has applied for a job recently he so desperately needs. I feel it would help him tremendously. When he's depressed he tends to go toward bad influenced that get him in trouble. Please pray for him. He really needs this job.
19 prayers
I have a couple. 1) For my son,although he doesn't realize it he is battling and his been for some time spiritual demons in the form of anxiety, depression, alternative lifestyle, and more recently I am realizing he is getting deep into new age healing/religion. He was raised in church. He was baptized around 11yrs old, but I do not know if he is really saved or not. (2.) My husband has been battling a bulging disc for 5 years. Its to the point he wants surgery. He also has gotten addicted to pain meds. We need wisdom, healing, and financial support while he recovers, (3) My daughters BF and his family. Several different health issues within the family all coming up at one time and the parents being overwhelmed.
Lots of sickness at my daughters school, praying none of us get anything.
18 prayers
Feeling heartbroken because I have been unable to conceive. Please pray that I will get pregnant.
19 prayers
A one year old girl that attends our church with her family was bitten by a black widow spider and is in Texas Children's Hospital. Please prayer for her full recovery and for her family as they go through this with her.
19 prayers
24 year old mother of young children all under the age of 3, recently lost her husband. Please keep this family in your prayers.
20 prayers
Urgent needs & unspoken requests. I can’t stand not being on speaking terms with someone I care about. :( Breaking my heart. Lord I pray for full restoration before thanksgiving.. He was talking marriage and future and then got overwhelmed when he lost his job... now he has shut me out. We are both saved and in middle 30s and never married with no children but the desire to have a family... Need strength and Favor in other matters also. Hope today. Signs God is working on this.
11 prayers
Michael is a coworker that is having heart surgery. I am asking that the Lord help come through this just fine. That he has a full and fast recovery so he can return to work in a timely manner. In Christ name I ask that God's will be done.
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