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Please pray for Chris and Tamera's son and his family.
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Please pray for traveling mercies for Jerome as he heads back to Nacogdoches from Killeen on 08/19/22. Amen
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Please pray for for Deshawn's son. He has a court appearance soon. Please pray that he is granted mercy, leniency, and that it turns out to be favorable outcome for him. Also, please pray for his salvation as well as his father's salvation. Thank you.
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Wayne asks for prayer for transportation to move out of Crockett, he no longer feels safe there. Pray for his safety.
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Pray for rain and sick family and friends.
16 prayers
Please pray for rain and for America.
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Please pray for my friend Gage. Pray the Lord would be near him and protect and free him from anxiety. The enemy has been using this to control his life since he was young he's now 21. Thank you and God bless!
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Hi all my wonderful brothers and sisters at KSWP!I know I am wearing out my welcome but I am saved yet homeless in NYC at 76. Your prayers are all I have left to survive! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/5/22
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Ronnie called and asked that we pray for him and his wife as they go through the approval of becoming Foster Parents - They want to Foster to Adopt.
Also, pray for Ronnie's wife; she sprained her ankle.
11 prayers
Jerome R Davis - Killeen, Texas
Please pray for me. I'm concerned about exploring Nacogdoches as a blind, let alone black person. After these 3 racially charged theme park incidents on top of the police shootings of black people, I am concerned for my life as I explore the town minding my business not bothering anybody. What do I do as a Christian? How do they know I'm not a threat with my cane? Why should I have to prove to whites that I belong? I have no problems at SFA, so I shouldn't have a problem being, let alone living in Nacogdoches. Who can connect with me and help me deal with this unjustified fear and anger and how?
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