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My daughter Brandice is planning to get married in Jan.2019 and enter college to study nursing. May daughter Candice has 3 small children placed in her home by CPS because their mother is living on the street and was no longer able to care for them. I need healing in my marriage.
3 prayers
The mother of my nieces and nephew is so full of anger. She lies to everyone, is ugly to my nieces and nephew, and has grown to hate those that have helped her most. Please pray that God can somehow get through to her and she is able to feel His love and find joy.
9 prayers
unspoken prayers for my son.
god bless
5 prayers
Please pray that God will help my husband Jerry Duane Merchant with his addiction to drinking and his attitude towards me, I need pray for protection so he doesn't jump on me. I just need the blood to surround me and my son. I know that he is a different person when he drinks I just pray that God would intervene on my behalf. Thank you so much.
12 prayers
Diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer .... I pray for comfort through these troubled times and that GOD will open my eyes and heart to his truth along with my family to draw him closer and understand in JESUS name Amen
13 prayers
18 year old Chase Havard has been in a hospital in Florida for 2 years fighting an intestinal disease with many setbacks and complications.
We as a community want to bless and help this sweet family financially and by lifting them up in prayer. Please pray with us for Chase Havard.
9 prayers
All I'm asking is for prayer for him but I think it's a little too late because I think the Lord is calling him to come home she'll be in a better place and all the things that are missing on his body will be replaced by the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the Living God . the one is sitting on the right hand side of the power of God our heavenly father just pray for him I love my brother so much thank you so much
18 prayers
Special prayer for Doug and Helen, safe travels commuting back & forth to MD Anderson also Lord please keep your healing hands on Doug. Also continue to pray for healing on my Mom and we ask for continued prayers for Casey B.
12 prayers
Please pray for Dianne C., and all the family, she is in Houston on life support, with Breathing and Lung issues
14 prayers
Prayer requested for success at our Navajo Nation missions trip this month, for the Word of God to be well received
15 prayers

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