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Father God I ask you Lord to move in my family. We are saved and struggling with demons in our life. Lord we ask you to free us from the negativity that is in our life. Lord surround us with your protection from the evil that is trying to pull our family away from you. Lord we know that with you all things are possible and our faith is in you Lord. Lord we ask it all in your son Jesus Christ Holy name Amen
3 prayers
I'm asking prayer please for my relationship. I have been with the man I love intensely for years. We spoke of getting married, please pray that this dream will manifest. I pray God will move upon his heart to marry me once again. I pray He will be faithful to me, and that his love for me grows and blossoms more each day. Please pray that anything and anyone standing in the way of us getting married will be lifted and removed so we can finally be a whole family in peace. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
8 prayers
Most of all, pray me, Mom, & Dad be saved forever (they aren't). Second, pray we three keep our overall looks, ability to see, hear, move normally, & personalities forever. Third, pray I keep my worldview & personality as calm, well-adjusted, average-thinking, inspired, positive, stylish, not detail-oriented, not nerdy, not anxious, not stubborn, not insecure, not proud. Fourth, everyone sees I have a NOT father figure relationship with my stepdad & no spiritual bond w/ my half-brother. Fifth, pray any autism symptoms having to do w/ sensory/anxiety/memory/social go away as much as possible. Sixth, pray I marry my love in a couple years (in jeopardy). Seventh, pray I have loving, loyal, close, trusting relationships w/ my parents & love. Ask forgiveness for my sins, quote Bible verses, send prayer to other Christians u know.
9 prayers
God, in the name of Jesus I ask that this woman who is polluting and manipulating my relationship with Robert is dealt a heavy blow. Expose her, reveal her evil agenda and bring her plans to a complete stop and to an end. God, may every seed of discord, malice, hatred and separation that has been sown is uprooted by fire in Jesus name. God, I give You all the praise and adoration because Your word is forever. I give You thanks in faith because no weapon formed against against my relationship with Robert will stand. I declare every arrow shot against it is broken to pieces. God, please consume with Your mighty fire every wedge that is meant to be put between me and Robert through seduction, bad advice, and bad influence. Give me strength knowing in the midst of this heartache and mess You are working things out. The woman determined to keep me, our daughter, and Robert apart and scatter us completely will not succeed. God, please scatter her evil plans. Please remove her. Amen
16 prayers
Pray my family and I are kept healthy and protected and that our territories are enlarged and blessed and holy and that everyone around us is protected as well, in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
14 prayers
I can't tell anyone her how broken-hearted and damaged I'm feeling. My husband left me and our daughter for someone else. He even refuses to talk to his own daughter to say bye. I loved him with all I am and all I had within me. I never did anything to hurt him or make him doubt my love for him and yet he went with his ex. Please pray God will give me and my daughter justice for the way he has and continues to treat us. He doesn't sound repentant or sorry for what he did. Please pray God will allow him to get to that place where he will deeply regret leaving us and that God will heavily convict his heart and conscience every day til he repents and turns around. I pray God doesn't permit his new relationship to last forever and that there will be no peace in it. Please God forgive me and have pity, compassion and mercy on me. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
13 prayers
My precious dad had a scan last week showing lung nodules and is going back this week for further testing to see is this cancer or something else. I am scared. He is my dad. I am a cancer nurse and see this everyday and I don't want my dad going through this. My dad LOVES jesus and is a kind man to all. I ask for prayers for whatever journey we might be lead down, for patience while waiting on a diagnosis, and god to calm our fears
28 prayers
John and Tiffany both lost their jobs in the last few weeks, so please pray that they quickly find work that will allow them to support their family.
26 prayers
My husband walked out on me and our daughter Elizabeth for someone else. Please pray because my heart is torn, damaged and all I can feel is pain. Please pray that God will bring him to that place where he will deeply regret leaving us. Pray God will heavily convict his heart and he will not have peace til he repents. Please pray that justice will be done for me and my daughter and that his new relationship will not be one of happiness but chaos and discomfort, considering what he has done to me and our daughter. God, please hear our prayer. Have pity, compassion, and mercy on us.
18 prayers
Pray Ashley and all those with and around her are safe and protected driving and at all times. Pray Ashleys driving improves greatly every single day. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. Keep her healthy. Deliver her from every evil. In Jesus Name Amen.
25 prayers

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