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I am fighting a spiritual warfare battle. Please pray for me complete victory over the enemy in the precious name of Jesus Christ.
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Please pray for my wife’s grandmother and her family. She has been unresponsive in the hospital and they had to bring in a warming blanket to bring her temperature up. They just really need strength right now
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Please pray for our son. He is going down the wrong path fast. He has a friend that is not a good influence at all. He is telling him lies straight from the devil and the world. He is telling him that he is someone that he is not. Please pray that this person gets out of his life soon and that he is replaced with good Christian friends that can speak truth into his life. He is so lonely. Pray that he returns to Christ soon. The Holy Spirit need to convict both of these boys. Please pray bold. God is good and always faithful. Thanking him in advance. Thank you for your prayers from a mom that loves her son and wants only Gods will for his life.
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My daughter committed adultery. Son in law turned to drugs and doesn't believe in God, despite my ministering to him the best I can. Our family needs a miracle. They have 3 children and she is pregnant by her boyfriend. Thank you and God bless you for your ministry.
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I really need a financial blessing right now. Recently, my student loans caught up to me in a very bad way. It was a misunderstanding. Anyway, they are garnishing 15% of my paycheck & they took my whole tax return. I support my husband & 4 boys with just my income. My husband needs prayer bc he has bipolar 1 disorder & PTSD so he can't work & has been denied disability 3 times. Thank you in advance for your prayers. 🙏❤
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Pray for my devoted christian girlfriend to receive from God about my marriage proposal , She has the fear of going outside God's will and i understand her concerns , So stand in agreement with me on her behalf to receive from the Lord about our marriage, pray that the Lord remove all the fear she has and pour his peace and tranquility in her heart, pray that any kind of resistance blocking to receive from the Lord be removed , I cover her mind , thoughts and heart with the blood of Jesus to be protected from all kind of distraction and fear , by the mighty power of the name of Jesus she receives word from God soon , in Jesus mighty name , AMEN
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Praise the Lord my bleeding has stopped! I still have a uterine fibroid that I am believing to be healed from, but the bleeding has stopped. Pray that this fibroid leaves my body and my uterus is healthy to carry a child. Pray that I only believe and not doubt. Nothing is too hard for God! Thank you Father for your healing. Please agree with me in prayer. Thanks!
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I am suffering from spirit of rejection all my life , I feel it is directive satanic attack against my life, this rejection aborts all my efforts, I need the favor of acceptance , I need to be accepted from my brothers and sisters in Christ, this spirit of rejection spoiled all my trials for marriage, and the girl i will marry soon is fighting now the same warfare, please stand in agreement with me for my current relationship not to be aborted because of this satanic attack, i need the Lord more than any time in past, I need his hand , I apply the blood of Jesus upon my life and upon my current relationship, I don't want the things started from God to be aborted, I need the heavenly favor of acceptance, i need to be accepted, i am really suffering, i need God's hand, I need the powerful name of Jesus to set me free from this cycle which i am confronting all my life, If it witchcraft or bewitchment or generational curse or demonic hindrance may it be broken by the mighty name of Jesus
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Please, Please pray for God to perform a miracle. I have been dealing with a cyst for the last year & half. Already had surgery, and it still won’t go away. I been praying every night for God to heal me, but my prayers go unanswered!! I’m starting to lose faith because the pain is unbearable!! Does God not want to heal me? Is my Faith not strong enough? Are my prayers not being heard!? Please pray for healing!! Thank you!!
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Heavenly Father, I ask you in Jesus mighty name, ( Me and Andrea ) are stepping into marriage in coming September I ask you Lord to pour deep harmony in our relationship daily like you did since we started together, teach both of us to speak the love languages of each other, make me express to her the love in the way she is waiting from me, and make her express to me the love in the way i am waiting for her, You are the guarantor of everything in our lives, remove any kind of fear from her heart, and make trust in you boldly, i break any spiritual distortion against her spiritual receiving, I am waiting miraculous things from your hand in the coming 5 months, Specially this current biblical month Month of Nissan " Aviv " May all the blessings you promised your people about this month come upon us and come upon my relationship with Andrea and our coming marriage, heal any old thing from her heart and prepare her for our coming marriage , give me intensive grace in her eyes, Amen, Isaac
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